Pursuant to a Consent Order issued in Case No. 22-C-14-000752 in the Circuit Court for Wicomico County, Maryland, we have ordered to sell all of the right, title, claim, estate and interest in and to the parcel of real property commonly known as 419 Delaware Avenue, Salisbury, Maryland, and more particularly described in that certain Deed unto Chester A. Parker, et al, T/A Parker Brothers, from Paulette R. Everett and Risa Waller Robinson, dated May 13, 1993, and recorded among the Land Records of Wicomico County, Maryland in Liber No. 1338, Folio 167.

We hereby give public notice that on March 20, 2015, at 2:01 p.m., we will offer for sale at public auction at the property, 419 Delaware Avenue, Salisbury, Maryland, all of the right, title, claim, estate and interest in and to the aforesaid real estate

TERMS OF SALE: The successful bidder(s) purchases all of the right, title, claim, estate and interest in the property from the Trustees. The parcel has not been surveyed, so no representation or warranty can be made regarding acreage, and neither is there any representation being made as to title or the condition of the land or improvements. The successful bidder(s) at the Trustees’ Sale will take the property in its “AS IS” and “WHERE IS” condition, with all faults and defects of any kind, with no representations or warranties of any kind, including any warranty of merchantable title. Buyers are encouraged to satisfy themselves concerning any issues of title, condition or acreage prior to sale.

A deposit of $2,500.00 will be required to be tendered in CASH OR CERTIFIED CHECK ONLY, at the time and place of sale, payable to “Michael E. Crowson and Joseph E. Moore, Trustees”, with the balance to be paid in the form of a Confessed Judgment Note, bearing an interest rate of twelve percent (12%) per annum, and all due and payable within fifteen (15) business days following the Trustees’ Sale. (In the event that the successful bidder is a Corporation or other limited liability entity, the Confessed Judgment Note shall be co-signed by all individual principals of the entity.) The Buyer shall be responsible for all settlement costs, including, but not limited to, title examination, if any, recording costs, documentary stamps, transfer tax, and document preparation. If payment of the balance does not take place within the specified time, the property will be resold at the risk and expense of the Buyer. All real estate taxes, charges and assessments will be adjusted as of the date of sale and closing shall take place on or before fifteen (15) days after the Trustees’ Sale, time being of the essence. The right to possession shall pass to the Buyer at closing, subject to any prior liens of record, if any. The successful bidder purchases all rights, title and interest of the current owners.

The Trustees make no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to ownership of, condition of, or title to the property or improvements thereon, or as to the suitability of the property for any particular purpose, and shall have no liability with respect to any matter involving the sale. For further information, contact Michael Crowson, Trustee, at 410-742-9171.

Michael E. Crowson, Trustee
Joseph E. Moore, Trustee

Published: 03/05, 12, 19 ‘15

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