1-30-15 Firearm Photos Lot 102A

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Armalite Mdl AR10 A4 Style S. Auto Rifle .308 Cal SN# US393750.= 22” BBL. 41” OAL. Flat top rifle. Includes a Nikon M-308 Rifle scope w/BDC Turrets & 1 Piece Picatinny Mount & Box. Turrets calibrated for 168 Grn Match HPBT Ammo. Includes flip Open scope covers & a kill flash objective cover. Includes 10 & 20 Round Mag. 20 Rd Mag can’t be handed out to a Maryland Resident. Only 1 box of shells fired through rifle according to the owner. Very clean. MODERN. This firearm is not on the Banned list in MD and only requires an instant NCIS Background check. MODERN


Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided here within. However, the firearms are being sold in their “As Is” condition. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to know exactly what they are buying & ensure they have viewed the firearm & the information provided is correct to their satisfaction. The mechanical workings of these firearms have not been tested. We highly recommend the firearms be checked for their safety & ability to fire by a qualified gun repair shop/gunsmith prior to shooting.

Firearm Type/Category: The firearms will be broken down into 6 categories.

#1 ANTIQUE. An Antique is generally a firearm that is made to fire modern metallic ammunition but was made prior to 1898. No paperwork is required to transfer this type of firearm.

#2 BLACKPOWDER. A Black powder firearm is not made to fire modern metallic ammunition. No paperwork is required to transfer this type of firearm. Can be exceptions.

#3 CURIO & RELIC. A Curio & Relic Firearm has been designated by the by the BATFE as having collector value or is over 50 years old. Only Licensee’s who have applied for and received a CURIO & RELIC LICENCE through the BATFE Qualify for this category.

#4 MODERN. A Modern firearm is made after 1898 & is required to be transferred via an instant background check by an FFL dealer to transfer the firearm to you. This type of Firearm is listed on our Dealers A&D Book and must be transferred through an FFL.

#5 REGULATED. A Regulated Firearm is designated so by the State of Maryland & requires an instant background check & associated paperwork to be completed for the MD State Police. This covers most handguns that fire metallic cased ammunition. This paperwork requires a 7 day (Business Day) waiting period in the State of Maryland. This type of Firearm is listed on our Dealers A&D Book and must be transferred through an FFL.  

#6 MD BANNED This category will contain certain Assault Rifles (AR-15, AK-47, UZI, SKS w/detachable mag, ect…) that the State of Maryland has banned for transfer in the State of MD. This type of firearm can’t be purchased by a Maryland Resident. It may be sold to residents of other States where that type of firearm is legal to purchase. You are responsible for knowing if a firearm is legal in your jurisdiction. Once this firearm leaves the State it can’t be shipped back to Maryland.


Our FFL has the final say on this matter. If a firearm is listed as MODERN or REGULATED it is on our FFL dealers ACQUISITION & DISPOSITION (A&D) book & will not be changed, I.E. paperwork is required.

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