Is A Real Estate Auction Right For Me?

Interested in auctioning your property? We can help you decide if an auction is the right decision for you. Contact Doug Marshall at our office at (410) 835-0384, or to jump start the process, email the following answers to the questions below to You can copy the questions, click the email link, paste the questions, answer the questions and then send the email.

This information is kept confidential, and is used to help us assess if your property is a good candidate for a successful auction.  This is in no way a commitment to auction your property. Once your information has been received and reviewed, a member of our auction team will contact you to discuss the property with you, as well as follow up with any questions you may have.

  • Your Name:
  • Phone Number:
  • Email Address:
  • Mailing Address:
  • Address of Property to Auction:
  • Description of Property: (Commercial, Residential, Land, Number of acres, bedrooms, etc.)
  • Is the property currently listed for sale?
  • How long has the property been for sale?
  • Are you using a realtor? If so, who is the realtor you have been using?
  • MLS#: (If you are unsure, leave this section blank.)
  • Current Listing Price:
  • Assessed Value of Property:
  • Debt remaining on property: (This includes mortgages, liens, etc.)
  • Are you currently current with any payments on the property?
  • When are you ready to sell the property?
  • Why are you selling the property?
  • What interests you in selling your property at auction?
  • Do you also have personal property that you would like to auction along with the real estate? (Personal property includes household contents, personal possessions, automobiles, farm equipment, etc.)
  • Additional questions you may have:

More and more sellers are recognizing the overwhelming benefits of selling Real Estate at auction:

  • Accelerated time frame – The entire auction process typically takes less than 90 days from start to closing.
  • Reduced holding costs – The swift nature of the auction reduces holding costs such as mortgage payments, maintenance and repairs, taxes, insurance.
  • Liquidity – An auction effectively converts real estate assets into useable cash.
  • Aggressive Marketing – An auction is designed to saturate potential qualified buyers with information on the property, engage their prompt interest, and call them to act. An auction marketing program builds interest up to the final sale date, maximizing excitement to buy.
  • Competition – Competitive bidding provides the truest measurement of fair market value, maximizes pricing and eliminates the negative impact of “overpricing” or “under pricing.”
  • Control – The seller sets their sale date, terms, timelines and eliminates the inconvenience of unscheduled showings.
  • “As-Is”, No Contingencies – Properties are sold “as-is” eliminating costly and time consuming effort by the Seller. Buyers must perform their due diligence, conduct inspections and arrange financing prior to the auction event. The offers produced at the auction will be “as-is,” no contingency offers and the auction contract will specify such.
  • Easy negotiations – An auction insulates sellers from stressful and awkward negotiations which many times lead to hard feelings by their conclusion.
  • Reduced closing costs – The buyer is responsible for most if not all closing costs and transfer taxes.
  • Reduced commissions – Commissions paid to auctioneer are typically less then that to a listing Broker.
  • Buyers prepared – Buyers come ready to buy.
  • Quick Settlement – Settlement typically occurs in 30-45 days.

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