Why buy Real Estate at Auction?

Buyers love the advantages of buying Real Estate at auction:

  • Motivated Seller – Buyers prefer to utilize their time and effort on properties likely to sell, and understand our commitment to selective representation of property for auction. The auction format does not suit those just testing the market, so buyers know our sellers are serious about selling.
  • Pricing transparency – Seeing other bidders willing to pay a similar price reassures a buyer they are not paying too much.
  • Fair competition – All bidders compete based on identical terms. Buyers know their offer is evaluated equally based on high bid price, not on how quickly they can settle, if they have another property to sell, of if the seller just likes someone else better.
  • Great Values – Many buyers attend auctions looking for a deal. Sellers will often sell a property for less at auction because the certainty of sale, time value of money in hand, lower sale costs, and lack of contingencies outweigh the option of waiting months or maybe years for a higher offer.
  • Comprehensive information – Buyers receive the same comprehensive information on the property.
  • Buyer determines price – At auction the buyer is in the driver seat for determining his price.
  • No negotiating – An auction virtually eliminates lengthy, stressful negotiations with the seller.
  • Service – We help align buyers with service providers they need such as lenders, insurance companies, real estate attorneys, title companies, appraisers, and inspectors.
  • Planning ease – Knowing the sale and settlement date makes coordinating the transition to a new property easy.

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