Allen & Marshall Auctions 7th Annual Firearm & Men’s Night Out 2 Day Auction – February 2013 – Day 1

Allen & Marshall Auctions 7th Annual Firearm & Men's Night Out 2 Day Auction - February 2013 - Day 1

2013 Firearm Auction Attendee’s

8000 Esham Road, Parsonsburg, MD 21849

Friday February 1st, 2013 at 5 PM & Saturday February 2nd at 10 AM

Selling from many local Eastern Shore Estates & Consigners!


405+ firearms (298 Fri/145 Sat) including Rifles, Pistols & Shotguns already consigned to the auction. 8′ Punt Gun from Chincoteague, VA. 10 AR-15 Style rifles by LWRC, Colt, DPMS & Bushmaster, AK-47, 2 SKS’s, 2003 Chevrolet Suburban Z71, 2000 Ford F350, 21ft C Hawk Center Console Boat, (2) Yamaha Big Bear 400 4×4 ATV’s (1 w/winch), Yamaha Wolverine 350 4×4 ATV, Honda 350 ATV, Toro 52″ Commercial Series Zero Turn mower, Kubota Diesel ZD21 62″ Zero Turn Mower, Snow Blower, Yard equipment, Tools, Wood stove, Ammo, Scopes, Gun Cases, Hunting/Fishing items, Mounts, Swords, Bayonets, German Military items & much more. Don’t miss the opportunity to sell your firearms in the MID-ATLANTICS LARGEST ANNUAL FIREARM SALE. Last year’s auction yielded buyers from 32 states. Get your consignments in before it too late. We are still accepting quality consignments for Day 2. For more info view the auction Co. website at

PREVIEW: Thursday Jan. 31st 5 – 8 PM, Friday Feb 1st. 12-5 PM & Saturday Feb 2nd. 2013 from 8-10 AM.

Allen & Marshall Auctions 7th Annual Firearm & Men's Night Out 2 Day Auction - February 2013 - Day 1

Directions: At the intersection of Rt. 50 & Forest Grove Rd., in Parsonsburg, turn North onto Forest Grove Rd. and follow for 0.5 miles to Old Ocean City Rd. Right onto Old O. C. Rd. and follow for 1.2 miles to Esham Rd. Left onto Esham Rd. and follow for 1.2 miles to burgundy/tan building on left. Signs Posted.

Firearms: To include a nice selection of Bolt Action, Lever Action & Semi Auto Rifles. Revolvers & Semi Auto Pistols. Single shot, Side by Side, Over/Under, Bolt Action and Semi Auto Shotguns.

Allen & Marshall Auctions 7th Annual Firearm & Men's Night Out 2 Day Auction - February 2013 - Day 1

Friday Feb 1st, 2013 at 5 PM

Friday Order of Sale: Selling Firearms Lots 1-283. Ford F350, Chevrolet Suburban, Selling 3 ATV’s, Mini Bike, Three Zero Turn Mowers, Weather vane, Canvas Sneak Boat, Swords & more.


Black Powder/Antique: Two 19th Cent. Turkish/Middle Eastern pistol .58 Cal +/-. 19th Cent. Oct. BBL Black Powder Pistol .38 Cal +/-. Belgian Black Powder Dueling Pistol .50 Cal. CVA Mdl 1851 Navy Percussion Revolver .36 Cal. F. Llipietta Cap & Ball Reproduction Revolver .36 Cal. F. Llipietta Cap & Ball Reproduction Revolver .44 Cal. Japanese Matchlock Rifle .62 Cal. Kentucky Style Flintlock Rifle. Octagonal BBL .38 Cal . Knight Mdl LK-93 BP Rifle .50 Cal. Markwelt Percussion BP Pistol .44 Cal. M.T. Wickham Mdl 1816 Musket .69 Cal. MML, Inc. Black Knight BP Rifle .50 Cal. Pedersoli Queen Anne Flintlock Pistol .50 Cal. Remington Mdl 700 ML Black powder Rifle .50 Cal. Replica Arms Co. Black Powder Rifle .54 Cal. Richland Arms Percussion Revolver .44 Cal. Richland Arms Percussion Revolver .44 Cal. Simeon North-Middletown, Conn. Mdl 1819 .54 Cal. Turner Reading B. Pwdr. Pepperbox Pistol .38 Cal . Tower 1861 2 Band Percussion Musket .58 Cal



Allen & Marshall Auctions 7th Annual Firearm & Men's Night Out 2 Day Auction - February 2013 - Day 1

FRIDAY/SATURDAY RIFLES: Five Arisaka 6.5 mm MDL Type 38 Bolt Action Rifles (BAR). Eight Arisaka 7.7 mm MDL Type 99 BAR’s. Armi Jager .22 Cal MDL AP-74 SA AR-15 Style rifle. Two BFI/Bushmaster .223 Cal MDL XM15-E2s SAR’s. Browning Arms Co .223 Cal MDL 81 BLR BAR. Carl Walther/Umarex USA .22 LR MDL Colt M16 SPR SAR. CBC/Mossberg Intern. .22 Cal MDL702 Plinkster SAR. CZ-Ceska Zbrojokva 6.5x55mm MDL 550 BAR. CN/Romarm SA/Imp CAI 7.62×39 mm MDL AK 47 SAR. Colt .223/5.56mm MDL 6721 16″ AR Upper Only. Colt’s Firearm Division SN# SP98020 MDL SP1 Semi Auto AR-15 style Rifle.223/5.56mm. DPMS, Inc. .223 Cal MDL A15 Semi Auto AR-15. Fabrica De Arms 7x57mm 1893 Short BAR. J. Stevens Arms .22 Cal Springfield MDL 15 Bolt Action. J. Stevens Arms Co. .22 Cal/.410 GA O/U Rifle/Shotgun. J. Stevens Arms Co. .22 Cal MDL 70 Pump Action Rifle. Henry Repeating Arms Co .17 HMR Golden Boy LAR. Japanese State 7.7 mm Military Training Rifle. Ithaca Gun Co., Inc. .22 Cal MDL 72 LAR. Keystone Sporting Arms .22 Cal Cricket BAR. Lee Enfield/Imp by CAI .303 Cal MDL No 5 Mk 1 BAR. Lee Enfield .303 Cal MDL No 5 Mk 1 BAR. LWRC Four LWRC M6A2 .223 Cal AR-15 Rifles in Olive Drab & Patriot Brown Cerakote Finish. (All NIB). Marlin Firearms Co. .22 Cal S/L/LR MDL 39D LAR. .22 Cal MDL 56 Levermatic LAR. .22 Mag MDL 57-M LAR. .30-30 Cal MDL 336 LAR. .35 Rem MDL 336 LAR..30-30 Cal MDL 336W LAR. .22 WMR MDL 783 BAR. .22 S/L/LR MDL 981T BAR. .44 Rem Mag MDL 1894 LAR. .357 Mag MDL 1894 LAR. .44-40 Cal MDL 1894S LAR..45-70 Cal MDL 1895S LAR. .30-30 Cal MDL Diamond Jubilee 3030 LAR. .30-30 Cal MDL 3081 LAR. .22 Cal MDL 6060 LAR..22 Cal MDL 6082 LAR. Martini Henry .577/450 Cal MDL 1872 Mark II Rolling Block. Mauser 7.92x58mm MDL 98 Code 42 BAR. Mauser/Imp By MMC 7.92×58 mm MDL 1898 BAR. Mauser/Imp by Cole Dist. 7.92×58 mm MDL 1898 BAR. Mauser/Imp by R. Guns 7.92x58mm MDL 1898 S/27 BAR. Mauser Werke AG Oberndorf .257 Roberts MDL 3000L LH BAR. Mosin Nagant/Imp by CAI 7.62×54 mm MDL 91/30 BAR. Mossberg .308 Cal Nighttrain 2 ATR BAR. Mossberg .243 Cal DL 600BV BAR. Mossberg/Montg. Wards .22 Cal Premier Pump Action Rifle. O. F. Mossberg & Sons .22 Cal MDL 44 US(B) BAR. O.F. Mossberg & Sons .22 Cal MDL 152 BAR. O.F. Mossberg & Sons .22 Cal MDL 377 Plinkster BAR. Pedersoli .45-70 Cal MDL Rolling Block Rifle. Qual. Hardware Mach. Corp. .30 Cal MDL M1 Carbine SAR. Qual. Hardware Mach. Corp. .30 Cal MDL M1 Carbine SAR. Remington Arms Co .22 Cal Mdl 34 BAR. .22 CAL MDL 514 BAR. .22 LR MDL M540XR Target Rifle. Three Remington .22 S, L, LR MDL 550-1 SAR’s..22-250 Cal MDL 700 BDL BAR. 7mm-08 MDL 700 BAR. .30-06 Cal MDL 760 Gamemaster Pump Rifle. .270 Cal MDL 770 BAR. Two Remington 7mm Rem Mag MDL 770 BAR’s..300 Win Mag MDL 770 BAR. Saginaw SG/Imp Blue Sky .30 Cal MDL M1 Carbine SAR. Savage Arms .22 Cal Springfield MDL 120 BAR. Savage Arms Co .222 Cal MDL 340B BAR. Savage Arms Corp .22 Mag MDL 4M BAR. Savage Arms Corporation .22 Cal MDL 6D SAR. Savage Arms Corp .22 Cal/.410 MDL 24 Combo Rifle/Shotgun. Savage Arms Inc.(Canada) .22 Cal Stevens MDL 62 SAR. Savage Arms Inc. (Canada) .17 HMR MDL 93R17 BAR. Savage Arms-Stevens .22 Cal MDL 71 Falling Block Single Shot. Savage Industries Inc. .22 Cal/20 GA MDL 24 Series S Combo Rifle/Shotgun. Sturm Ruger & Co., Inc. .25-06 Cal MDL #1 Falling Block Rifle. Three Sturm Ruger & Co., Inc. .22 Cal MDL 10/22 SAR’s. Sturm Ruger & Co., Inc. .338 Win Mag MDL M77 BAR. Sturm Ruger & Co., Inc. .30-06 Cal MDL M77 BAR. Sturm Ruger & Co., Inc. .270 Cal MDL M77 BAR. Sturm Ruger & Co., Inc. .270 Cal MDL M77 Mk II BAR. Sturm Ruger & Co., Inc. .223 Cal MDL Mini 14 SAR. US Remington .30-06 Cal MDL 03-A3 BAR. U. S. Springfield .50-70 Cal MDL 1870 Trapdoor Rifle. U. S. Springfield .30-06 Cal MDL 1903 BAR. Weatherby .22 Cal MDL Mark XXII SAR. Weatherby .270 Wby Mag MDL Mark V (German) BAR. Westernfield .22 S, L, LR MDL M830 BAR. Two Winchester Repeating Arms .22 S, L, LR MDL 62A Pump Action Rifle’s. .22 Short MDL 67 BAR. .22 Cal MDL 72 Bot Action Rifle. .22 Win Auto MDL 1903 Deluxe Rifle. .30 WCF MDL 1894 (1916) Sporting LAR. .30 WCF MDL 1894 Carbine LAR. .30-40 Krag MDL 1895 LAR. Winchester .22 CAL MDL 74 SAR. .22 Cal MDL 67A BAR. .22 Cal MDL 67A BAR. .243 Cal MDL 70 BAR. .22 S/L/LR MDL 72 BAR..30-30 Cal MDL 94 LAR. .30-30 Cal MDL 94 Golden Spike LAR..30-30 Cal MDL 944 LAR. .22 S, L, LR Cal MDL 190 SAR. .22 Mag MDL 275 Pump Action Rifle. .22 Cal MDL 290 SAR. .22 Cal MDL 290 SAR. .22 Cal MDL 740 Woodsmaster SAR. Zastava/Imp by CAI 7.62×39 mm MDL 59/66 SAR. Zbrojovka Brno .22 WMR MDL ZKM611A SAR. Zbrojovka Brno .22 WMR MDL ZKM611A SAR.

FRIDAY/SATURDAY PISTOLS: Arminus .22 Cal MDL HW7 8 Shot revolver. Beretta USA, Corp .25 ACP MDL 20 SAP. .32 ACP MDL 3032 Tomcat SAP. 9mm MDL 92FS SAP. 9mm MDL 92F SAP. .40 Cal MDL 96 SAP. .40 Cal MDL 96 Centurion SAP. Bersa/Imp RSA Ent. Inc. .380 Cal MDL Thunder 380 SAP. Bonifacio Echeverria 9mm Star Model B SAP. B. Echeverria/Imp Garcia .45 ACP Star Model M SAP. Browning Arms Co 6.35mm MDL Baby Pistol. 9mm MDL BDM Semi Auto DA Pistol. .22 Cal MDL Buck Mark Pro Target SAP. .22 Cal MDL Buck Mark SAP. .22 Cal MDL Buck Mark Challenge SAP. 9mm MDL High Power Practical SAP. 9mm MDL High Power SAP. C. Sharps .30 RF MDL 2A Four Barrel Pepperbox. Carl Walther/Imp S&W .22 Cal MDL P22 SAP . Carl Walther 9mm MDL P38 AC 43 SAP. Ceska Zbrojovka 7.65mm MDL 27 Bohmische Slide Legend SAP. Ceska Zbrojovka 7.62 mm MDL CZ 1952 Pistol. Ceska Zbrojovka 7.62 mm MDL CZ 1952 Pistol. Colt’s Mfg. Co. .22 Cal MDL Woodsman Match Target Pistol. Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co. .38-40 Cal MDL Single Action Army Revolver..380 Cal MDL 1908 SAP..38 Spcl MDL Police Positive D Action Revolver. .45 Cal MDL M1911-A1 SAP. .38 Super MDL M1911-A1 SAP. .45 ACP MDL 1911 US Army SAP. Pair .22 Short MDL Lord Derringer Single Shot Pistols. .380 Cal MDL Mk IV Gov’t Mdl .380 Series 80. .45 ACP MDL Mk IV Gov’t Mdl Series 80 SAP. .22 Short MDL Rock Island Arsenal Pistol. .32 Cal MDL Pocket Positive Revolver. .38 Cal MDL Police Positive Revolver. .32 Police Ctg. MDL Police Positive Revolver. DWM 9 MM MDL 1914 Military Luger. DWM 9 MM MDL 1920 Commercial Luger SAP. E Indies Small Arms Arsenal 9.4 mm MDL 1891 Double Action Revolver. EIG (Germany) .22 Cal MDL E15 Revolver. F.B. Radom 9mm MDL Vis P35 Nazi Type II. Fabrique Nat. D’Armes 9mm MDL High Power S. Auto Pistol. Fabrique Nat. D’Armes 7..65mm MDL 1922 SAP. Forehand & Wadsworth .38 Long MDL Indian Bulldog DA Revolver. Forehand & Wadsworth .32 Cal MDL British Bulldog Revolver. German Sport Guns .22 Cal MDL GSG-5P Pistol. Glock, Inc. 9 mm MDL 17 SAP. H&R .32 Cal MDL 2 Double Action Revolver. Henry M Kolb .22 Cal MDL Baby Hammerless Ejector Rev. Hopkins & Allen .32 Cal MDL 1901 Forehand DA Revolver. Iver Johnson A& CW .22 Cal MDL 57 Target Revolver. J.P. Sauer & Sohn 7.65mm MDL 38-H SAP. Man D’Armes De Saint-Etienne 8mm Lebel MDL 1892 Dbl. Action Revolver. Manufacture De Machines 7.65 MM MDL PP Walther/Manurhin SA Pistol. Waffenfabrik Mauser 9mm MDL Luger Code 42 SA Pistol. Waffenfabrik Mauser 6.35 MM MDL 1910 SAP. Mauser 9mm MDL BYF 1941 Luger SA Pistol. Mauser 9mm MDL S/42 Dated Chamber Luger. Moore’s Pat. Firearm Co .32 Rim fire MDL Single Action Belt Model. Nagant/Imp By CAI 7.62 mm MDL 1895 Dbl. Action Revolver. Orbea Hermanos/JL Galef .32 Cal MDL 1923 Dbl. Action Revolver. Orbea Hermanos/La Industrial .32 Cal MDL Double Action Revolver. Ordnance Tech, Inc. .308 Cal MDL SSP-91 Single Shot Pistol. P. Beretta 7.65mm MDL 1934 SAP. Pieper, Henri & Nicolas 7.65 MM MDL Bayard SAP. Reunies (Belgium) .38 Spcl MDL Texas Ranger Revolver. Two Rock Island Armory .45 Cal MDL M1911-A1 SAP’s(NIB). Rock Island Armory .45 Cal MDL M1911-A1 SAP. Smith & Wesson .22 Cal MDL 22A Pistol. S&W.38 Cal MDL 10-5 Double Action Revolver. S&W .40 Cal MDL SD40 VE SAP. S&W.44 Russian No 3 Third Mdl D. Action Revolver. S&W .22 MRF MDL 48-2 Double Action Revolver. S&W .44 Rem Mag MDL 57 Dbl. Action 5 shot Revolver. S&W .38 Spcl Cal MDL 60-7 Dbl. Action 5 Shot Revolver. S&W .380 Cal MDL SW380 Pistol. Sturm, Sturm, Ruger & Co .9mml MDL P85 SAP. .22 LR MDL Mark II Target SAP. .357 Mag MDL Speed Six DA Revolver. .44 Rem Mag MDL Super Redhawk Revolver. .45 Long Colt New MDL Blackhawk SA Revolver. .44 Rem Mag Old MDL Super Blackhawk Revolver. .44 Rem Mag Old MDL Super Blackhawk Revolver. .40 Cal MDL SR40C SAP. .380 Cal MDL LCP SAP. Tanarmi/Imp Excam, Inc. .38 Cal MDL TA38 Derringer Pistol. Thomas Bradburn & Sons 7mm MDL Pinfire Revolver. Walther 7.65 mm MDL PPK Pistol. Webley .455 Cal MDL Mark IV D. Action Revolver.

FRIDAY/SATURDAY SHOTGUNS:Armalite, Inc. 12 GA MDL AR-17 SASG. Browning Arms Co. 12 GA MDL A5 Light Twelve Shotgun. 12 GA MDL A5 Magnum SASG. Two 12 GA MDL Citori O/U Shotgun’s (1 w/3.5″ Chamber). 20 GA MDL Citori O/U Shotgun. P. Beretta 20 GA MDL S56 E O/U Shotgun. Harrington & Richardson 20 GA MDL Pardner SB1 Shotgun. Harrington & Richardson 20 GA MDL Pardner SB1 Shotgun. Three Hawk Industries/Imp H&R 12 GA MDL Pardner PASG’s. High Standard 16 GA MDL 514-1400 Bolt Action Shotgun. Hopkins & Allen 16 GA MDL Falling Block Shotgun. Hopkins & Allen 12 GA MDL Boxlock Single Shot Shotgun. Hunter Arms Co. 12 GA MDL Fulton Side by Side Shotgun. Hunter Arms Co./LC Smith 12 GA MDL Field Grade Side by Side. Ithaca Gun Co 12 GA MDL Model 37 Deerslayer Shotgun. Ithaca Gun Co 16 GA MDL 37 Featherlight PASG. Ithaca Gun Co. 12 GA MDL 37 Deerslayer PASG. Ithaca Gun Co., Inc 12 GA MDL 37 PASG . J. C. Higgins 12 GA MDL 102.25 PASG. J. C. Higgins 12 GA MDL 20 PASG. J. L. Galef & Son Inc 12 GA MDL Side by Side Coach Gun. J. Stevens-Riverside Arms Co 12 GA MDL SBS Double Barrel Shotgun. L.C. Smith 12 GA MDL Field Grade SBS. Le Super Francais 20 GA MDL Superposed Shotgun. Lefever Arms Co 16 GA MDL Nitro Express Shotgun. Marocchi/Imp Sile Distrib. 12 GA MDL O/U Shotgun. Marlin Firearms Co. 20 GA MDL 90 O/U Shotgun. Marlin Firearms Co 12 GA Glenfield MDL 778 PASG. Marlin Firearms Co. 12 GA MDL 55 Goose Gun Bolt Action Shotgun. Meriden Firearms Co. 12 GA MDL Side by Side Shotgun. Miroku Firearms Mfg. Co. 20 GA MDL S/G RR O/U Shotgun. Mossberg 12 GA MDL 500 Cruiser Pistol Grip Shotgun. Mossberg 12 GA MDL 500 Cruiser Blackwater P. Grip. Mossberg 12 GA MDL 500 Cruiser Persuader P. Grip. Mossberg 12 GA MDL 500A PASG. Mossberg 20 GA MDL 500CT Shotgun. National Firearms Co. 12 GA MDL “Copy 1897 Win.” Shotgun. New England Firearms Co 12 GA MDL SB1 Pardner Shotgun. O.F. Mossberg & Sons 20 GA MDL 185K-A Bolt Action Shotgun. 2 Parker Bros 12 GA MDL V Grade Side by Side Shotguns. Parker Bros. Trojan Grade 12 GA SBS Shotgun. P. Beretta/Beretta USA 12 GA MDL ES100 Pintail SA Shotgun. Remington Mdl 10A 12 GA Pump Shotgun, 10GA MDL 1889 Side by Side Shotgun. 12 GA MDL Spr-310 O/U Shotgun. 16 GA MDL Sportsman 58 SA Shotgun. Seven 12 GA MDL 870 Wingmaster PASG’s. & One .410 GA MDL 870 Express PASG. 12 GA MDL 887 Nitro Mag PASG. 20 GA MDL 1100 SASG. 12 GA MDL 1100 SASG. Savage Arms Co 12 GA MDL 1928 PASG. Savage Arms Corp 16 GA MDL 720 SASG. Savage Arms Corp 12 GA MDL 725 SASG. Savage Arms 12 GA MDL 30 Series C PASG. Savage Arms Corp 12 GA MDL 745 SASG. Savage Arms Corp 16 GA MDL 775A SASG. SKB/Ithaca Arms Co 12 GA MDL 200E Side By Side Shotgun. Sears, Roebuck And Co. 12 GA Ted Williams MDL 200 Shotgun. S&W 12 GA Eastfield MDL 916 PASG. Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. 28/.410 MDL Red Label O/U. Westernfield 12 GA MDL 550 ABD PASG. Western Auto Supply Co 12 GA MDL R310AB Revelation Shotgun. Winchester 12 GA MDL 12 PASG. 20 GA MDL 12 PASG. 12 GA MDL 12 PASG. 12 GA MDL 101 Pigeon O/U. Two 20 GA MDL Ranger 120 PASG’s. 12 GA MDL Ranger 140 SASG. 12 GA MDL 1400 MKII PASG. 12 GA MDL 1400 MKII PASG. Ranger 20 GA MDL 120 PASG. 9mm MDL 36 Single Shot bolt Action Shotgun. Four Winchester 12 & 16 GA MDL 1897 PASG’s.

Air/Pellet Rifles: Beeman (Germany) Mdl R9 .177 Cal Pellet Rifle. RWS/Diana Mdl 48/52 .22 Cal Pellet rifle w/scope & mount.

Novelty: Unique Brass/Copper Double barrel shotgun weathervane. Primitive Black Canvas Sneak Boat

Archery: Parker Bushwacker Crossbow w/Soft Case. PSE Thunderbolt Compound Bow. 29′ Draw, 70 Lb weight w/sight, quiver, arrows.

Swords/Bayonets/Knives: U.S. Model 1833 style Ames Dragoon Saber w/M.P.L over ORD and WS Markings (No Scabbard). Ames Mdl 1860 Style US Navy Cutlass. Marked USN over D.R. over 1862, Also marked 16M over 279. U.S. Non Commissioned Officers Pattern 1840 sword w/scabbard marked 1863 by Emerson & Silver. Trenton. WW1 German Sword w/Scabbard – Balance scale mark. WW2 German 3rd Reich Field Marshall Sword w/Scabbard & Porta Pee – Mkd Robiklaa Solingen. Two WWII . Era Japanese Katana swords w/scabbards. M1 Garand Ammo Belt wall display w/Bayonet, Scabbard & ammo. M1 Garand Bayonet w/sheath.

ATV’s/Riding Lawn Mowers: 2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 push button 4×4 ATV w/winch and gun racks, very clean showing only 283 miles, 2005 Yamaha Big Bear 400 push button 4×4 with racks showing 653 hours, 2000 Yamaha Wolverine 350 4×4 ATV with aftermarket ITP wheels and tires, Toro 52″ Commercial Series Zero Turn mower showing only 114 hours, Kubota Diesel ZD21 62″ Zero Turn Mower, Grasshopper 225 Zero Turn Commercial Mower w/ 61″ desk 25 HP Kohler 359 hours. 2012 Motovox gas powered mini bike (like new)!!!

VEHICLES: 2003 Chevrolet Suburban Z71 4WD Sport Utility Vehicle, Leather interior, Showing 56K miles. 2000 Ford F350 Regular Cab 2wd Pickup with work body. Triton V8 motor, Automatic, Ladder/Pipe Rack, Showing 67,325 miles.

Fishing Boat: 1980 21ft C-Hawk Center Console, 2008 Mercury 150 HP Optimax outboard, Smith “T” top, Garmin 2010 large screen chart plotter, Garmin 320 fish finder, NEW fiberglass floor and skim on 2004 EZ loader single axle trailer, SHOWING 73HOURS !!! Don’t let the model year fool you this boat looks like new. A MUST SEE. (This item and this item only will be sold with a very low reserve bid.)

Saturday Feb 2nd, 2013 at 10 AM

Saturday Order of Sale: Selling Firearms Lots 284-407. Selling 2 ATV’s, Snow Blower, Ammo, Scopes, Gun Cases, Pellet/BB rifles, Bows, German Military items, Bayonets & knives, Mounts, Wood Stove, Tools & much more. There will be approx. 350 lots sold on Saturday.


Ammunition/Scopes/Misc: Four Boxes 7.92mm Rifle Ammo. Three Boxes Sellier & Bellot 7.62x54MM. 7.62x51mm ammo. Four Boxes of Rem 7.62×39 ammo. Twenty Loaded .577/450 rounds and 20 Pcs Primed Brass. Six boxes 6.5x5mm rifle ammo. .22 short & LR ammo. Misc. Shotshell ammo in various gauges. Several Tins of Air Rifle Pellets. Bushnell Banner 6-18x50mm scope, Aluminum double rifle case. Qty. soft rifle/shotgun cases. “History of U.S Naval Operation in WWII” Vol 9. With handwritten notes by Cdr. M.S. Yeger USNR who participated in several landings Incl. Omaha Beach. Remington “Expert Trap” steel trap thrower. Brass/Copper Double BBL Shotgun weather vane. Repro. Pith Helmet w/24th Regt. Afoot emblem. Repro. Shoulder cartridge belt from Boer Wars for Enfield Martini Cartridges. Broom handle Mauser replica, MSG Mdl Gun Co. Colt Python replica. US Marked 1940 Wool Hospital blanket. 3 RCBS single stage presses. RCBS .45/70 Dies, Box .45 Cal Swagged Bullets, Two Boxes FN & Jacketed .45-70 bullets, Approx. 100 .45-70 brass cases.

ATV’s/Scooter: Honda Rancher 350 4 WD w/793 miles showing. ATV W/Snowplow (Arriving Wed. 1/23). Scooter (Arriving Wed 1/23)

Air/Pellet Rifles: Daisy BB gun Pistol. Crossman Powermaster 760 .177 Cal Pellet rifle, Sheridan Blue Streak 5mm BB Gun (In Box), Sheridan .177 Cal Pellet Rifle w/William Micrometer sight. Benjamin Franklin Mdl 347 air rifle .177 Cal. Benjamin-Sheridan Mdl 392P Pellet Rifle .22 Cal.

Archery: Fred Bear Magnum Hunter Compound Bow. Conolon Misslite Recurve bow, 45 Lb. Shakespeare Wonderbow Recurve Bow, 45Lb. Ten Point 3x scope, Barnett 4x322mm scope.

German Military Items: German Police Ribbon w/WW1 Iron Cross – 2nd Class, SS Badge & WW1 Merit Badge. Ostmedaille (Eastern Front) German Medal. Two Iron Crosses – 2nd Class (WW1). Iron Cross – 2nd Class (WW2). Four misc WW1 & WW2 German Merit Badges. SS Loyalty Badge (WW2). Adolph Hitler Book Copyright 1936. Printed in Germany, Incl. 197 pasted photos & 5 prints of Hitler’s engravings.

Bayonets/Knives: Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co. Modelo 1891 Argentino Bayonet. Krag Jorgensen Bayonet dated 1903, British Pattern Martini Henry Bayonet – dated 1888. French Gras Mdl 1874 Bayonet w/Scabbard – Paris 1880. 10 Japanese Type 30 rifle Bayonets (Kokura, Tokyo, Matsushita Arsenals), 4 German 1898 Bayonets, Dutch Mdl 1895 Bayonet. Rambo III Bowie Knife in Box. 9 collectible pen knives. Middle Eastern sword.

Mounts: Two Moose Mounts, 2 Elk Mounts, 3 Mule deer Mounts, Several Deer Mounts. Sm. standing full body Black Bear Mount.

SPECIAL INTEREST ITEMS: Ariens 9HP Compact 24 Polar Force electric start snow blower with Cover (like new used 1 time), Large Fisher double door cast iron wood stove with blower and pipe, Williams Equipment TIC-TAC-STRIKE electronic shuffleboard game, Ariens 22″ cut string trimmer, Craftsman 14.5 HP three way chipper/shredder (like new), automatic gate openers, several multiple piece tool kits, vintage Evinrude 5.5 O/B motor with ORIGINAL SHIPPING BOX, boat anchors, boat supplies, several signed and number wildlife prints, Century Welder, stainless steel patio heater and much more!!

Terms Personal Property: Cash Or Approved Check Day of sale. Visa/MC/Amex/Discover. 13% Buyer Premium. 3% Discount for cash or check. 6% MD Sales Tax will be charged unless you have a MD Tax License on file. Everything Sold “As Is” with no warranties of any kind. 2 Auctioneers. Some seating provided. Food served by Station 7 Restaurant of Pittsville. Vehicle titles will be held for 10 Business Days if paying for titled items with a Personal check. No Exceptions. THE GUNS WILL BE STORED OFFSITE AT A SECURE LOCATION UNTIL THE AUCTION PREVIEW DATE.

Required Gun Paperwork: All modern firearms will be transferred through a licensed FFL dealer, who will be onsite, to process the required paperwork to transfer the firearms. A transfer fee will be collected by the FFL dealer. If you live out of Maryland and purchase a pistol or regulated firearm the firearm(s) must be transferred to an FFL Dealer in your state to process the required paperwork. FFL dealers must bring an original signed copy of their FFL. MD Handgun purchasers must complete an online training course if not previously done. Visit for the online course. You will need to be able to print a Registration Card from the computer that the course is completed on. You must have that card/documentation with you or other paperwork allowing you to purchase a handgun before you fill out the Required Firearm paperwork. Questions can be addressed to the FFL Dealer, Smitty’s Gun Shop, LLC at 410-835-0371/0384. Contact Auction Co or view website for complete details.

Preview: Thursday Jan. 31st 5 – 8 PM, Friday Feb 1st. 12-5 PM & Saturday Feb 2nd. 2013 from 8-10 AM. The firearms, Vehicles, Boat, ATV’s & Scooters being sold will be available for preview on all days listed above until being sold. The Small items listed in the catalog from Lots 500 – 748 including Ammo, Scopes, Gun Cases etc will be available for preview on Thursday Night and Saturday Morning. They will not be available on Friday for Preview due to space limitations. Doors will not open until the times listed. No Exceptions.

Transfer Fee’s: A fee will be charge by Smitty’s Gun Shop, LLC to transfer the firearms. The fee’s are as follows:

1. Black Powder Firearms = No Charge (Exceptions can exist. Example the Thompson Center Encore can have a Black powder barrel but can easily be changed to a centerfire rifle by changing a barrel) If paperwork is required it will be $20.00 per firearm.

2. Rifles/Shotguns = $20.00 per firearm. (Fees apply to Non Regulated Items. Regulated firearms are under # 3.)

3. Regulated Firearms = $35.00 Per Firearm (Includes all Modern Pistols & Certain Semi-Auto rifles (IE AR-15, AK-47, UZI, etc…) that are regulated by the State of Maryland). I can only transfer these firearms to MD Residents. **NOTE: $10.00 of this goes back to the State of MD for the background check** Residents of other States must have these firearms shipped to an FFL in your state to process the required paperwork. There will be a Discount for Designated Collectors in Maryland. A Designated Collector has filled out paperwork with MD State Police and received Authorization to be able to have more than 1 Regulated Firearm transfered to them within a 30 Day period.

4. Curio & Relic Firearms = $10.00 per firearm Firearms that are on the Curio & Relic List. Special Note: You must have a Curio & Relic License to Qualify for this Pricing.

5. Handgun buyers not from MD/Long Gun purchasers not from MD, DE, VA, WV or PA =$15.00 per firearm This is the cost to tranfer the firearm off of my books. Buyer will be responsible for all shipping & handling cost to ship the firearm(s) to your in state FFL.

6. FFL Dealers = No Charge Name on FFL must match the person here buying firearms. If an employee or agent is buying for you I will need a letter from you stating who the buyer/agent is and you are authorizing them to take possession of purchased firearms under your FFL.

If you have any questions feel free to Call Jeff Smith at Smitty’s Gun Shop – 410-835-0371

Click here to go to Smitty’s Gun Shop’s Website.


Contact Auction Company for Additional Details. 410-835-0384

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