Gun Transfer / Required Paperwork Information

General Information

1. All required Local, State & Federal laws will be adhered to in transferring any and all firearms in the auction sale. This is non negotiable. If you do not want to fill out the required paperwork please do not purchase any item for which paperwork is required.

2. If you are not allowed by law to purchase or own a firearm for any reason do not purchase one. If you are not eligible to purchase or own a firearm it is your responsibility to know. There shall be no refunds of any kind if you are unable to transfer a firearm into your name or do not pass the background check.

3. The actual buyer of the firearm must fill out the required paperwork. Make sure that when you check in that you register under the name that the paperwork will be filled out in. You will need to bring your receipt to the FFL dealer and the name on the receipt must match the name the paperwork is being filled out in. It is against the law for you to fill out the paperwork in your name and then give the firearm to someone who may not be able to legally own that firearm. Known as a “Straw Purchase”.


Example copy of the ATF Form 4473 that needs to be filled out for all Modern Rifles, Shotguns & Pistols


NOTE: It is very important that you answer these questions truthfully. A instant background check will be completed through NICS – The National Instant Criminal Background Check System through the FBI. It should be understood that making any false oral or written statement with respect to the paperwork is a crime punishable as a Felony under Federal Law. If you have a question about your criminal record or unsure of your legal standing it is recommended that your seek legal counsel prior to filling out the paperwork.

4. Identification/Photo ID required. You must bring a valid/current identification as to who you are in order to register for the auction and complete the required paperwork to transfer a firearm. If you have moved and live at another address than what is listed on the License or ID Card then you must have a change of address card. This also applies to FFL Dealer & C & R License holders. Your name/business must be listed on the license in order to use it. Another persons license can’t be used by any other person other than the person/business named on the license to receive a firearm.

5. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a regular rifle or shotgun or related ammunition. You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase a regulated firearm, Pistol, Handgun or related ammunition.

Antique/Black powder Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun Information

1. Most Black powder Rifles, Pistols & Shotguns do not require any paperwork in the State of Maryland and can be handed out on the day of the Auction. There are a few exceptions!

Curio & Relic Information

1. Some firearms may fall under the ATF Curio & Relics licensing and if they are purchased by a person with a “C&R License” no paperwork is required. NOTE: Items that meet the age requirements but have been altered from their original configuration may NOT be delivered on a C&R License.

2. The determination of whether a firearm falls under the “Curio & Relic” shall be made by the discretion of Jeff Smith of Smitty’s Gun Shop (our FFL dealer) and his word shall be final.

Transfer Fee’s: A fee will be charge by the FFL Dealer transfer the firearms. The fee’s are as follows:

1. Antique/Black Powder Firearms = No Charge (Exceptions can exist. Example the Thompson Center Encore can have a Black powder barrel but can easily be changed to a center fire rifle by changing a barrel) If paperwork is required it will be $30.00 per firearm.

2. Modern Rifles/Shotguns = $30.00 per firearm. (Fees apply to Non Regulated Items. Regulated firearms are under # 3.) I can transfer these firearms to Residents of MD, DE, VA, WV or PA.

3. Regulated Firearms buyers from Maryland. $45.00 per firearm for HQL holders or residents that meet one of the exemptions for the HQL. If you would like your firearm transferred to another MD Regulated Firearms Dealers for = $15.00 Per Firearm (This in an administrative fee to transfer the firearm off of my books) + cost of shipping/delivery I will send the firearm to a dealer of your choice.

4. Regulated Firearms purchasers not from MD or Long Gun purchasers not from MD, DE, VA, WV or PA = $15.00 Per Firearm (This in an administrative fee to transfer the firearm off of my books) + cost of shipping/delivery to a dealer of your choice. You will be responsible for having your FFL Dealer contact me and send a copy of their license to us.

5. Maryland Banned Firearms = $15.00 per firearm All firearms listed as MD BANNED in the catalog will need to be transferred to an FFL Licensed Firearms Dealer outside of the State of Maryland. These firearms can’t be transferred to you if you are a Maryland Resident. These firearms can’t be handed out in the State of Maryland to Resident of a State where they are legal to own. They will only be transferred from our FFL to an FFL in your state to process the required paperwork in your state.  Our FFL will either ship or hand deliver your Banned Firearm to a Dealer of your choice. The choice of whether to ship or deliver will be at the discretion of our FFL. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. SPECIAL NOTE: Magazines with a capacity of more than 10 Rounds can’t be handed out on MD. If you are from a state outside Maryland and purchase a rifle that had over a 10 Round mag those mags will have to be shipped out of State to you.

5. Curio & Relic Firearms = $10.00 per firearm Firearms that are on the Curio & Relic List. Special Note: You must have a Curio & Relic License to Qualify for this Pricing.

6. FFL Dealers = No Charge Name on FFL must match the person here buying firearms. If an employee or agent is buying for you I will need a letter from you stating who the buyer/agent is and you are authorizing them to take possession of purchased firearms under your FFL.

An FFL will be completing the required paperwork and you will be responsible for paying them. They will accept cash, checks or Amex/Visa/MC/Disc.

Additional Handgun information & Handgun Qualification License (HQL) info


1. “Licensed dealers or transferors (sellers) must visually inspect an official document provided by the transferee to verify that the transferee has possession of a Valid HQL card or an official document that indicates that the transferee is a current law enforcement officer of the State or any local law enforcement agency in the state; or is retired member of the Armed Forces of the United States or the National Guard”

Source – This information is taken directly of the Maryland State Police Application and Affidavit to Purchase a Regulated Firearm. MSP 77R-2 Form

Basically this requires that you provide this information to the FFL Dealer prior to filling out the Handgun/Regulated firearm paperwork. If you do not have the Required HQL you can’t even fill out the paperwork. This only applies to Maryland residents. Out of state residents handguns/regulated firearms must be transferred to a FFL dealer in you state to process the required paperwork.

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