4th Annual Decoy & Waterfowl Arts Auction Day 2 – September 22nd 2012

4th Annual Decoy & Waterfowl Arts Auction Day 2 - September 22nd 20128000 Esham Road, Parsonsburg, MD

Sat. September 22nd @ 10 AM

Selling one of the largest private decoy collections in the United States!! The Collection of the late Mrs. Elizabeth “Betty” Odine of Riverview, MI With Select Additions from the Private Library of Lem Ward


450+ Decoys and 250+ Shorebirds, 150+ pcs of wildfowl artwork (many orig), Books from the Library of Lem Ward and more!!

More than 150 carvers to include several World Champions

Ward Bros., Patrick Godin, Tan Brunet, Victor Paroyan, Jimmy Vizier, Russell Martin, Delbert “Cigar” Daisy, Larry Tawes, Laurie Lundell, Madison Mitchell, Lionel Dwyer, Paul Foytack Jr., Tom Christie, R.D. Wilson, Gary Yoder, Bob Guge, Earl Shell, Phil Galatas, Larry Hayden, Jude Brunet, Bill Oddo, Bruce Buckley, Gary Lynn, Jett Brunet, Hai Feng Ma, & many others! 

Auctioneers Note: This auction will consist of the single estate of Elizabeth “Betty” Odine with only select additions from the Library of Lem Ward. Mrs. Odine was extremely well known throughout the national decoy community for both her collector’s status and her carving abilities. Allen & Marshall is pleased to offer two full days of more than 900 lots of investment grade decoys and waterfowl art. PLEASE VIEW OUR WEBSITE FOR A FULL CATALOG AND 5,000 QUALITY PICTURES OF ITEMS IN THIS SALE!!

Directions: At the intersection of Rt. 50 & Forest Grove Rd., in Parsonsburg, turn North onto Forest Grove Rd. and follow for 0.5 miles to Old Ocean City Rd. Right onto Old O. C. Rd. and follow for 1.2 miles to Esham Rd. Left onto Esham Rd. and follow for 1.2 miles to burgundy/tan building on left. Signs Posted.

40+ Decoy Pairs to include the following: Exceptional Pair of 1983 Red Breasted Mergansers by Pat Godin, 1989 American Mergansers by Russell Martin, 1989 Red Breasted Mergansers by Jimmy Vizier, 2005 Canvasback Magnums by Jim Canterbury, 1987 Bluebills by Jimmy Vizier, 1998 Gadwalls by Tom Christie, 2000 American Widgeon by Paul Foytack Jr., 1987 Green Wing Teal w/ raised feathers by Brian Forintos, 2001 Goldeneyes by Alan Anderson, 1999 Mallards by R.D. Wilson, 1987 Green-Wing Teal by Betty Odine, Miniature pairs to include: 1983 Green Wing Teal by Mike & Nancy Sherer, Hooded Mergansers by Betty Odine, 1988 Bluebills by Joy Yakes, 1984 Goldeneyes on driftwood by Larry Tawes Jr., 1984 Canvasbacks on driftwood by Larry Tawes Sr., 1986 1/2 size redheads by Don Strader, 1988 1/2 size mallards by Don Strader, 1980 Ruddy Ducks by Gary Lynn, 2006 Green Wing Teal by Joe Laleverta, Widgeons signed P.A., 1998 Shovelers by Ted Smith, 1976 Pintails by Paul Laginess, and many more!! Please view full catalog online at www.AMauctions.com !!

250+Decoys: 1978 “Best in Show” Canvasback Drake by Patrick Godin, 2000 Mallard Drake by Jimmy Vizier, 1997 Widgeon Drake by Pat Godin, Resting redhead drake by Jimmy Vizier, 1990 Green Wing Teal by Delbert “Cigar” Daisy, 1986 Pintail Drake by Jett Brunet, 2000 Canvasback Drake by Pat Godin, 1999 Lesser Scaup Hen “Best of Show” by Victor Paroyan, Very Unique 1986 Special Commissioned Swimming Grebe in custom showcase by Jimmy Bourke, Gadwall Hen w/ turned head by Jett Brunet “1st Place and Best of Show Decoy 1993”, 1991 Bufflehead Drake by Patrick Godin, 1989 Calling Goldeneye Drake by Jon Jones, 1987 Old Squaw Drake w/ raised feathers by Laurie Lundell, 2000 turned head Blue bill drake by Tom Christie, 1984 Bufflehead Drake by S. Fink, 2000 Preening Mallard Drake by Bob Bolle, Preening Blue Winged Teal by William Veasey, 1997 Sleeping Pintail Drake by Phil Galatas, 1987 Mallard Drake w/ raised feathers by Jimmie Vizier, 2001 Canvasback hen by Alan Anderson, Preening Cinnamon Teal Drake w/ raised feathers and carved foot by Carl Danos, 2003 Fulvous Whistling Duck by Lionel Dwyer, Palm Frond Pintail by Tom Christie, 1995 Red Breasted Merganser by Lionel Dwyer, 2003 Pintail Drake by Bud Shell, 2002 Red Breasted Merganser by Joseph Kochay, 1993 Calling Canadian Goose by Joseph Kochay, 2002 Pintail Drake by Paul Foytack Jr., 2000 Common Eider by World Champion Tom Matus, Wood Duck Drake by Lionel Dwyer, 1993 Pintail Drake “Best in Species” Ward Championship, 1998 Canvasback Drake by Two Time World Champion Phil Galatas, White-Winged Surf Scooter by Jimmy Vizier, 2003 Pintail Hen by Wade Kelly “1st Place Best of Show 2004”, 2000 Snow Goose by Jerry Stalter, Coot by Bob Bolle, Blue Goose by Bill Oddo, more than 20 full size Canadian and Snow Geese and so much more!! Please view catalog online.

150+ Decoy Miniatures: 1987 Mallard Drake “World Show Winner” by Gary Yoder, 2003 Shoveler drake by Tom Christie, Green Wing Teal Pin by Patrick Godin, 2004 Old Squaw by R.D. Wilson, Bufflehead Drake by S. Fink, Barrows Goldeneye drake by Julie Gilbert, Canadian Goose by Sam Gay, Wood Duck Drake w/ raised feathers by Edgar Oswald, Bluebill Drake w/ turned head by William Koelpin, Rudy Duck drake by Carolyn Woodrich, 1/3 size Canvasback drake by G.I.G., Ringneck Drake by Nial, several miniatures by Dick and Tallie Knoer, and many more!!

250+ Shorebirds/Songbirds: Incredible 1989 1/2 scale Tree Sparrow by Bob Guge, remarkable 1986 1/2 scale Ruby Throat Hummingbird by Gary Yoder, endangered Eskimo Curlew by Del Herbert “1st Place Bird”, Hudsonial Curlew by Masons Factory Decoys, 1986 Baltimore Oriole by Hai Feng Ma, beautiful Grouse on nest by Barbara Novachowski, Pair of Willow Ptarmigans on display by J.E. Hazley, miniature Chickadee by Bob Guge, Black Neck Stilt “Best of Show” by R.D. Wilson, 1985 Wilson Phalarope by Bob Guge, Semi-Palmated Plover by Jimmie Vizier, 2000 Greater Yellowlegs by William Grebeck, Blue Jay on Display by Hai Feng Ma, Chukar by Peter Kaune, Sparrow Hawk by Hai Feng Ma, 1987 Killdeer by Jim Beebe, Wandering Tatler by Jerry Polan, Spotted Sandpiper by Bill Carpenter, Long Billed Curlew by Ken Edwards, 1975 Green Heron by E. Herrmann, Goldfinch by Penny Miller, Sonderling by Tommy Stewert, Dove by Laurie Lundell, Yellowlegs by Jeff Thomas, American Woodcock on driftwood by Jim Canterbury, Kestrel Sparrow Hawk by Andy Chlupsa, Evening Grossbeak by Sebastian Bougie, Robin and Nest by R.D. Wilson, Tropical Parula by R.D. Wilson, Male Cardinal by Raymond Smart, Pr of Bluebirds on birdhouse and many more!

Original Artwork to include: Oil on canvas by John S. Eberhardt 1989 used for to make the 42nd Annual Michigan Duck Hunters Posters (comes with orig poster and copper plates for making prints), framed acrylic on board of pair of Canvasbacks by Randy Caminita, acrylic titled “Future Flock” Black Duck and chicks by Elaine Markhart 1941, pencil sketch of Canvasback Drake by Lem Ward, acrylic on board of Canvasback Drake by Kathy Flynn, O/C of Wood Ducks by S. Lyons, watercolor and acrylic of Green Wing Teal by D. Mooney, watercolor and acrylic of Redheads by Kathy Flynn, acrylic on Board of Redheads by Clark Sullivan 1983, Watercolor of Mallards by Garcia, watercolor of duck chicks by Sherrie Meline, Acrylic of flying mallards by Susan Cordosa, acrylic of Pintails by Susan Bishop, acrylic of Mallards by Diane Driscoll, watercolor of Red Breasted Sparrow by Garcia, O/B of Black Lab by Bud Parke Monchipongo, VA, original sketches by Sherrie Russell Meline, O/C “Ducks on Pond” by Eric Canterbury, watercolor of Grouse signed Teague, O/C of Green Wing Teal by Vickie Hipsley, watercolor of Pintails by Beebe Hopper, acrylic on board of Loons by D. Nickelson, watercolor of Snow Geese by Al Toca, acrylic of Bufflehead Drake by John Everhartd, watercolor of Dove by Garcia, watercolor of Sparrow by F. Hassan, sketch of Shovelers by Larry Hayden and so many more!

Waterfowl Prints: “The Decoys of Lem and Steve Ward” engraving by Paul Shertz S/N 402/950 signed by Paul, Lem and Steve, “Riding the Northern” by Tan Brunet S/N w/ artist remark, “Flying Geese” by Lem Ward 1972, bufflehead print by Larry Hilliard S/N 54/200, Mallard print by Christopher Walden S/N, “The Bluebills” DU print by Lynn Koatz, framed artist proof of shovelers by Theodore Smith, “Along the Grand” S/N by Patrick Godin, “Trumpeter Swans” by O.J. Gromme, S/N 945/950, “Blue Jays and Squirrels” by C. Johnston, “King of the Divers” canvasbacks by Tan Brunet S/N, “Old Squaws” by Larry Hayden S/N, “Mandarin Drake” artist proof by Sherrie Meline, many duck stamp prints, large selection of unframed signed prints and many more!

From the Estate and Private Collection of Lemuel Ward: Lem’s collection of oyster “crack” knives, Lem’s favorite Orioles hat, Lem’s personal carving knife, Original hand written Poems by Lem Ward, 1908 Tawes and Gibson Lumber receipts sold to L.T. Ward for wood for carving decoys, several photos of Lem Ward and Jack Schroeder, L.T. Ward Letters and Postcards, LG Qty of waterfowl and decoy carving books (most signed property of Lem Ward) to include: Decoys of the Mid-Atlantic, Game Bird Carving, Shore Bird Decoys, The World of the Canadian Goose, Duck Shooting Along the Atlantic Tidewater, Duck Decoys and How to Rig Them, Oyster Wars of the Bay and other local Chesapeake Bay books and many, many more!

75+ Fish Carvings: Exceptional full size Carved Brown Trout on driftwood by Floyd Bruce, “1st Place North American Waterfowl Carving Championship 1996”, 2007 Largemouth Bass in Lily Pads by Jeff Compton “1st Place Best of Show”, very unique carved Sting Ray by R.D. Wilson, “20” Rainbow trout on driftwood, Cutthroat trout, Catfish by Glen Margos, Yellow Perch and Lily pads, Northern Pike on driftwood by Bob Berry, Chain Pickerel by J.P. Richmered, Golden Trout by Bruce Buckley, Rainbow Trout by John Kalash, vintage fishing lures and more!

Special Interest: Primitive tin dual flame Punt Gun kerosene lantern, Miles Hancock, Chincoteague, VA phone #1821 advertising post card, Exceedingly rare double carved head Mallard drake and hen duck call by Tom Condo, primitive net making tools, J.M. Clayton Company Cambridge, MD oyster can, duck calls, several Ducks Unlimited Pocket knives and more!

Terms Personal Property: Cash Or Approved Check Day of sale. Visa/MC/Amex/Discover. 13% Buyer Premium. 3% Discount for cash or check. Everything Sold “As Is” with no warranties of any kind. Auction conducted inside & outside of 10,000 Sq. Ft. facility. Some seating provided. Food served by Station 7 Restaurant of Pittsville.

Preview: Friday 9/21 from 12 PM – 5:30 PM & Saturday 9/22 8 – 10 AM. A Complete online Catalog & Online Absentee bidding is available on the Auction Company Website.

Contact Auction Company for Additional Details. 410-835-0384

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