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EASTON, MD  21601


Under a power of sale contained in a certain Deed  of  Trust  from  John  A.  General  dated August 16, 2004 and recorded among the Land Records  for Talbot  County  in  Liber  1271,  folio 248,  default  having  occurred  under  the  terms thereof  and  at  the  request  of  the  parties secured  thereby  (Civil  Case  No.  20-C-12-008179), the undersigned Successor Trustees will offer for sale at public auction at the Talbot County  Circuit  Court,  Court  House,  11  North Washington  Street,  Easton,  Maryland  21601 on:

APRIL 26, 2013 AT 11:30 A.M.

ALL THAT FEE-SIMPLE  LOT OF GROUND CONTAINING  3.76 ACRES OF LAND, MORE OR  LESS,  AND  THE  IMPROVEMENTS THEREON situated in Talbot County, Maryland and more fully described in the aforesaid Deed of  Trust.    The  Property  is  improved  by  a dwelling, with approximately 2,266 square feet of  interior  space  and  containing  3  bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

The  property  will  be  sold  in  “as  is”  condition and  subject  to  conditions,  restrictions,  easements,  encumbrances  and  agreements  of record affecting the subject property, if any, and with no warranty of any kind.

Terms  of  Sale: A deposit  in  the  form  of cashier’s  or  certified  check,  or  in  such  other form  as  the  Successor  Trustees  may  determine, at their sole discretion, for $20,000.00 at the  time  of  sale.    If  the  noteholder  is  the  successful  bidder,  the  deposit  requirement  is waived.  The balance of the purchase price is to be paid within fifteen (15) days of the final ratification of the sale by the Circuit Court for Talbot  County,  Maryland.    TIME  IS  OF  THE ESSENCE FOR THE PURCHASER. Interest is to be paid on the unpaid purchase price at the rate of 6.5% per annum from the date of sale to the date the funds are received in the office of the Successor Trustees, if the property is purchased by an entity other than the noteholder.  There will be no abatement of interest due from the  purchaser  in  the  event  settlement  is delayed for any reason.  Adjustment of current year real property taxes and other public and/or private  charges  or  assessments,  including water/sewer  charges,  will  be  made  as  of  the date of sale and thereafter assumed by the purchaser.  All other public and/or private charges or  assessments,  including  water/sewer charges,  incurred  after  the  sale,  and  all  other costs incidental to settlement to be paid by the purchaser.    Cost  of  all  documentary  stamps, transfer taxes, and all settlement charges shall be  borne  by  the  purchaser.    If  the  Successor Trustees are unable to convey good and marketable title, the purchaser’s sole remedy in law or  equity  shall  be  limited  to  the  refund  of  the deposit  to  the  purchaser.    Upon  refund  of  the deposit, the sale shall be void and of no effect, and  the  purchaser  shall  have  no  further  claim against  the  Successor Trustees.    If  purchaser defaults under these terms, the deposit shall be forfeited.    The  Successor  Trustees  may  then resell  the  property  at  the  risk  and  cost  of  the defaulting purchaser.  The defaulting purchaser shall  not  be  entitled  to  any  surplus  proceeds resulting from said resale even if such surplus results  from  improvements  to  the  property  by said defaulting purchaser.  Purchaser shall be responsible  for  obtaining  physical  possession of the property.   The purchaser at the foreclosure sale shall assume the risk of loss or damage to the property from the date of sale.  The information contained herein was obtained from sources deemed to be reliable but is offered for informational  purposes  only.    The  Successor Trustees, Auctioneer and the secured party do not  make  any  representations  or  warranties with respect to the accuracy of this information.

Douglas S. Walker

Ryan D. Showalter

Successor Trustees


101 Bay Street, Suite 2

Easton, Maryland 21601