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12-9-16 Important Decoy Auction Event


8000 Esham Road, Parsonsburg, MD 21849

Fri. December 9th, 2016 @ 4:37 PM

Selling from the Private Collection of C.A. Porter Hopkins of Cambridge, MD and Local Historian C. John Sullivan Jr. of Fallston, MD with select additions from the Estate of Henry Fleckenstein of Cambridge, MD, the Collection of John T. Ordeman of Nassawadox, VA,  the well know Charlie Zeiler Collection of Millsboro, DE and  the Estate of Gene W. Patton of South Point, MD!!



525+ Lots of Decoys, Wildfowl Artwork, Battery Gun, Wooden Skiffs, Vintage Wooden Ammo Boxes, Superb Collection Broad Points, Spear Points, Arrowheads & More! Highlights include a 1929 Ward Bros. “Holland Island” Blackduck, 1932 Ward Goose, Pair of Ward Canvasback’s & Pair of Redheads & a Lg. Selection of New England Birds!   

Decoys by Carvers including: Ward Bros., Doug Jester, Miles Hancock, Ira Hudson, Umbrella Watson, Joe Crumb, Cameron McIntyre, Ben Dye, John “Daddy” Holly, Madison Mitchell, Bob Mcgaw, Paul Gibson, John Graham, Zack Ward, Jim Currier, Jessie Urie, Harold Burke, Edwin Milton & others!

Auctioneers Note: This auction will consist of decoys and waterfowl artifacts from several well-known collectors including many items from the collection of C.A. Porter Hopkins, one of the Founders of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and MD Legislator. Hopkins was instrumental in creating environmental legislation as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates from 1967 to 1975 (serving as House Minority Leader from 1971 to 1975) and in the Maryland Senate from 1975 to 1978. His love and admiration of the outdoors seen through his artwork and wildfowl collection which will be offered in this Historic Event. In addition, we are honored to offer items from Historian C. John Sullivan Jr. Mr. Sullivan is a nationally recognized expert on American wooden fowl, is both an appraiser and collector of decoys, firearms and other accoutrements used in the pursuit of waterfowl.  A historian by avocation, he has spent a lifetime researching the history of water fowling in the Chesapeake region. Other sellers include items from author and Wildfowl art collector John T. Ordeman, Henry Fleckenstein, business entrepreneur Charlie Zeiler, and items from the Estate of well-known Gene W. Patton. We are honored to bring a part of these collections with others to public auction at no minimum and no reserve. Whether you are first time collector or avid investor this sale has something to offer for any decoy enthusiast. PLEASE VIEW OUR WEBSITE FOR 5,000 PHOTOS AND A FULL CATALOG!!

Directions: Our Auction Facility is located in Parsonsburg on the Eastern Shore of Maryland Approx. 100 Miles north of Norfolk, VA, 55 Miles South of Dover, DE, 100 East of Washington, DC and 18 miles West of Ocean City, MD. At the intersection of Rt. 50 and the Rt. 13 Bypass merge onto Rt. 50 East towards Ocean City and follow for 3.9 miles to the intersection of Rt. 50 & Forest Grove Rd. Turn North (left) onto Forest Grove Rd. and follow for 0.5 miles to Old Ocean City Rd. Right onto Old O. C. Rd. and follow for 1.2 miles to Esham Rd. Left onto Esham Rd. and follow for 1.2 miles to burgundy/tan building on left.

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Online Bidding: This is an LIVE Auction held at the Allen & Marshall Auction Facility. We are offering Internet Absentee bidding on 519 lots on the Allen & Marshall Bidding System. Bidding opened on Saturday Oct. 1st. You can bid at any time up until 3 PM on Friday Dec. 9th, 2016. At 3 PM the internet bidding will close and the bids will be uploaded into our Auction Software. You will have the option of bidding the starting or current bid after you register for the Auction. You do have the option of placing a higher bid by typing your maximum bid on the lots you are interested in. For Example if you are interested in lot # 248. The Rare and Important early (Circa 1929) Carved “Holland Island Club Model” Blackduck by L.T. Ward, Crisfield, MD. Lets say the current bid is $2,000. You have the option of bidding the next increment of $250 for a bid of $2,250. In this case that would be the starting bid during the live Auction if you had the high Absentee bid prior to uploading those bids. If someone in the crowd bids $2,500 you would be out and have no way to bid again unless you were here at the auction. You could place a maximum bid on the lot of say $10,000.00 Once the bids are downloaded the Auctioneer will bid for you up to your maximum bid amount. In this case the Auctioneer would would bid for you up through your $10,000.00 bid. If the competitive bidding stopped at $9,000.00 than that’s what you would Pay (Plus Buyer Premium and Tax)


Cataloging/Photography Note: The cataloging process is complete. Photography of the collection is complete. There are over 5,000 high quality photos available here on the website. We will be printing a high quality color catalog for the Auction. They will be available for sale in the next 30 or so days. Please contact the Auction Co. if you are interested in a catalog and we can contact you when they are complete.

Ward Brothers Decoys: Rare and Important 1928 “Holland’s Island” Black Duck signed by Steve and Lem Ward, Early and Rare 1932 Canada Goose signed Lem Ward, Pair of 1966 Shooting Stool Redheads Hen and Drake signed by both Lem and Steve Ward, Pair of 1975 Shooting Stool turned head Canvasbacks with written message, (3) Wildfowler Scaup painted by the Ward Brothers and more!

Eastern Shore of VA/MD Decoys/Carvers: Dave “Umbrella” Watson-Blackduck, Ira Hudson- Bluebill, preening Blackduck, Canvasback, Doug Jester-Brant, Dippers, several Black Ducks, and Canvasback, Miles Hancock- Pintails, several Blackducks, Bufflehead and Brant, Joe Crumb Canada Goose, Cameron MacIntrye- Pair of miniature flying Mallards, William Gibian- Black Bellied Plover, Ike Phillips- Bluebill, carved Swan by Rick Fish, Chincoteague, VA Charles Seidel carved Swan, Carved Blue Bill Drake by Jim Slaughter, Trappe, MD, Black duck by Zack Ward, Crisfield, MD, Hooded Mergansers by Zack Ward, Red Breasted Merganser Drake by George Aaron Hooper’s Island, Carved Magnum Pintail drake by Papa Elzey, Cambridge, MD,  Flicker by Zack Ward, Hen & Drake, by Bill “Zack” Ward, Hand chopped Canvasback drake by Capt. John Smith Ocean City, MD Large Primitive Whistling Swan in Swimming form by Billy Mills. Dorchester County, MD, several Isiah Travers cork body black ducks and others!!

Upper Bay Decoys: RARE James Holly Red Breasted Merganser (was displayed at the Ward Museum), Canvasback Drake by Charles Barnard circa 1937 branded with a “T” On bottom from MD Senator Millard E. Tyding’s personal rig, Ben Dye Canvasback, Joe Dye Canvasback, 1972 Brandt by Charlie Joiner, Rare James Holly swimming black duck, Rare Coudon and Co. Canada Goose folding “V” board with collapsible metal heads, Canvasback Drake by August Heinfield, Rock Hall, MD, Pair of Jesse Urie, Rock Hall, MD 1947 Black Heads,  Pair of 1956 Madison Mitchell Canvasbacks, John Holly black duck, (2) 1950 Charlie Joiner blackheads, Red-Breasted Merganser by Alvin “Gunner” Meekins Hoopers Island, Pratt Decoy Co. Canvasback drake, John Graham Canvasback drake circa 1880, John Glen 1930’s vintage Canvasback drake, several birds by Paul Gibson and Robert McGaw Bluebill drake by Charles Bryan, Middle River, MD , carved Blue Wing Teal Drake by Bob Biddle, Media, PA, Canvasback drake by Lum Fletcher,  Canvasback drake by John Glenn, Rock Hall, MD, Bluebill drake by Jesse Urie, Bluebill by Bob McGaw, Pair of Carved Goldeneyes, full size preening Swan by Bill Kennedy Aberdeen, MD and many others!

Maine and New England Decoys: Rare and Important Pair of Eiders by Harold Burke, Country Island, Nova Scotia circa 1916, chip-carved Maine Canadian Goose by Bill Vaughan, Hallowell, ME, primitive carved White Winged Scoter by Edwin Milton, c-1890, Stonington, Maine, canvas covered White -Winged Scoter by Joel Lincoln, New England, Fantastic Carved Old Squaw Drake, New England origin, chip-carved Old Squaw drake Nova Scotia origin, Pair of Common Eiders Hen & Drake from Beal’s Island Maine, carved working Blackduck decoy, New England origin, Primitive carved White Wing Scoter by McVeigh, Sylvester’s Cove Deer Island Maine,  pair of carved, hen and drake, Common Eiders by FJ Dobbins Jones Port, Maine, primitive style Blackduck branded Coulbourne C. Wood. Jr., New England Style Blackduck and many more!

Important Collection of Factory Decoys from the Estate Collection of Henry Fleckenstein used and illustrated in his books to include: Rare and Important pair of Mallards hen and drake by the Peterborough Decoy Factory located in Ontario, Canada, Important Pair of “Pascagoula Decoys” Pintails, drake and hen, Pair of rig-mate original condition Goldeneyes by the Victor Animal Trap Co. of Mississippi, Important Pair of Victor Bluebills, Factory bluebill drake by the Victor Animal Trap Company, Wm. E. Pratt Company rare White Wing-Scoter decoy with the feather finish, Benz Factory “Superior Model” Canvasback, Important factory Pascagoula Decoy Co. Pintail drake, Important pair of Victor Animal Trap Co. Canvasbacks and many more! These are the very birds illustrated in “American Factory Decoys” By Henry Fleckenstein himself.     

Miniature Decoys and Carved Shorebirds:  Pair of carved miniature wall mount flying Mallards hen and drake by Cameron McIntyre, Rare half size Pintail drake with split wooden tail by R.Y. Taggart Elkton, MD 1953, Carved Miniature Canvasback Drake on wooden pedestaled base by Bob McGaw, carved Miniature Tundra Swan on wooden base by Bob McGaw, Pair of 1/3 Sized carved American Widgeon by Oliver Lawson, Jimmy Wright carved doves, Puffin by Clarence “Titbird” Bauer, Miniature carved Canvasback Drake by William S. Johnson, Carved Sand Piper on Driftwood base by H.V Shourds, Pair of Miniature carved Mallards Hen & Drake by Capt. Jess Urie, Mini carved Swan by Capt. Roger Urie & more!!

Artwork: Important framed print titled “Bay Snipe Shooting” by A.B. Frost from Shooting Pictures Series published 1895,  “Slick Calm” framed oyster boat print by Mary Lou Troutman, (3) Framed prints by Lynn Bogue Hunt, “On a Run” framed fly fishing etching by T. Allen Lawson, “Duck Hunters” framed original etching by Churchill Ettinger, “Fields of Gold-Mallards” framed print by George Brown, “Scouting Party” framed etching by Paul Niemiec Jr., Framed print of Kingfish on Shorebank by S. A. Kilbourn, Framed print of Florida Permit chasing hooked shrimp by S. A. Kilbourn, 1944 Federal Duck Stamp Print of Speckle Belly Geese by Walter Weber, Vintage Arm & Hammer bird advertisement dated 1917, “Partridge Shooting” Early hand colored Currier & Ives print, “Evening Flight-Mourning Doves” unframed print by David Hagerbaumer, The Classic Decoy Series by Milton C. Weiler, complete set of (24) prints #117/1000, and much more!

Special Interest: Superb Collection of Jasper-Chalcedony Susquehanna Broad Points, Spear Points and Arrowheads found along the banks of the Chesapeake (phenomenal collection),  Original Upper Bay 5 barrel battery gun, hand crafted 16ft wooden skiff by Travis Tyler, Crisfield, MD 1975, vintage wooden 14ft sneak boat, Carroll-Island Gunning Club wooden sign, Antique brass and copper Binnacle w/ gimballed compass and compensators, Large Winchester wooden finger jointed Take Down model 1911 -12 gauge shotgun box, RARE Canada Goose Folding “V” board by Coudon & Co. Aikin, MD, Pair of figural canvasback andirons, Winchester 12 gauge 00 Buck brass paper shell box, Swan Island Ducking Club hand painted wooden sign, Hudsons cast iron soap advertisement, cast iron figural duck andirons, several vintage shotgun shell boxes, several wooden shotgun shell boxes, several tin Dupont Powder tins, Large Qty of primitive oars, culling oars, row boat oars, (3) Pairs of metal Mallard silhouettes from Cecil County, MD, lifesaving oars vintage Oyster Pins to Include: The Oysters Growers & Dealers Assoc. of America, 3rd Annual Convention, Atlantic City, ND from 1911. Virginia Oyster Planters & Packers Association, Norfolk, VA from 1910. National Association of Shellfish Commissioners, Norfolk, VA 1913 and more!

Terms Personal Property: Cash Or Approved Check Day of sale. Visa/MC/Amex/Discover. 13% Buyer Premium. 3% Discount for cash or check. Everything Sold “As Is” with no warranties of any kind. Auction conducted inside & outside of 10,000 Sq. Ft. facility. Some seating provided. Food served by Johnny’s of Salisbury, MD.

Preview: Preview will be available on Thursday Dec. 8th, 2016 from 5-8 PM & Friday Dec. 9th, 2016 from 2-5-PM. There will be several thousand photos available on the Auction Co. Website as items are cataloged.

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