How do I Register? Allen & Marshall In-House online Auctions!

Two types of Online Auctions will be hosted on the Allen & Marshall Auctioneers Website!

#1. Online Only Auctions. Items are set to end at a specific date and time. All bidding must be done via the online bidding application.

#2. Live Auction with Online Absentee Bidding. This will be an onsite public auction that those who can;t attend the live auction can bid on items that have been cataloged. Bids must be placed via the online bidding application.


How do I register to bid?

The Online Auction bidding drop down menu is on the left side of the menu bar.

There will be links in the text of the ad on the webpage letting you know that online bidding is available!

or View the website.

Click on the In House Auctions Page. That will bring up a similar screen shown below.

1. The “AUCTION DETAILS” button will contain the terms and conditions of the Auction. You will be required to check a box during registration agreeing to the terms and conditions. If you have any questions or if any of the information is unclear to you, please contact us. The “REGISTER TO BID” button will take you to the Bidder Registration Page. Here you will enter your username and password if you have registered before or apply for a new account by entering the required information. The ” VIEW CATALOG” button will take you to a page displaying the lots and associated photos of the items in the auction.

2. Click “Register to Bid” button on the page. It will pull up a Bidder Login Box. If you have registered before please type in your User Name and Password. You will then be taken into the bidding area of the auction. If you are a new user there is a link below that says “Click here if you are a new bidder”.

3. The first step is to verify a valid email address. Each account must have a valid unique email address.

4. Please type in the email address and confirm the email address. The click the “Check Email” button.

5. The system will check that the email address provided is not being used.

6. Fill out all of the required information on the form accurately and in in its entirety. You will need to enter a Unique Username that is not being used and Password. Confirm the password. Check your desired account options and click the “Create New Account” button. A welcome screen will show that your account had been created.

7. Please maintain your Username and Password in a safe place. You will need this to log in later.

8. Click the “OK” button. This will take you to the credit card screen.

9. Click the “Add/Edit Payment Options” Button. A box will ask if you want to leave the page. This takes you into the secure area in your account to record your Credit Card information. Click the “Leave Page” button.

10. This will open up your Payments Methods under your account. Please enter the required information. And click the “Save Payment Information Button”.

11. A box will appear showing that the payment method has been saved. Click “OK”

12. Click the “Return to Registration Button”. At this point you will be registering for this specific Auction. Under the Payment Method Verification click the circle for the card you just entered. You can send a message to the auctioneer. I.E. Tell him that you would like to pay cash when you pick the items up. View the Terms and Conditions. Check the box that says “By checking here you acknowledge that you have read and accept the terms and conditions.”

13. Click “Submit Registration” Button. A box will appear that says that you have been successfully registered. Click “OK”.

14. You now will be in the bidding area of the website. Good luck!


Youtube video showing the In House Auction Bidding screen. As an item is ending it will disappear off of the left side of the screen. The upcoming lots will shift to the left and new lots will be added on the right. To bid you need to click on the blue bid button and it will bid the next increment for you.

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