Real Estate Auction Services

Allen & Marshall Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC., is the largest most trusted name in real estate auctions in the region. Our reputation for treating each client and property with the integrity they deserve, coupled with our proven track record for sales, positions our company as the premier choice for your property. We have served thousands of clients from humble families to corporate giants, each with the care and attention to detail that counts.

  • Consultation – A property consultant will meet with you to explain our services, understand your objectives, and help discern if an auction is advantageous for your property.
  • Proposal – We will prepare a detailed proposal outlining auction specifics, terms of our agreement, and our proposed marketing plan.
  • Marketing Campaign – We immediately begin our aggressive marketing plan including signage, display ads, brochures, direct mail, internet marketing, telephone and email networking, public relations, promotional events, etc.
  • Previews – Our knowledgeable staff will conduct public and private previews of your property to help buyers become comfortable with their prospective purchase. We will field questions, provide complete due-diligence packages, and effectively highlight the features of your property.
  • Auction Day – As bidders register and preview the property one final time, we concentrate on building confidence, creating excitement, and fostering competition. Our staff continues to answer questions and point out special features to build bidder confidence in the property. We keep the atmosphere light and humorous to keep bidders in the buying mood and encourage the essential competitive spirit that builds momentum in the bidding and ultimately delivers the best sales price.
  • Settlement – Our professionally trained settlement agents will facilitate the transfer of information and planning necessary to bring all parties to an expedient & successful settlement.

Short Sales / Pre-Foreclosure Auctions
Allen & Marshall Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC., can help execute short sale and pre-foreclosure strategies for converting real estate to cash. Our methods are proven to deliver higher sale prices within very short time frames with substantially lower expenses then foreclosures. Our company has assisted many lending institutions execute exit strategies to protect the lenders investment as well as the homeowners credit and financial future.

Foreclosure Auctions
Allen & Marshall Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC., has served attorneys throughout Maryland performing hundreds of foreclosure auctions typically conducted at courthouse steps.

Real Estate Listings
Many properties benefit from a listing arrangement as opposed to an auction. Our consultants will help you decide the best alternative for your property. For some, an MLS listing strategy may be recommended alone or in combination with an auction strategy. The realtors we work very closely with apply traditional MLS listing approaches with not-so-traditional techniques.Allen & Marshall Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC., will only recommend an elite group of performers willing to aggressively promote our properties and provide exceptional client service. 

Full Service Solutions Include:

~Seller Representation~Buyer Representation


~Settlement & Title assistance


~Home Warranty


~Utility connections


~Rental Search

~Property Management

Benefit Auctions
Doug Marshall, and the team at Allen & Marshall Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC., are extremely committed to giving back to our communities. Our auctioneers, executives & staff donate many hours of their time and expertise to dozens of charity events every year. Raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for schools, churches, police and fire departments and many other community service organizations is an honor for our company.

Personal Property / Consignment Auctions
Our auctioneers / appraisers will first consult with you to determine if the property is appropriate for an auction, explain costs and expenses of consignment, and then arrange removal and delivery to our auction facility. Our semi-monthly auctions consistently draw 300-400 attendees and are known in the community for their upbeat, exciting atmosphere. We strive to create a fun family environment to attract customers and keep them once they arrive. We aim to keep customers comfortable and actively bidding.

Government Agency Surplus Auctions
Allen & Marshall Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC., assists many county and state municipalities in the liquidation of surplus supplies, abandoned and impounded vehicles and equipment.

Business Liquidations
Allen & Marshall Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC., offers expertise in converting business assets to cash quickly and we understand the time sensitive nature of relieving debt service and the unwinding of business affairs. We have helped countless businesses liquidate assets and inventory including restaurants, hardware, building supply, and retail stores.

Our professional appraisers have generations of experience providing Auction Value, Fair Market Value and New or Used Replacement Cost Value appraisals. Our expert services are continually relied upon by Estate representatives, Register of Wills, attorneys and insurance companies.


P. Douglas Marshall, Jr., – CAI, Auctioneer 

Real Estate Auctions

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The Allen & Marshall Advantage
Allen & Marshall Auctioneers utilizes an accelerated method of marketing with an esteemed image that places control in the hands of the Seller. An intense and highly structured marketing plan is designed to target, educate and motivate qualified buyers to respond with competitive fair market value offers. We often say an auction is a “call to action” and typically results in successful sales prior to or on auction day. With five generations of combined auction experience and a proven record of success for our clients, we have earned a stellar reputation for service throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Select Representation 
Our express goal is always to recommend the best possible real estate solution to our clients by discerning which properties are good candidates for auction marketing. Consequently, we must be select in our representation to assure every opportunity to meet the client?s goals and expectations. Our discretion in selecting properties for auction ensures our quality commitment to selling the property and more bidder participation due confidence of a likely sale.

Innovative Marketing Strategies 
We understand that our clients entrust us with the financial outcome of their most valuable assets. It is our philosophy that our clients agree to share a portion of this with us not just for our time and effort, but for our expertise, particularly in marketing. It is that philosophy that keeps our focus on cutting edge, individualized marketing plans. Our clients trust us with their homes, investments, developments, estates, personal property and even their dreams. With emphasis shifting away from traditional print media and moving towards web marketing, we remain creative forward thinkers always pursuing new ways to reach our buyers…this requires much more sophistication than newspaper ads and brochures. Allen & Marshall Auctioneers maintains an in-house team of marketing experts and often collaborates with award winning auction marketing graphic artists and high-profile public relations firms to provide elite marketing excellence

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