Frequent Asked Questions



Q: Can anyone go to an auction?

A: Yes, all A&M Auctions are open to the general public.

Q: What types of Auction does A&M Auctions conduct?

A: Most auctions conducted by A&M Auctions have transitioned to an Online Only bidding format. The old style auction where we pull the items out of a home early on a Saturday morning and have bidders fill the yard has kind of gone by the wayside.   Everyone is so busy today that they don’t have 4-5 to hours to devote to a day at the auction. Especially with the current Coronavirus pandemic that we are experiencing people are much safer bidding in an online environment.

        We currently conduct 3-5 Live Auctions per year. Our Decoy, Sportsman & Firearm Auctions are held in a live format. These Auctions also feature Live Online Webcast bidding with bidders from all over the world participating live over the internet.



Q: How do I participate in an Online Only Auction?

A: Several aspects of the Online Auction are Similar to the Live Auction. We advertise the auctions in numerous local newspapers, publications, online, via email, in flyers and many other ways. When you see an auction that you are interested in you would go to “” for additional information about the auction. We offer a preview day that you can come to the Auction Building, home or business location and preview the items that are being offered for sale. We will provide you with an Auction Catalog that has an Auction Lot listing with item descriptions. Then from home, work, on your cell phone or Ipad you can place bids via the A&M Website for lots that you are interested in. Most of our Auctions are held on The Auctions are set to start ending at a specific date and time. Usually on a Wednesday night starting at around 5 PM. Lots will close at a specified interval. Normally one lot ends every 45 seconds for an average size auction with 100-150 lots. An Auction with 500+ lots can end every 20 seconds or up to 3 lots per minute.

Q: How am I notified that I won items?

A: We send out an email invoice immediately after the Auction. This email will contain important information about the Auction pickup date and time. It will show the lots that you won and the price of those lots. You can also log back into and view your past bids. This will show items that were won by you and lots that you were outbid on.

Q: Where do I pick my items up?

A: Generally you will pick your items up at the Auction Site where the Auction was setup. This can be A&M Auction Facility, a home or business. The address will be listed in All of the Advertisements and online. We normally hold the Auction Pickup on a Saturday Morning or Friday afternoon depending on the time of year. The Auction Pickup Time and location will be listed for all of the Auctions that we conduct. If the Auction pickup is at a home or business the Pickup day that is listed will be the only time that we will be available onsite. Please ensure that you or someone that you designate can pick up your items on the date and time specified.

Q: Will there be anyone to help me load my items?

A: We recommend that you bring any required labor that you may need to remove your items from the property. Our staff is there to assist customers in finding their items in the home. If we are busy with customers we may not not have anyone to help you load items.

Q: Do I need to bring my own boxes and packing materials?

A: Yes if you buy glassware, china, small items that need to be boxed you will need to provide your own packing materials. The items will normally be in the home as they were used. China sets may be on a table or still in the kitchen cabinet. You will need to bring packing materials and boxes to wrap the items to safely remove from the home. We normally have several hand trucks & dollies that you can use to load larger item onto to roll them our of the home.



Q: This is my first auction how do I bid?

A: Step #1 – Register to bid at the office trailer or registration window. You must have a bid number in order to bid . To register you will need to possess a valid State issued photo identification. We will scan the identification and provide you a bid number. The bid number is your responsibility. Please maintain possession of your bid #. If you lose your bid # please notify the registration window immediately. 

Step #2 – Determine how much you are willing to pay for the item(s) you are interested in before that item is offered. It is the buyers responsibility to determine the condition, genuineness and any other determinative factor prior to bidding on the item(s). We will attempt to note any flaws at the time of sale however all items are sold in their “As Is” condition and All Sales Are Final. You may find it handy to write down the item number and a short description along with your “maximum price” in a small spiral notebook or on the back of your bid card.

Step #3 – As the auctioneer progresses in his or her call for bids, simply raise your hand when you want to bid. If you are not sure that the auctioneer or one of his staff has seen your bid attempt, raise your hand again so the auctioneer can acknowledge that your bid has been accepted. Our professional staff keeps track of every bidder and will make sure that you DO NOT BID AGAINST YOURSELF!! If you are bidding please have your bid card available to show to the auctioneer if you win.

Step #4 – Make sure you know what item you are bidding on. An auction staff member will normally be holding the item up that is currently being sold. In many cases the bidding progresses quickly and you may accidentally bid on something you do not want or even worse, miss out on the things you do want. If you have any questions, ask the staff immediately so they may assist you in the bidding process.

Step #5 – Once you have purchased an item you immediately become responsible for safeguarding that item. You can keep the item with you or take it to your vehicle. The Auction Company will not be held responsible for safeguarding your items once purchased.

Step #6 – Once you have finished buying the items that you are interested in go back to the Office Trailer or registration window. Provide the checkout clerk your bid #. They will provide your total and print you a receipt of items that you purchased. Acceptable forms for payment are Cash, Credit Card and Approved Check. All items must be paid in full on the day of the auction. There will be no exceptions to this policy!

PLEASE NOTE: We will not post date checks. Checks are deposited electronically for clearance immediately. There will be a $35 service fee for returned checks. If you write a personal check and wish to replace it with cash that is fine. If you are making a large purchase, I.E. a vehicle, we can accept a personal check that can be replaced with a Bank check. If paying for a titled vehicle with a check we reserve the right to hold the title until the check clears (Usually 10 days). 

Q: Do I have to pay for each item that I win after it is handed to me?

A: No. You don’t have to pay until you are finished bidding on the items that you are interested in. Just remember to pay before you leave.

Q: Do I have to immediately move an item I was high bidder on?

A: No. You can leave the item there but as the new owner you are responsible for it. We generally have boxes available for you to pack your small items. We recommend that small items be taken to your vehicle or kept with you. Allen & Marshall will not be responsible for the security of your items once purchased.

Q: Why are auctions so popular?

A: The excitement of competitive bidding combined with the auctioneers chant is part of it, but for most it is the thrill of the hunt. The three elements combined create a level of enthusiasm that only an auction can generate. An auction is unlike any other buying or selling environment.

Q: What is a Buyer’s Premium?

A: A Buyer’s Premium is a percentage of the high bid that is added to the high bid to establish the final sale price.

Q: What can I do if I disagree with something on my invoice?

A: Occasionally a question may arise about an item or price on your bill. Our Auctions are clerked via computer and recorded on digital audio recorders. We can’t stop the Auction to try to rectify the issue while the Auction is still in progress. We will need to consult the Auctioneer, Clerk and the Audio recording. If you have a question about an item on your bill we can check the audio tape at the end of the auction. After listening to the tape if we find that we’re in error we will gladly rectify the error.


Q: How far in advance should I plan my auction?

A: To insure the auction date you want, the sooner we have a signed contract the better. We recommend 4-6 weeks in advance to set up, advertise and market your items for Auction. Typically the more time we have the better the result; however, if time is of the essence and we have a date available we can plan and hold a short notice auction within 1-2 weeks. This type of short notice auction can severely limit the Advertising time frame for the Auction and may affect auction attendance.

Q: Who does the set up of my items for the auction?

A: We offer several options that allow you to do as much or as little as you would like to do. If you would like we can handle everything from start to finish. If the auction is being conducted at your home we will come in several days ahead of time, set up tables and stage items for ease of setup on the morning of the Auction. If the auction is conducted at one of our facilities we will set the items up.

Q: What if it rains the day of my auction?

A: We offer complete tent set-up for all of our auctions in case of rain. Contrary to popular belief, sometimes rain will help an auction because people can’t do other things. (i.e. mow the lawn, paint the house or go to a ball game).

Q: Will people be running in and out of my house during the auction?

A: This is completely up to you. Unless the house is being sold at auction and people will be previewing your house we can lock your house and no one needs access to your home.

Q: Who handles the advertising?

A: We handle all advertising from start to finish, we do however, if you would like, consult with you and allow your input as to what advertising is used. Typical advertising consists of print media, advertising on our website, email marketing, direct mail flyers, magazines, signage and various other forms.

Q: How long will my auction last?

A: Auctions vary according to how much you have to sell. We sell an average of 125 items per hour. An average auction may last 3-5 hours depending on the quantity of items to be sold.

Q: Should I clean my items prior to the Auction?

A: Please, Please, Please don’t clean anything until you consult with us. Many Items need special cleaning or sell better not being cleaned at all. Example: The value of a coin can be drastically affected if the coin was cleaned with a silver paste or scratched by a harsh cleanser.

Q: Can I throw items out in the trash before meeting with the Auction Company?

A: Please don’t throw anything away until you consult with us. Time and time again we have sold items for thousands of dollars that were on their way to the trash pile. There are exceptions of course as some items are not suitable for sale via auction. These may include most clothing, shoes, food, paints, solvents and chemicals, old tires, old appliances & similar items. If you have any doubt about an item wait until we meet with you to decide.

Q: How long will it take to get paid for the items that I sold in an Auction?

A: We pay out the cosigners from our auctions within 10-14 days from the date of the Auction sale. It generally takes about 7 days for clearance of checks written and for Credit card monies to get deposited into our accounts. In addition to the check you will be mailed a printed copy of the complete accounting of your items that were sold. This will also detail the commission and expenses that were deducted from the sale proceeds.


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