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4-12-2023 Online Only Auction @ the A&M Auction Facility – Parsonsburg, MD!

On-Line Only Auction Sale – Parsonsburg, MD!


Selling from the Estate of Shirley Truitt and many Eastern Shore Estates and Consignors!


Personal Property located at: A&M Auction Facility, 8000 Esham Road, Parsonsburg, MD


Auction Held Online Only with bids ending:  Wednesday April 12th, 2023 Starting @ 5PM


Largest Selection of Sterling Silver we have ever offered!

Large Selection of Quality Designer Glass and China, Gold & Silver Jewelry,

Antique & Modern Furniture, Artwork, Collectibles,

Quilts, Primitives, Coca-Cola Collectables, Appliances

Low Mileage1999 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible & more!


        Personal Property Preview: Monday April 10th, 2023  from 5 PM – 7 PM

Auctioneers Note: Folks this sale has a lot to offer including the largest selection of sterling silver we have ever offered in a single sale. The largest selection of QUALITY glass and china we have offered in a single sale in more than 15 years! Not to mention Eastern Shore quilts, coverlets, furniture and more than 800 lots of merchandise to choose from. This sale has something for everyone. Don’t miss your chance to pay the prices you want to pay on the QUALITY merchandise you can only find at an Allen and Marshall Auction Sale!

Directions: At the intersection of Rt. 50 & Forest Grove Rd., in Parsonsburg, turn North onto Forest Grove Rd. and follow for 0.5 miles to Old Ocean City Rd. Right onto Old O. C. Rd. and follow for 1.2 miles to Esham Rd. Left onto Esham Rd. and follow for 1.2 miles to burgundy/tan building on left. Signs Posted.


Online Bidding: This is an Online Only Auction held on the A&M Auctioneers website. Early Pre-Bidding will open soon! You will be able bid at any time up until the closing time for each individual items which will start at 5 PM on Wed. April 12th, 2023. 1 lot will end Approx. every 20-30 seconds. This Auction will feature a soft closing. If someone bids in the last minute before an item closes the bidding on that item only will be extended for 1 minute. This will give you a chance to bid again. This process will continue until one person stops bidding or doesn’t bid before the time runs out.



1999 Corvette Convertible Estate Vehicle:  Very clean 1999 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, Cortez Silver with black top and black leather interior, V8, automatic, P/W, P/L showing just 52,067 miles. Garage kept. Clear MD Title.  

Sterling Silver: Lot #2341 – Traylot of 9 Sterling Napkin Rings. Various makers. 5.95 T. Oz. +/- in weight. Lot #2342 – Traylot of Sterling items to include: Gorham Baby Cup, Covered master salt w/spoon, 2 Individual covered salts, 2 Small spoons. (7.35 T. Oz. +/-). F. B. Rogers Silver Co., Small round Stieff Tray, S. Kirk Footed Bowl & Lunt Baby cup (4.14 T. Oz +/-). 6” Bud Vase w/Cross Makers mark & #776-6 (2.21 T. Oz +/-), Weighted Sterling walking cane handle (5.49 T. Oz), Weighted Creamer (2.84 T. Oz). Total Weight =22.03 T. Oz +/- (Includes 2 weighted pieces.) Lot #2343 – Traylot of Sterling Salt & Pepper Shakers to include: 5 by Crown, Cosby & Empire (12.48 Weighted T/ Oz +/-), Intl. Sterling Salt or Pepper (1.95T. Oz +/-), 4 Crown weighted Sterling Salt/pepper shakers (12.46 T. Oz +/- weighted), 12 Small Sterling S&P shakers (2.10 T. Oz +/-) Lot #2344 – Traylot of Sterling Handled Serving pieces to include: Frank Whiting meat holder (5.93 T. Oz +/-), Carl Gran Germany Scissors, Sterling handles shears (8.81 T. Oz +/-), Stieff spatula style serving Piece and Sterling Handled cake server (5.62 T. Oz +/-) & 2 S. Kirk & Sons Sterling handled serving knives (7.19 T. Oz +/-). All will have stainless blades/components. Lot #2345 – Traylot of Sterling Spoons to Include: 6 R.W. & S. marked Sterling spoons (3.93 T. Oz +/-), 4 Sterling children’s Spoons & 1 Fork – Various makers (2.97 T. Oz +/-), 3 Sterling Souvenir spoons (1.91 T. Oz +/-) = 8.1 T. Oz Total Weight +/-. Lot #2346 – Traylot of Sterling Spoons to include: Stieff Rose Salad Fork & Spoon (4.42 T. Oz +/-), Whiting – Kings Court & Kirk Mayflower Spoons (3) 4.96 T. Oz +/-), Stieff Sterling Spoon #6119 (2.85 T. Oz. +/-), Bag of Misc Sterling Spoons/Tongs (2.41 T. Oz +/-), Coin Silver Spoon (2.23 T. Oz +/-) = Total Weight 16.87 T. Oz. +/-. Lot #2347 – Traylot of 8 Misc. Maker Sterling Specialty Spoons, Ladles, forks (5.14 T. Oz. +/-), Sm. Sterling handled serving knife (1.16 T. Oz).  Lot #2348 – Traylot of 19 Sterling marked Napkin Rings by Various makers: Various styles & shapes. (11.76 T. Oz +/-) Lot #2349 – Traylot of 11 Sterling/Coin Silver Spoons, fork & knife to include: 4 Stieff spoons (3.19 T. Oz +/-), 3 spoons, 1 Fork, 1 Knife by Manchester & Towle (3.65 T. Oz +/-), Two 1830’s H. J. Pepper Delaware Coin Silver Spoons (1.03 T. Oz +/-). Total Weight = 7.87 T. Oz.  Lot #2350 – Traylot of Sterling Serving Spoons & Knife to Include: Gorham Spoon (2.08 +/-), W.A.G Spoon (3.66 +/-), D.H. Marked Spoon (2.65 +/-), Sterling Ladle (5.25 +/-), G. Lanz serving knife (1.01 +/-). Total Weight = 14.65 T. Oz +/-) Lot #2351 – 3.75” Sterling Handled Basket. Marked “311 ½ over M” (1.49 T. Oz. +/-) Lot #2352 – 6 unmarked Candle Stand inserts. Not Marked Sterling (5.21 T. Oz +/-) Lot #2353 – Two 3 Arm Anston Sterling Candelabras w/Weighted bases (21.97 T. Oz +/-) Lot #2456 – 3 Sterling items: Caldwell & Co Sauce Boat #91 (5.46 T. Oz +/-), 7/16 Pint Hallmarked Sterling Sauce Boat #A9164 (6.72 T. Oz +/-), Priesner Sterling baby cup (1.5 T. Oz +/-). Total Weight = 13.68 T. Oz. +/-. Lot #2457 – 59 Pc Alvin Chased Romantique Sterling Flatware Set. (Sterling Only Weight =  68.13 T. Oz +/-). 12 Additional Diner Knives Have Sterling Handles & Stainless Blades (25.83 Additional T. Oz. +/-). In Fitted flatware wooden case. Lot #2458 – 7.25” Tall 4.5 Pint Paul Revere Sterling Reproduction pattern pitcher #170. (21.85 T. Oz. +/-) Lot #2459 – 3 Sterling Salt/Pepper Shakers: to include: Bires Shaker (3.6 T. Oz), ATA Shaker (3.87 T. Oz), Frank M. Whiting & Co. Talisman Rose Shaker (1.96 T. Oz) Total Weight 9.45 T. Oz +/-. Lot #2460 – Sterling Marked Clamb shell style dresser box (2.35 T. Oz +/-) Lot #2461 – 6 Gorham Sterling Individual Salts #4052 (4.17 T. Oz. +/-)  Lot #2462 – Two Sterling Bowls to include: 5 Manchester Paul Revere Reproduction Bowl #874 (4.23 T, Oz. +/-), B&M Sterling Footed bowl #55F (4.81 T. Oz. +/-) Total Weight = 9.04 T. Oz. +/- Lot #2463 – Two Sterling Trays: 9” x 5” Rectangular Tray, Lion w/front paws on “F” #1492 (6.79 T. Oz +/-), Sterling 5.5” Marked Heart shaped Monogrammed tray (2.12 T. Oz +/-). Total Weight = 8.91 T. Oz.  Lot #2464 – 6” x 3.5” Silver Box with Wood Liner. Marked “Silver 950”. 9.3 T. Oz +/- (Includes wood weight) Lot #2465 – Unmarked 3” x 4.5” Hinged Silver Box (5.9 T. Oz +/-) Not marked Sterling. Lot #2466 – 6.5” Wallace Sterling dish (2.33 T. Oz +/-), Two Webster Sterling Strainers (2.24 T. Oz +/-), Handled Hallmarked Sterling strainer (0.50 T. Oz., +/-). Total weight = 5.07 T. Oz. +/-. Lot #2467 – Sterling Plate/bowl to include: 9.5” Gorham plate #345 (8.66 T. Oz. +/-), 6” Wallace bowl #H105 (3.01 T. Oz. +/-) Total Weight = 11.67 T. Oz +/-) Lot #2468 – Three Sterling Silver bowls to include: 7.25” x 5.25” Sterling footed Bowl #4942S 6.61 T. OZ. +/-), 5” x 3.5” Sterling Footed bowl #2174 (2.24 T. Oz +/-), Stieff Sterling Paul Revere reproduction bowl #006. (3.57 T. Oz. +/- ). Total Weight = 12.42 T. Oz. +/- Lot #2469 – 6” Allan Adler Sterling Covered syrup. (12.13 T. Oz. +/-) Lot #2470 – 175 Pc. Whiting Sterling Flatware Set sold by Bailey, Banks & Biddle. (154.35 T. Oz. +/-). Additional 15 Pcs of Sterling Handled Knives/Serving pieces with Stainless Blades. Additional 35.05 T. Oz. in weight. Lot #2471 – 18 Sterling/Coin Silver Spoons to include: 6 Jasper Stone Coin Silver spoons (3.9 T. Oz. +/-), 6 L.B.H Monogrammed coin Silver grapefruit spoons (3.99 T. Oz), 4 Burrows “H” Monogrammed spoons (Look like coin silver bot no marked – 1.77 T. Oz.), 2 Sterling marked spoons (1.92 T. Oz. +/-) Total Weight 11.58 T. Oz. +/-. Lot #2472 – 9” by 3,5” Towle Sterling Paul Revere Reproduction bowl. Engraved “1959” (10.99 T. Oz., +/-) Lot #2473 – Stainless De-Luxe Mother of Pearl Handled 6 Pc. Knife & 6 Pc Fork Set. In 2 clam shell style cases.  Lot #2474 – 3 Sterling Trays/Bowl to include: 9.5×6” Rectangular Fish tray (5.81 T. Oz. +/-), 6 x 8” Sterling marked oval plate (3.68 T. Oz. +/-),  5×7” International #115Oval bowl (2.53 T. Oz. +/-) Total Weight = 12.02 T. Oz. +/-. Lot #2475 – Five 6” Sterling marked plates by Gorham, Alvin & Anston. (12.55 T. Oz. /-) Lot #2476 – 3.5” x 8” Sterling Weighted reticulated bowl. (8.1 T. Oz +/- with weighted base). Lot #2478 – 8 Sterling spoons & 5 Sterling forks to include: 6 H. O. Hulbert & Co spoons, S. Kirk & Son Spoon, R. W. & S Spoon (4.85 T. Oz +/-), 5 Misc Sterling Forks (5.38 T. Oz., +/-). Total Weight 10.23 T. Oz +/-.  Lot #2479 – 6” Wallace Grand Baroque Sterling Bowl. 2.93 T. Oz +/- Lot #2480 – 8 Blair & Crawford Sterling Grapefruit spoons in Bailey, Banks & Biddle fitted case. 5.92 T. Oz., +/-. Lot #2481 – Eight 6” MFH Sterling Round plates (15.30 T. Oz +/-), Three Misc Maker 6” Round Sterling plates (8.18 T. Oz +/-). Total Weight – 23.48 T. Oz. +/- Lot #2482 – 7.25” x 3.75” James Arminger Reproduction Paul Revere Sterling Bowl. (13.93 T. Oz., +/-) Lot #2483 – 18 Mother of Pearl Handled knives to Include: 6 by Landers, Frary & Clark Aetna works in case. 12 by J. Russell & Co in 2 fitted cases.  Lot #2484 – Gorham Sterling Gravy Boat w/under tray, Lion/Anchor/JB Hallmarks #709. 6 in a home plate symbol. 9.70 T. Oz +/- Lot #2485 – 15 Sterling Spoons in 2 Sizes to include: 11 J. E. Caldwell & Co dinner size spoons (9.04 T. Oz. +/-), 4 Bailey, Banks & Biddle marked Sterling serving spoons (7.92 T. Oz., +/-) Lot #2486 – Three Sterling Bowls to include: 8.25 x 6” Marshall Field & Co Oval Tray (5.1 T. Oz. +/-), 8” x 4” Gorham Oval tray (3.20 T. Oz., +/-), 6.25 x 4.25”  Gorham Fairfax Octagonal bowl. (3.31 T. Oz. +/-). Total Weight = 11.63 T. Oz. +/- Lot #2487 – 3 Pc Sterling Marked Tea pot, Creamer & Sugar #341. (12.15 T. Oz., +/-) Lot #2488 – Two Clam shell decorated Individual Salts with Sterling marked spoons. #S3107 marked on Salts.  Lot #2619 – 25 Mother of Pearl Handled knives to include: 7 by Bridgeport Knife Co., 6 by Universal, 12 by English Maker with writing in English script. Lot #2620 – 54 Pc. R. W. & S. Sterling Flatware Set. 53.2 T. Oz Sterling Weight +/-. Additional 6 Dinner knives with Sterling Handles/Stainless Blades (11.95 T. Oz +/-) Lot #2621 – 3 Sterling Rimmed Etched glass plates to include: One 8” by Wallace (8.23 T. Oz +/- Includes Glass weight) & Two 6.5” by Frank Whiting & Co (8.24 T.Oz. +/- Includes Glass  Weight) Lot #2622 – Four Sterling Bowls to include: a 4” x 2.5” Towle Paul Revere Reproduction Bowl (1.8 T. Oz. +/-), a 4” x 2.25” S. Kirk Bowl (2.84 T. Oz. +/-), a 4.5 x 2.75” Paul Revere #680 bowl (3.74 T. Oz., +/-) & a 6.75 x 3.75” Priesner Bowl (8.60 T. Oz. +/-). Total weight of 4 bowls is 17.0 T. Oz +/-   Lot #2624 – 47 Pcs of Lunt – William & Mary Sterling Flatware (45.06 T. Oz. +/-) in Fitted case. Additional 8 Sterling Handled knives with Stainless Blades (Additional 15.08 T. Oz +/-) Lot #2624A – 8.5” Tall E. Caldwell & Co Sterling Vase #2088 (7.60 T. Oz +/- with probable weighted base) Lot #2625 – 48 Pcs Gorham Pat. 1895 Sterling Flatware (63.23 T. Oz. +/-) in fitted case. Additional Stainless Bladed knives with Sterling Handles (39.35 T. Oz. Additional weight). A few mixed in Pieces. Lot #2627 – 5 Pc. Lotus Sterling Tea/Coffee Set (86.09 T. Oz. +/-) to include: 9” Tall 2.5 Pint Pot. (25.47 T. Oz +/-). 7” Tall 2.5 Pint Pot (26.0 T. Oz. +/-). 5.5” Tall Covered Sugar (14.84 T. Oz +/-), 5” Handled creamer (10.54 T. Oz., +/-), 3.75 T. Oz. Open Sugar 9.24 T. Oz +/-) All marked #S212 “Engraved – Ralph J. Brown & Helen Mabel Hastie 1918-1943” Lot #2628 – 52 Pcs Kirk Stieff Puritan Pattern (1922) Sterling flatware (62.0 T. Oz. +/-) + Additional 9 Pcs with Sterling Handles/Stainless Blades (Additional 22.77 T. Oz +/-) Lot #2629 – 19 Sterling Spoons to include: 11 Spoons marked Pat. 1912 with 11 in Oval (12 T. Oz. +/-), 6 Towle Spoons Pat. 1932 (5.12 T. Oz. +/-) & 2 Towle 1961 Vespera Spoons (1.94 T. Oz +/- ). Total Weight: 19.06 T. Oz., +/- Lot #2630 – 8.5” x 3.75” Pilgrim marked Rounds Sterling bowl with reticulated edge. #4548. (8.10 T. Oz., +/-) Lot #2631 – Fisher Sterling covered Butter w/Glass insert tray. #1963. (7.30 T. Oz Sterling weight +/- Not including glass weight.) Lot #2632 – Oval 7.5” x 11” Sterling Bread Basket. “RR/Bird Marking” (7,73 T. Oz. +/-) Lot #2633 – 4 Pc. Bailey, Banks & Biddle marked Sterling Coffee/Tea Set 59.79 T. Oz +/- to include: 9” Tall 1.5 Pint Pot #A9161 (20.72 T. Oz +/-), 6” Tall 1.25 Pint pot #A9162 (21.65 T. Oz), 5.5” Tall Covered Sugar #A9163 (11.43 T. Oz +/-), 3.5” Tall open sugar #A9165 (5.88 T. Oz +/-). Lot in includes a Wallace EPNS Plated Serving tray (Tray NOT in included in weight) Lot #2634 – 11 Mics Pcs of Sterling Flatware to include: Knives, Forks & Spoons (8.71 T.Oz. +/-) Lot #2635 – 41 Pcs Gorham King Albert Sterling Flatware (45.54 T. Oz +/-) in fitted case. Additional 16 Pcs Sterling Handles w/Stainless blades (35.08 T.Oz +/-) Lot #2636 – Four 3.25” long Gorham Sterling Ash Trays (3.65 T. Oz. +/-) Lot #2637 – Eight Sterling Marked Monogrammed individual salts/sugar cube holders (5.43 T. Oz +/-.) Lot #2638 – Bailey Banks & Biddle Sterling reticulated carrier (3.03 T. Oz +/-) & 5 Delt style silver rimmed drink coasters. 3 Silver rimmed ash trays.

Gold/Silver Jewelry: Lot #2652 – 18K Yellow Gold (Tested) ladies ring w/Large Oval cut Stone that tested in the Tourmaline range w/Diamond chips. Size = Six. 22.2G +/- Total weight. Lot #2652A – 18K Yellow Gold Marked Ladies ring w/Oval Onyx stone. Size = Five. 12.0 Grams +/- in Total weight). Lot #2652B – 10K Yellow Gold (Marked) Rippled Ladies ring. Size = Five. 7.7 Grams +/-. Lot #2652C – 14K Yellow Gold (Marked) twist ladies ring. Size = 6.5 +/-. 14.3 Grams +/-. Lot #2652D – 14K Yellow Gold (Marked) ladies Cocktail ring w/Pear shaped Simulated Diamond stone. Size = Five. 4.4 Grams Total Weight +/-. Lot #2652E – 18K Yellow Gold (Tested) Ladies Cocktail ring 19 Quartz oval faceted stones & Silver Heart w/Diamond Chips. Size = 5.5 +/- 15.2 Grams Total weight +/-. Lot #2652F – 10 K Yellow Gold (Tested) ladies ring w/Agate Stone. Size = Six. 7.0 Grams Total Weight +/-. Lot #2652G – 12K +/- Yellow Gold Ladies Golf Ball ring. Size = Six. Weight 10.7 Grams +/-. (Ring Tested is not marked but tested at 12K (.500) on our GXL-24 Pro gold tester). Lot #2653 – 8” Italian 14K Yellow Gold (Marked .585).  Tested at 14K on our gold tester. 19.6 Grams +/-. Lot #2653A – 14K Yellow Gold (Tested) Crucifix. 4.3 Grams +/-. Lot #2653B – 7” Long 14K Yellow Gold (Marked) bracelet. 1.7 Grams +/-. Lot #2653C – Pair of 14K Yellow Gold (Tested) & Diamond Chip ear rings w/studs. 7.7 Grams +/- Total Weight. Lot #2653D – 7” Long 14K Yellow Gold (Marked) Italian bracelet. 1.4 Grams +/-. Lot #2653E – 7” Long 14K Yellow Gold (Marked) Italian bracelet. 2.3 Grams +/-. Lot #2653F – 7” Long 14K Yellow Gold (Marked) Italian bracelet 1.1 Grams +/-. Lot #2653G – 14K Marked White Gold necklace pendant w/Pearl surrounded by small blue stone (Possible Spinel). 7.7 Grams +/- Total Weight. Lot #2646 – Tray Lot of 27 +/- Pcs of Sterling Jewelry to include: Sterling Bracelet w/Turquoise stone , Sterling Bracelet, King Tut pendant, Two 16” Necklaces, 18” Necklace, 20” Necklace, Three 8” Bracelets, Anchor pendant on 17” Chain, Eight Sterling Pendants (# w/turquoise), 8 Rings (5 w/Turquoise). Total Weight = 7.45 T. Oz., +/-. Lot #2647 – Tray lot of Sterling Necklaces to Include: 14” with Turquoise stone (0.43 T. Oz +/-), 18” Necklace (0.05 T. Oz +/-), 15” Sterling Chain & Tie Tac, (0.095 T. Oz +/-), 18” Sterling Necklace with Scorpion Pendant (0.31 T. Oz., +/-), 18” Sterling Necklace with Blue stone Pendant (0.40 T. Oz., +/-). 15” Sterling Necklace with Turquoise pendant. (0.24 T. Oz., +/-) Total Weight 1.52 T. Oz +/-)

Quality Glassware and China: Entire 350pc set of Noritake “Azalea” pattern hand painted china (1915-1930), more than 500pcs of English hobnail, Very Nice selection of Simon Pearce hand blown glass to include: several hurricane vases, several center bowls, pitcher and goblets and more, Nice selection of signed Steuben glassware to include several vases and bowls, selection of Lalique French crystal, more than 50pcs of Irish Belleek bone china, nice selection of Swarovski crystal, Large Baltimore made Majolica handled pitcher with Heron and cat tail motif, George Duncan & Son Early American Pattern glass frosted figural three panel face finialed covered compote with frosted column, Sanders and Co. London England 6pc pattern glass castor set with plated silver carrier, George Duncan and Sons Early American Pattern glass frosted three face columned cake compote, several jack in the pulpit vases, 45pcs of Blue Danube china, selection of Vaseline glass, more than a dozen Nippon hand painted Chocolate and tea sets, several Bavarian, German and Japanese tea sets, Lenox 3pc Fine crystal figural dolphin centerbowl and candlesticks set, Signed Heisey water pitcher, more than two dozen Czech republic etched to cleat crystal wines, Mary Gregory vases, cobalt cut to clear champagne flutes, Bristol glass hand blown emerald hand painted and gold enameled ruffled top pitcher, several cranberry thumb print opalescent ruffled top vases, Westmoreland Glass signed Milk glass figural cat on nest, Royal Doulton Bunnykins cup and undertray, Czech republic scent bottles, Quimper Tea pot, (3) antique Pigeons Blood Bar Bottles with sterling overlay tops and sterling overlay labels and so much more! 

Primitives/Antiques/Collectables/Quilts: Art Nouveau style statue lamp with milk glass globe finial, antique hand blown “witches ball” with chain,  large carved Egret on dock mooring post with rope border, Sparkling Champale Malt Liquor advertising thermometer, Delft Delaware covered urn, Goebel Hummel figurines, 30+ Royal Doulton mini toby mugs,  Pair of figural double cherub font Corinthian column table lamps with tasseled shades, The Stereo-Graphoscope stereopticon with folding handle and entire case of stereopticon cards, Clarks Tea Berry Gum Vaseline Glass advertising pedestal, The Eastern Shore Trust Co. Cambridge, MD change bank, E.S. Adkins Co. Salisbury, MD 1965 ash tray, Buckingham High School Berlin, MD class of 1947 ash tray, Laurel and Hardy figural cast iron door stop, Primitive stoneware blue and gray decorated butter crock, Weller Pottery style green and purple 17” jardiniere pedestal, Victorian daguerreotypes, figural black cat cast iron door stop, Primitive peck and half peck grain measure, hand blown 12” fish net float, Ives #5 Key Wind pre WW locomotive with coal car, Arcade Co. cast iron taxi car, Horse drawn ice wagon, (2) Michigan Central Railroad cars, Pair of 12” English Staffordshire dogs, Lladro Balloon girl porcelain figurine, 3pc Pink Alacite depression era dresser set, childs four bottle castor set with carrier, Superb Amber glass figural decorated elephant head sculpture, several vintage hand painted hat pin holders, yellow ware primitive nesting bowls, Childs miniature blue satin glass punch and cup set, several vintage German steel mesh and sterling ladies purses, more than a dozen vintage hand stitched Eastern Shore patchwork quilts and nearly a dozen Pennsylvania tri-color coverlets in multiple colors and so much more as this is only a partial listing!     

Antique Furniture: Stunning antique Hunt Cabinet with carved fox and stag crest over three panel hanging game top with four turned column supports over dragon carved supported open center and three carved lower drawers over carved game panel doors with matching turned column supports terminating in carved border base. Cabinet is in (3) piece construction, Oak cylinder roll secretary desk with double glass door bookcase top over cylinder roll center and single drawer over two door base, Oak single drawer library table with four support columns terminating in stretcher base, Oak four door step back kitchen cabinet with five panel upper doors encasing storage shelves over three panel lower door base, four tier bamboo stick and ball style bookcase, vintage wrought iron and jadeite smoking stand, Oak dresser converted to hall seat with upholstery and singled drawer storage, Painted blue single door over single drawer antique armoire, Oak two drawer over two door washstand, Oak five drawer chest of drawers, antique bamboo constructed easel, Walnut three drawer marble top chest of drawers, Walnut highly carved marbletop parlor table, two door cabinet with double glass doors and interior storage shelves and much more!

Modern Furniture: Beautiful Statton of America True Type Solid Cherry Centennial style four drawer server/chest, Pair of Pottery Barn style multi drawer storage cabinet in distressed finished, Stunning Victorian reproduction 5pc marbletop bedroom suite with carved four poster bed, Lexington Furniture Co. Cherry finish eleven drawer Queen Anne style highboy with broken arch pediment over reeded column construction terminating in Queen Anne foot, Cherry Chippendale style six drawer sideboard with carved frieze over carved knees terminating in ball in claw feet, Kling Colonial solid Cherry step back china cabinet, Contemporary Cherry highly decorated Cherry china cabinet with pierced and decorated broken arch finish over four fretwork doors encasing lighted interior with mirrored back and glass shelves over six drawer two door reeded column base, Mid Century Modern Danish Teak glass insert cocktail table, Kling Colonial solid Cherry Queen Anne style dining table with two leaves, table pads and (6) urn splat Cherry dining chairs, Pine contemporary country style corner cabinet with four panel glass upper door over open center and two door base, Designer Reproduction George III style open arm chair with nailhead trim and figural lion’s head carved arms, Statton of America solid Cherry diminutive size dour drawer chest of drawers with brass pulls, Hulala Home retro style reproduction lounge chairs with gold chroma finish legs, Solid Cherry “Oldtowne” drop leaf corner handkerchief table with carved ball in claw feet, Cherry finish corner curio cabinet with three glass shelves and lighted interior, pair of heavy black wrought iron and metal, large open arm slat style patio rocking chairs in flat black paint, Pottery Barn square top cocktail table, Pottery Barn 2pc five cushion sectional sofa, Set of (4) Pottery Barn slip covered side chairs, Ethan Allen maple flip top vanity, The Bombay Co. Cherry finish plant stand, Diminutive size solid Cherry slant front four drawer secretary desk, porcelain reproduction hand painted cherub decorated wall mirror, Amish style solid Oak round dining table with leaf and set of (4) dining chairs, Glasstop cocktail table with heavy metal gold finish stretcher base, three drawer designer Bombay chest with 3 decorated drawers over provincial feet, fruitwood corner cabinet with 9 pane door over two bottom doors, Heavy metal King size decorated bed in white antiqued finish, Lexington Furniture Co. Pine 2pc four door three drawer armoire, Huntly Furniture Co. six drawer Fruitwood chest of drawers, contemporary Pine finish three drawer sofa/console table in country finish, Saltarini style open arm patio rocking chairs, Broyhill overstuffed upholstered lounge chair, Nice Aspen Home Contemporary Work desk with matching desk chair, Claire Murray Designer floral hooked rug, Wool Pile floral maroon and navy area, (30) white wedding venue chairs (new) and so much more!

Artwork: “Cobb Island Coast Guard Station-Eastern Shore, VA circa 1930 S/N Peterson, “Onancock Wharf” framed print S/N Isabel Troutman, “Atlantic Fades” framed print S/N Baron, “Pocomoke River Bridge” Pocomoke, MD S/N print,  framed print of Canada Geese in snow signed Willie Crockett, “Pound Fishing Industry Ocean City, MD 1920’s” framed print S/N Ralph Ashburn, Framed “Man O War” black and white lithography by Ritt Pulaski, framed watercolor of workboat at skippers wharf, more than a dozen signed Wallace Nutting lithographs and many others!

Coca-Cola Collectables: 5pc Coca-Cola Advertising high top café table with chrome base and (4) vinyl top chrome stools, Coca-Cola Advertising four door one drawer hutch with glass doors over double bottle opener pulls on single drawer and double lower doors, Coca-Cola Advertising Nostalgic Wall phone with Real Wood and Frosted Glass in original box, Polyconcept USA Coca-Cola Bottle style telephone, Koolatron Mfg. Co. Coca-Cola Advertising refrigerator and dispenser, Vintage Swihart Product Coca-Cola advertising lighted wall clock, antique Coca-Cola metal rack, wooden crate converted to wagon, Ice Cold Coca-Cola Sold Here glass top cocktail table, more than (40) Town Square Collection Coca-Cola houses in original boxes, mini dispenser machine clock, dart board, clocks, watches, shelving, signage, vintage wooden Coca-Cola crates, several lamps, vintage bottles, change banks, mini juke box, snow globes, Christmas ornaments, glassware and more!

Appliances/Special Interest: GE side by side refrigerator/freezer, Haier stainless matte style refrigerator/freezer, GE Profile four burner range/oven, Frigidaire range/oven, Central Machinery 3 ½ cubic ft concrete mixer, Kulana Hawiian cruiser bicycle, (2) vintage fiberglass surf boards, Enormous Qty of hand painted Nippon vases, Schwinn Airdyne Exercise bike with digital comp readout, RCA 32” LCD TV, Nippon Chocolate pots, hand painted Japanese china, Large Selection of Longaberger baskets, Byers Carolers, contemporary blue and gray pottery, Nordictrack tred mill with incline, Large Selection of Boyds Bears figurines, bisque piano babies, Large selection of American Fostoria glassware, vintage ceramic Christmas trees, several wheel cats, Large Qty of vintage walking canes, superb selection of vintage vinyl LP records from the classic rock years including many from the Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Journey, Hall and Oates, Michael Jackson, and many others, (2) fur coats, 8ft dinghy boat and more!

Terms Personal Property: Visa/MC/Amex/Discover or approved check. 18% Buyer Premium. All property is sold “As Is, Where Is”, and All Sales are Final. Property is open to thorough public inspection. It is the Bidder’s responsibility to determine condition, age genuineness, authenticity, value or any other determinative factor. A&M Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the phone, on the internet and at the auction but makes no representations. In no event shall A&M Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Bidder shall be the sole judge of value.

Pick Up Date: Items must be picked up at the Auction Site in Parsonsburg, MD on FRIDAY April 14th, 2023  from 12 Noon – 6 PM. NO EXCEPTIONS.  This is the only time that the Auction Co. will be onsite at the Facility for Pickup. We have another auctions that we are setting up for 4 weeks after this Auction. Items not picked up or shipping arrangements made by 6 PM on Friday April 14th, 2023 will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of at the discretion of the Auction Co. If you unable to attend the Auction pickup you must designate a person to pick your items up for you. Buyer is responsible for the following requirements. #1: Buyer is responsible for removing all items from the Property. #2 Buyer is responsible for bringing any required manpower required to move your items from the home to your vehicle #3 Buyer is Responsible for bringing any tools, boxes, tape, wrapping paper, Bubble wrap, blankets, Straps, wheel cart or dollies needed to remove your items from the property. The items that you purchased will be situated in the building as they were photographed at the time of the cataloging. You will be responsible for any boxing that is required to move/load your items.

Shipping: A&M Auctioneers and Appraiser’s does not ship items, however shipping is available through the UPS Pack and Ship Store of Salisbury, MD/Delmar, DE or a shipper of buyer’s choice. We can transport items back to our facility from the Auction Pickup site and then deliver the item(s) to a shipper for you for a fee. You will pay the shipper directly for any and all costs associated with getting your items to you. Shipping has become very expensive. We have no control over the cost of shipping items. Please bid accordingly.

Personal Property Preview: There will be ONE open house preview date held on Monday April 10th, 2023 from 5 PM – 7 PM.             


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