Fall Classic Sportsman’s Auction – November 11th & 12th 2011

Fall Classic Sportsman's Auction - November 11th & 12th 2011Sailwinds Park, 200 Byrn Street, Cambridge, MD 21613

Friday Nov. 11th at 5:03 PM and Saturday Nov. 12th, 2011 @ 10 AM

This auction in Cambridge will run during the Waterfowl Festival and will be conducted on the Beautiful Choptank River at the Sailwinds Park in Cambridge, MD . If you have not attended one of the Allen-Marshall Firearm Auction Events, this will be one not to miss.


2 Day Auction Including 1998 Sea Ray 33′ Boat, 1992 Carman 28′ Workboat, 2003 Sea Pro 180 DC Boat, 1968 Lincoln Continental, 2005 JD Skid Steer, 75+ Firearms, Hunting and Fishing Related Items, Offshore Rods/Reels, 150 + Decoys to include Pr. 1960 Ward Bros. Collectors Grade Widgeon, Pr. 1966 Ward Bros Redheads & Pr. 1966 Ward Bros Canvasbacks w/turned heads, Decoys by Madison Mitchell, Dan Brown, Hancock, Jobes, Bryant, Birdsall, Joiner & many others. Artwork, Tools & more!!

Auctioneers Note: This is another venue for our wildly popular sportsman’s auction. This auction in Cambridge will run during the Waterfowl Festival and will be conducted on the Beautiful Choptank River at the Sailwinds Park in Cambridge, MD . If you have not attended one of the Allen-Marshall Firearm Auction Events, this will be one not to miss!!

There will be several Vendors onsite showcasing their businesses & products. They include LineX, Delmarva Power Sports, Sherwood of Salisbury, Cambridge Motor Sports, Ducks Unlimited, A Few of My Favorite Things, Wags & Wishes, Capital Meats, INC & several others.

Fall Classic Sportsman's Auction - November 11th & 12th 2011

Directions: At the intersection of Rt. 50 & Maryland Ave, just to the South of the Choptank River bridge, turn west onto Maryland Ave and follow for 0.4 miles to Hayward Street. Turn right onto Hayward Street and follow to Sailwinds Park.

Preview Party: Preview Party to be held on Thursday Nov. 10th, 2011 at 5 PM. 


Friday November 11th at 5:03 PM

Fall Classic Sportsman's Auction - November 11th & 12th 2011

Fall Classic Sportsman's Auction - November 11th & 12th 2011 Fall Classic Sportsman's Auction - November 11th & 12th 2011

Special Note/Order of Sale: Due to Overwhelming requests we will be selling Decoy Lots 1, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 2-10 at 7 PM sharp. We will start with non cataloged items followed by lot # 11.

Decoys: 1960 Collectors Grade Lem Ward tuned head Widgeon’s, drake and hen w/raised feathers. Pr. Of 1966 Ward Bros. turned head Redhead decoys Stamped L.T. Ward & Bro. Crisfield, MD. Pr. 1966 Ward Bros turned head Canvasbacks “Shooting Stool” Marked made by Steve. Painted by Lem. (Hen has a crack down the back). Pr of 1971 Canada Goose bookends by Steve Ward, Dan Brown Redhead, Pr. 1967 Dan Brown Greenwing Teal w/raised feathers. Salisbury, MD. Dan Brown 1/2 size Black Duck. Norman K. Hudson decoys including pair of 1969 Red Breasted Mergansers, 1969 Mallard Drake & 1969 Bufflehead. Corb Reed sleeping mallard, JC Reed miniature Redhead drake, 1971 Miles Hancock Pintail, 1968 Miles Hancock Mallard, Pr. Miles Hancock mini Pintails, R. Madison Mitchell decoys to include a Pr. of Canvasbacks, 1952 Canvasback Drake, 1953 Canvasback Drake, 1956 Canvasback Drake, Pr. 1980 Goldeneyes, 1971 feeding goose, Unmarked Cork body Canada goose floater & others. Canada goose by Paul Gibson, Charlie Joiner Canvasback drake lamp, Canvasback drake sink box weight, Glen Smart White fronted Goose, Glen Smart Siberian Red Breasted Goose, Carolina Wren by Ernie Burns, J. Butler loon, Armand Carney Old Squaw drake, Armand Carney Red Breaster Merganser drake and hen, Armand Carney White Heron, Bob Coleman Widgeon in flight, B. Cote Yellowlegs, Pr of Mallards by the Houma Indians Louisiana, Harry Shourds Sandpiper, Harry Shourds Brant, Pr of Pintails by the Houma Indians, LG Swan by Capt. Harry Jobes, Steve Merritt long bill shorebird, Capt. John Elliot Mallard drake, Earl Federine Blue Winged teal, Ernie Muelhmatt miniature Canadian Goose, Jack Tierny Old Squaw, George Walker Goldeye drake, Capt. Rod Vrie Widgeon, TH Gamble Brant, Spotted Sandpiper by Jim Beebe, Red Breasted Merganser by Bill Sickle, Sickle Billed Curlew by Charles Birdsall, Brant by Charles Birdsall, Pr of Ted Hanks Canadian Goose miniatures, Kathy Hofman Downy Woodpecker, miniature Canadian goose by Charles Birdsall, Eider by Bob Brophy, Vintage root neck Tundra Swan, Joe Nero Scaup. Many decoys by Vern Bryant incl. Pr of Pintails, Pr. Scaup sleepers, Red hed hen, Scaup hen & Bufflehead. Two Capt Harry Jobes Canadian geese decoys one sleeping & one upright head marked Wroten Island Gun Club. William Mosley Bluewing Teal & Canvas Swan of Knotts Isl, NC. Pr of Mike Smyser cork body Mallards, Charles and Bob Jobes Widgeon drake, Joey Jobes mini Canvasback drake. Vernon Bryant Mallard drake, Risser & Bohn cork body Goldeneye drake, Pr of Coot Decoy Company cork body Mallards, upper bay Pintail drake, Ed Cassidy Canvasback drake, Michael and Susan Veasey Canvasback drake, 1957 Caribou Marion hand chopped bluebill drake. Several John Glenn decoys incl. a Red head drake, Canvasback hen & Scaup drake of Rock Hall, MD. Several by Capt. Jessie Urie incl. a Canvasback hen, 1956 Red head drake, Canada Goose Silhouette & Mini Widgeon hen of Rock Hall, MD. Dick Robinson White and Black Swan decoys, Pr. 1972 Dave Stavely stained mini’s of Easton, MD, Bill Collins Bluewing teal of HDG, MD, Hen Old Squaw by Don Allen, 1930’s August Heinfield Canvasback drake, Delaware River flying Goose on driftwood, Paul Horton Canvas goose of Delaware, Killdeer by Gary Daisy, Tangier Island, Pr. Half size Red Brested Mergansers by and more!

Hunting Decoys: 8 Decoy Rigs of Herters Canvasback decoys with anchors. 4 Decoy rigs of Carry Lite decoys incl: Black ducks, Golden Eyes, Mallards & Bluebills. Heron confidence decoy. LATE ADDITIONS. Approx. 24 Herters Canada Goose Floaters, Approx. 25 Green Head Shovellers & Widgeon duck decoys & more.

Waterfowl Art: Set of (6) Ward Brothers Migratory Stamp Series prints by Jack Schroeder matching numbers 329/450 all signed & remarked by Lem Ward, Robert Steiner A/P Canvasbacks 5/100. FE Sweet Canvasback print 32/500. Ltd. Ed. Art Lemay prints incl. Redheads, “Oh So Crazy” Wood ducks & Pintails prints. “The Eternal Dream” print by R.J. McDonald, Original artwork of Mallard by Chris Gibson, Framed Canada goose photo. Wood duck Oil on Canvas. Framed Shoveller print. “Incoming Cans” by Ned Ewell. Hunting print of Black lab & Snow Geese. “Desert Rangers” Ruger Bighorn Ram LE print by Paul Bosman, “The Mamie Mister – Heading Down Bay” by David T. Turnbaugh, L/E “Farm Pond” framed print by Margaret R. Blair #7/175, 1981 Framed Wood Duck print by Richard Sloan, L/E Sleeping Goose Photo by D. L. Jennier, Goose Print by Larry Tawes, Jr. 1988 VA Duck stamp print. MD Duck stamp prints including 1977-1982 framed and 1983 unframed plus more! 


Saturday November 12th at 10 AM 

Rifles (10 AM): Browning Arms BL-22 Lever Action .22 Cal rifle (Japan). International Harvester US M1Garand .30-06 Semi auto rifle w/sling, Lee Enfield No 4 Mk 1 .303 British Sporterized bolt action rifle (Stock cut down). Lee Enfield Sporterized .303 Bolt action rifle w.Tasco 4-16x44mm scope. Marlin/Glenfield Mdl 75 .22 Cal semi auto rifle. Marlin Mdl 57 .22 Mag lever action rifle w/redfield scope. Mossberg Mdl 640KD Chuckster Bolt Action .22 WMR rifle. Olympic Arms Norinco/Clayco Sports Mdl SKS 7.62×39 SA Rifle (No Bayonet lug). Remington Mdl 700 Sendero 7mm Rem Mag bolt Action rifle w/Blued BBL & back synthetic stock. Remington Mdl 788 left handed .308 bolt action rifle w/Monte Carlo stock, detachable mag & Bushnell Scopechief 3.5-10x40mm scope. Remington Mdl 742 Woodsmaster .30-06 semi auto rifle. Remington Gamemaster Mdl 760 .30-06 Pump action rifle, Remington Mdl 100 bolt action .22 cal S/L/LR rifle. Sturm Ruger .44 mag Semi Auto rifle. Underwood US M1 Carbine .30 Cal semi auto rifle w/sling. Wards/Westernfield Mdl 87 SB-87-TA .22 Cal semi auto rifle. Pre 1964 Winchester Mdl 94 .30-30 Lever Action rifle. Winchester Mdl 94 Legendary Frontiersman .38-55 Commemorative rifle w/box & papers (Unfired), Winchester Mdl 67A ,22 Cal bolt action rifle.

Shotguns (10 AM): Browning Light Twelve 12 GA Semi Auto Shotgun. Browning A5 12 GA Semi Auto shotgun w/Replacement vent rib BBL, 2.75″. Browning Belgian A5 Magnum 12 GA SA Shotgun w/3″ chamber & vent rib BBL. Crescent Firearms No 60 Empire hammerless 12 GA SBS shotgun. Iver Johnson Hercules Grade 12 GA SBS shotgun. Iver Johnson Champion 12 GA single shot shotgun. J. C. Higgins Mdl 101.510270 12 GA single shot shotgun. Mossberg Mdl 500 A3 12 GA pump shotgun. Norinco Mdl 87 Lever action 12 GA shotgun. Remington Mdl 11-48 .410 Semi Auto shotgun. Remington Mdl 11 Sportsman 20 GA semi auto humpback shotgun. Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 GA pump shotgun. Remington Mdl 870 12 GA Pump shotgun w/3 chokes. Remington Mdl 870LW 20 GA Pump shotgun w/3 chokes. Savage Arms/Springfield Mdl 67 Series B 20 GA Pump shotgun. Stevens Mdl 311E .410 SBS shotgun. Stevens Mdl 820 pump action 12 GA shotgun. Stevens Mdl 620 12 GA pump action shotgun.T. Parker, NY 12 GA SBS shotgun w/exposed hammers. Marlin Mdl 55 bolt action Goose gun. S & W Mdl 1000 semi auto 12 gauge shotgun. Winchester Mdl 1300 Ranger 12 GA Pump shotgun w/vent rib BBL & 3 chokes. Winchester Mdl 1300 – 20 GA Pump shotgun w/vent rib BBL & 3 chokes. Winchester Mdl 24 SBS 12 shotgun. Winchester Mdl 50 Semi auto 20 GA shotgun.

Pistols/Revolvers (10 AM): A. Uberti/Taylors & Co. Single Action .45 Long Colt 6 shot blued revolver. Colt Mark IV Series 70 Gold Cup Nation Match .45 Cal 1911 Semi Auto Pistol, buled w/1 Mag. Colt Mdl 1908 Hammerless .380 Semi Auto Pistol w/mag & holster (1922 by SN#). Colt New Frontier “John Wayne-The Duke” .22 Cal Single Action commemorative 6 shot revolver w/wood presentation case, box & papers (Unfired). Gabilondo/Llama Mdl XIII .38 Special 6 shot blued double action revolver. Glock 30 Semi Auto Pistol w/case & two 10 Rd Mags (as new). 3 Kimber Polymer Custom .45 ACP semi auto pistols w/consecutive serial numbers & 10 Rd Mag (as new). 2 Kimber Ultra Ten II .45 ACP semi auto pistols w/10 Rd Mag (as new). Sig (Swiss) Mdl 210 Danish Army M49 9mm Semi Auto Pistol w/mag. Smith & Wesson Mdl 1903 2nd Change .32 Win 6 shot revolver. Smith & Wesson Mdl 10 .38 S&W 6 shot revolver w/orig box. Smith & Wesson .32 DA 4th Model 5 shot NP revolver. Smith & Wesson Mdl 10-5 .28 Spcl 6 shot blued revolver w/2″ BBL and Orig. box. Smith & Wesson 28-2 Highway Patrolman .357 DA blued revolver w/4″ BBL and Orig. box. Smith & Wesson Mdl 629-2 .44 Rem Mag 6 shot stainless DA Revolver w/8.375″ BBL. Thompson Center Arms Contender single shot pistol in .30 Herrett w/Leupold M8 2x scope. Victor .32 Cal S&W NP 5 shot revolver.

Punt Gun: 7’10” Punt Gun w/2 section barrel. 1.5″ Bore. Sidelock from a Civil War era musket.

Black Powder: Two Thompson Center Arms Hawken .50 Cal Black powder rifles. Thompson Center .50 Cal Black powder rifle. Firearms international muzzle loader. H. Merrill .69 Cal. Blackpowder rifle, 33″ BBL. w/ramrod.

Sea Ray Boat (12 PM): 1998 Sea Ray 330EC 33ft cabin cruiser, twin Mercruiser 7.4L V8 motors showing 653 hours, Westerbeke 6.5HP generator, boat is 38’overall length with swim platform and bow pulpit, generous V-Birth sleeps two, with pullout saloon sofa, removable dining table, enclosed full head w/ toilet, vanity sink and shower, built in TV/VCR combo, Clarion 6 disc 4 speaker stereo system, full galley w/ smooth top stove, microwave and refrig/freezer, Marine Air w/ reverse cycle heat, Furuno 48 mile radar, Furuno GP-1850DF color chart plotter, B+G GPS, B+G autopilot, raw and freshwater washdown, and too many more extras to list, a must see.

Sea Pro Boat (12 PM): 2003 Sea Pro 180 DC 18′ open bow pleasure boat with 2003 115 HP Johnson outboard motor, low hours, Bimini top, Hummingbird fish finder, livewell. Includes 2003 Venture roller guide axle single trailer.

Carman Work Boat (12 PM): 1992 Carman 28′ Fiberglass workboat w/Cabin & Diesel I/O motor. More info & Photos available soon.

Lincoln Continental (12 PM): 1968 Lincoln Continental 4 door sedan, 462 V8 345 HP motor, automatic trans, suicide doors, single family owned vehicle showing 132, 320 miles!!

John Deere Skid Steer (12 PM): 2005 John Deere Mdl 317 wheel driven skid steer, 45 HP, foot controlled 72″ bucket. Showing 1764 hours.

Fishing Rods/Reels: Shimano Tiagra 50W LRS reel on Penn Mariner Standup Rod Mdl 660 6′ 30-80 Lb. Two Penn International II 50 TW’s on Penn Mariner Standup rods Mdl 560 CHST 5.5′ 30-80 Lb line. Penn international V 50VSW reel on Penn Mariner Standup rods Mdl 560 CHST 5.5′ 30-80 Lb line. 2 Penn International II 50TW reels on Penn Tuna Sticks 3955 RCSS 5.5′ 40-80 Lb. Six Shimano TLD-25’s, Two TLD-30’s & Penn 330 GTI all with Penn Mariner Standup rods, Two Tuna gaff’s, Flying Gaff.

Motor Bike/Misc. Items: 2009 Honda CR70, 72CC Child’s Dirt bike. X stream commercial belt driven power washer (used 3 times) with Honda gx390 13 HP. Martin dreadnought 6 string Acoustic Guitar, Shimano 2 person bicycle (as new). Camouflage lodge furniture, Remington Shur Shot ammo box, Western Super X ammo box, 1 Hornady lead shot bag & a Northwest shot bag, several local oyster cans, Winslow 6 man Survival Liferaft w/EPIRB, Fish cleaning table, BBQ Gas Grill for a boat & much more! LATE ADDITIONS. NIkon Monarch 2×20 EER scope, Leupold Compact 10-20×40 spotting scope, NC Star Red Dot Scope & more.

Terms Personal Property: Cash Or Approved Check Day of sale. Visa/MC/Amex/Discover. 13% Buyer Premium. 3% Discount for cash or check. Everything Sold “As Is” with no warranties of any kind. Auction conducted inside of Sailwinds Park. Two Auctioneers. Some seating provided. Food served. THE GUNS WILL BE STORED OFFSITE AT A SECURE LOCATION UNTIL THE AUCTION PREVIEW DATE.

Required Gun Paperwork: All modern firearms will be transferred through Shore Sportsman (12 miles from Auction site in Easton) a licensed FFL dealer. Once sold the firearms will be removed to Shore Sportsman’s store at 8232 Ocean Gateway, Easton, MD 21601 to process the required paperwork to transfer the firearms. A transfer fee will be collected by the FFL dealer. If you live out of Maryland and purchase a pistol or regulated firearm the firearm(s) must be transferred to an FFL Dealer in your state to process the required paperwork. FFL dealers must bring an original signed copy of their FFL. MD Handgun purchasers must complete an online training if not previously done. Visit http://mdgunsafety.com/ for the online course. You must have the card/documentation with you or other paperwork allowing you to purchase a handgun before you fill out the Required Firearm paperwork. Questions can be addressed to the FFL Dealer, Shore Sportsman at 410-820-5599 or view their website at www.theshoresportsman.com. Contact Auction Co or view website for complete details.

Transfer Fee’s to be paid to Shore Sportsman: Antique/Black powder = No Charge, Modern Rifles/Shotguns = $20 per firearm, Pistols/Regulated guns $35 each

Shore Sportsman

Shore Sportsman 8232 Ocean Gateway Easton, MD 21601 410-820-5599 www.theshoresportsman.com

Contact Auction Company for Additional Details. 410-835-0384

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