Allen & Marshall Auctions 5th Annual Firearm & Men’s Night Out Auction – Day 1 – February 4th 2011

8000 Esham Road, Parsonsburg, MD 21849

Friday night, February 4th, 2011 at 5 PM & Sat. morning, February 5th, at 10 AM

Two Day Auction Event

This Event is Co-Sponsored by:

Allen & Marshall Auctions 5th Annual Firearm & Men's Night Out Auction - Day 1 - February 4th 2011

Allen & Marshall Auctions 5th Annual Firearm & Men's Night Out Auction - Day 1 - February 4th 2011

Allen & Marshall Auctions 5th Annual Firearm & Men's Night Out Auction - Day 2 - February 5th 2011Selling from many local Eastern Shore Estates & Consigners including the Estate of Ethel D. Rayne of Willards!

LWRC InternationalThis Just In: LWRC International has just underwritten 2 of their premier weapons to be auctioned in our Feb. 4th, 2011 Firearm Auction to benefit a wounded US Veterans Organization. They will include a R.E.P.R and a M6A2 Tricon that will be auctioned off to the highest bidder with no reserve, all proceeds going to an Organization that benefits Wounded US Service Members! Stay tuned for details because LWRCI is guaranteed to make this a very special purchase for someone. These firearms will be co-sponsored be Sundance Pools of Delmarva and Marshall Real Estate Auctions. Visit their website at

 Allen & Marshall Auctions 5th Annual Firearm & Men's Night Out Auction - Day 1 - February 4th 2011Allen & Marshall Auctions 5th Annual Firearm & Men's Night Out Auction - Day 1 - February 4th 2011


Photos Lot 453 – LWRC M6A2 Tricon

Allen & Marshall Auctions 5th Annual Firearm & Men's Night Out Auction - Day 1 - February 4th 2011 

Allen & Marshall Auctions 5th Annual Firearm & Men's Night Out Auction - Day 1 - February 4th 2011


High quality selection of over 467 (300 on Friday, 167 on Saturday) Rifles (206), Shotguns (115), Pistols (142) and Military items. 1.5″ Bore Waterfowl Punt Gun. Armalite AR-50 .50 cal bmg rifle. LWRC REPR 7.62x51mm rifle, LWRC M6A2 Tricon 5.56mm Rifle. 5 Colt cap & ball revolvers to include: Colt Mdl 1849 Pocket Revolver Presented to Capt. H. W. Copcutt 9th NY Regt. (Hawkins Zouaves) in 1861, Colt 1851 Navy, Two Colt 1860 Army’s & a Colt 1862 Pocket Navy. Colt Pre War .38-40 Single Action Army (1901). Colt Lightning .44 Rifle. Six Kentucky/Pennsylvania rifles from .32-45 Cal. 7 Parker Bros. 12 GA & Three 10 GA shotguns, Beretta 686 Whitewing 20 GA O/U (NIB), Beretta 687 L Pigeon 12 GA O/U, Beretta BL-3 12 GA O/U, Browning Citori 12 GA O/U, 2 Ruger Red Label 12 GA O/U’s, SKB 585 12 GA O/U, Browning A5 12 GA Mag & Light 12. Westley Richards London 7 GA BP SBS. Colt Model 1878 10 GA SBS. Colt 1883 SBS. Winchester 1873 .32 WCF Lever Action, 2 Winchester 1892 Lever Actions, Winchester 1894 Trails End .45 Colt & 1894 Chief Crazy Horse LAR’s. Marlin 1893 .30-30 LAR. US Springfield Armory Mdl 1884 .45-70 & Mdl 1898 Krag Jorgenson & Two M1 Garand’s. Harrington & Richardson M1 Garand. Saginaw M1 Carbine Para-trooper. Remington-Lee Mdl 1879 U.S. Navy Rifle. Remington & Smith Corona Mdl 03-A3’s, Remington Rand Model 1911 .45 cal pistol. Remington Smoot #1, S&W #1.5 & 2. Kimber Pro Covert II .45, 1943 Japanese Type 14 Nambu 8mm pistol. Desert Eagle .357 & .44. Three Glock’s. Weatherby Mk V .270 WM. Several AR-15’s including DPMS Panther Arms SASS .223 (NIB), DPMS LR-308, Rock River Arms Elite Operator .223 & .308 (both NIB), Bushmaster M4 .223 (NIB), Colt HBAR Sporter. Rock River Arms LAR-15 A2 HBAR. Valmet 76S .223. Ruger Mini 14. Chinese AK-47. Three 4 Wheelers, 1988 Wellcraft 20′ CC, 16′ Go-Devil Jon Boat w/23 HP Vanguard Go-Devil motor, Penn 50TW & 80S gold series reels, Jon Boats, 2004 Ford F250 XLT w/only 28K miles, Browning NWTF 22 Gun Safe, Amsec Safe, Gun Cabinets, Ship boarding cannon & more!! 


 Allen & Marshall Auctions 5th Annual Firearm & Men's Night Out Auction - Day 1 - February 4th 2011 Allen & Marshall Auctions 5th Annual Firearm & Men's Night Out Auction - Day 1 - February 4th 2011 Allen & Marshall Auctions 5th Annual Firearm & Men's Night Out Auction - Day 1 - February 4th 2011


Auctioneers Note: To help celebrate 5 years in a row of having the shore’s largest and most exciting firearm auction, this year’s event will include a preview party with food and live entertainment, door prizes, giveaways, a 50/50 raffle, and special guest auctioneer John Nicholls the 2007 World Champion Auctioneer and the auctioneer at the Prestigious Barrett-Jackson Collector car auction!! The overwhelming response this year is unprecedented and the addition of another day will guarantee a great buying experience for all types of firearm enthusiast. Please be sure to register early online at as this year’s sale looks to be another one for the record books.

Directions: Our Auction Facility is located in Parsonsburg on the Eastern Shore of Maryland Approx. 100 Miles north of Norfolk, VA, 55 Miles South of Dover, DE, 100 East of Washington, DC and 18 miles West of Ocean City, MD. At the intersection of Rt. 50 and the Rt. 13 Bypass merge onto Rt. 50 East towards Ocean City and follow for 3.9 miles to the intersection of Rt. 50 & Forest Grove Rd. Turn North (left) onto Forest Grove Rd. and follow for 0.5 miles to Old Ocean City Rd. Right onto Old O. C. Rd. and follow for 1.2 miles to Esham Rd. Left onto Esham Rd. and follow for 1.2 miles to burgundy/tan building on left. Signs Posted. For those flying in: The Salisbury-Ocean City Airport is serviced by US Airways Express and is routed through Philadelphia (PA), Baltimore Washington Int.(BWI), Charlotte (NC) and Dulles (DC). Parsonsburg, MD is located only 6 Miles from the Salisbury Airport. Car Rentals Available through Avis Rent a Car (410-742-8566) at the Salisbury Airport. Hotels: Sleep Inn, Salisbury, 410-572-5516 – 406 Punkin Ct., Salisbury, MD (3 Miles from Salisbury Airport & 5 miles from Auction Facility).

Abbreviations: The following is a list of abbreviations used in this Ad. GA = Gauge, BBL = Barrel, OAL = Overall length. SBS = Side by Side, O/U = Over & Under, SAR/SA Rifle = Semi Automatic Rifle, BAR/BA Rifle = Bolt Action Rifle, LAR = Lever Action Rifle, SSR = Single Shot Rifle, SAP = Semi Automatic Pistol. SASG = Semi Auto Shotgun, PASG = Pump Action Shotgun. SBSG = Single Barrel Shotgun.

Rifles: Armalite .50 BMG Mdl AR-50 BA single shot rifle w/Muzzlebrake & Carry bag. Auto Ordnance .45 ACP Thompson 1927 Korean War Commemorative Semi Auto Rifle A. Rossi Mdl R228 .22 Cal single shot rifle. Birmingham Small Arms SHT LE III BA Rifle. Browning .30-06 Cal BAR Semi Auto Rifle. Bushmaster Xm15-E2S M4 .223 SAR (NIB). Chinese 7.62×39 mm Ak-47S SA Rifle. Colt .223 Mdl AR-15 A2 HBAR Sporter. Colt Lightning .44-40 Slide Action Rifle. DPMS Panther Arms .223 SASS (semi auto sniper system) (NIB). DPMS Panther Arms LR-308 SAR in .308 w/Springfield Armory 4-14x56mm Gen 1 scope. DWM Mdl 1908 Brazilian 8 mm Mauser (Sporterized). Eddystone Arsenal .30-06 US Model 1917. Fab. Nat. D’Armes Mdl 49 S. Auto Rifle. Frank Wesson .32 RF Model 1870 Rifle. H & R .30-06 Cal US M1 Garand SA Rifle. H&R .17 Rem Ultra Wildcat L461 BA Rifle. J. Stevens Arms Model 11 .22 Cal Rolling block rifle. Keystone Sporting Arms .22 Cal Cricket BAR w/pink stock (NIB). Two Lee Enfield No 4 Mk 1 .303 Cal. BAR’s. Lee Enfield .303 No 4 Mk 1 BA Rifle. Marlin .22 Cal Mdl 39 Lever Action Rifle. Marlin .30-30 Cal Mdl 1893 LA Rifle. Marlin .22 Mdl 81-DL Bolt Action Rifle. Marlin .30-30 Cal Mdl 36 R LA Rifle. Marlin .30-30 Mdl 336 R.C LA Rifle. Marlin .45-70 Cal Mdl 1895 SS LA rifle. Marlin Mdl 1985SS .45-70 LAR w/Tasco scope. Marlin 336 RC .30-30 LAR, Marlin 336 .30-30 LAR. Marlin Mdl Golden 39A .22 Cal LAR. Marlin Mdl 81-DL .22 S/L/LR BAR. MAS Berthier MLE 1890 8mm Lebel Carbine French Military rifle. Mauser 98 7.92mm Military BAR w/Waffen marks & matching serial #’s. Mauser Karabiner 98K Rebarreled by Israel to 7.62 mm BAR. Mossberg 802 Plinkster .22 BAR w/Pink Camo stock (NIB). Mossberg 702 Plinkster .22 SAR w/Pink Camo stock. Mossberg Tactical .22 SAR w/AR look. Mossberg Mdl 100 ATR Night Train .308 Cal BAR w/Barska 4-16x50mm scope. Lee Enfield .303 No 4 Mk 1 BA Rifle. Marlin .22 Cal Mdl 39 Lever Action Rifle. Marlin .30-30 Cal Mdl 1893 LA Rifle. Marlin .22 Mdl 81-DL Bolt Action Rifle. Marlin .30-30 Cal Mdl 36 R LA Rifle. Marlin .30-30 Mdl 336 R.C LA Rifle. Marlin .45-70 Cal Mdl 1895 SS LA rifle. Remington- Remington-Lee Mdl 1879 U.S. Navy .45-70 BAR (Clean). Remington US Model 1917 .30-06 BAR w/bayonet, scabbard & sling. Three Remington 770 BAR’s in .270/7MM (Camo)/.30-06 (All NIB). Remington #4 Rolling Block .22 Cal single shot rifle. Remington U.S. Mdl of 1917 .30-06 BAR. Remington Mdl 30R Express .30-06 BAR w/Bushnell 3-9×40 scope. Remington .22 Cal Mdl 12 Pump Rifle. Remington .22 S/L/LR Mdl 12 Pump Rifle. Remington .22-250 BDL Custom Deluxe w/Swift 6x40mm scope. Remington .25-06 Mdl 700 BDL BA Rifle. Remington .30-06 Cal U.S. Mdl 1917 BA Rifle, USMC marked. Remington .308 Cal 40X LH Rangemaster H-2 Heavy Stainless Bull BBL, Kevlar stock. Remington 7 mm Rem Mag Mdl 700 BA Rifle.Remington Speedmaster Mdl 241 .22 Cal SAR. Remington 700 BAR in 30-06 w/Bushnell scope. Remington Mdl 512 Sportmaster .22 S/L/LR SAR. Remington Mdl 552 Speedmaster .22 S/L/LR SAR. Sears Ranger Mdl 101-16 .22 Cal SAR. Rock River Arms LAR-15 Elite Operator Series 2 .223 SAR (NIB). Rock River Arms LAR-8 Elite Operator .308 SAR (NIB). Rock River Arms LAR-15 .223 SA Rifle, A2 style, Stainless BBL. Saginaw SG .30 Cal US Mdl M1 Carbine. Strum Ruger .223 Cal Mini 14 SA Rifle. Ruger 10-22 SAR in .22 Cal. Savage Mdl 1899 LAR in .30-30 Cal. Two Savage 110 BAR’s in .223 w/Tasco 8-32×44 scope & .30-06 w/Barska 6-24x50mm scope. Savage Arms Mdl 93R17 FVXP .17 HMR BAR w/heavy BBL & Bushnell scope (NIB). Savage Mdl 93R17 Stainless .17 HMR BAR. Savage Mdl 219 .30-30 single shot rifle. Sears Mdl 2T .22 BAR. Stevens Savage Arms Mdl 87B .22 Cal SAR. Steyer Mannlicher M95 8x56mm BAR. Tokarev SVT40 7.62x54R SAR w/mag & sling. Universal M1 Carbine .30 Cal SAR. US Springfield Armory Model 1884 .45-70 Trap Door Rifle w/Bayonet (Ant.). U.S. Springfield Armory Mdl 1898 Krag Jorgenson .30-40 Krag BAR (Ant). U.S. Springfield Armory Mdl 1903 BA Rifle. US Remington .30-06 Mdl 03 A3 BA Rifle. US Smith Corona .30-06 Mdl 03-A3 BA Rifle. US Springfield Armory .30-06 M1 Garand. US Springfield Armory M1 Garand SA Rifle. Valmet .223 Cal Mdl 76S Semi Auto Rifle. Waffenfabrick Mauser Gewehr 98 BAR 7.92X57mm w/Sawtooth Bayonet. Westernfield Mdl 59A .22 Cal SAR. Westernfield Mdl M854 .22 Cal SAR. Weatherby .270 W. Mag Mark V BA Rifle. Winchester Model 1873 (Circa 1898) .32 WCF LAR w/Full Octagonal BBL (Ant.). Winchester Model 1892 LAR in .32 WCF w/24″ BBL. Winchester Mdl 94 Trails End .45 ACP LAR w/Oct. BBL and Case colored rcvr. Winchester 1894 (Pre 1964) LAR in .30-30. Winchester Mdl 94 LAR in .30-30. Winchester Mdl 55 .22 Cal SAR. Winchester .22 Cal Mdl 1903 SA Rifle. Winchester .22 Cal Mdl 62 Pump Rifle. Winchester .22 Cal Mdl 90 Pump Action Rifle. Winchester .22 S/L 1902 BA Single shot. Winchester .30 Cal M1 Carbine SA Rifle. Winchester .30-06 Cal Mdl 70 Bolt Action. & many more to be listed as they arrive!

Pistols: AMT .380 Cal .380 Backup SA Pistol. Auto Ordnance .45 ACP 1911A1 SA Pistol. Belgian .32 RF 6 shot double action revolver w/folding trigger. Beretta Mdl 950 7.65mm SAP, Beretta Mdl 418 6.35 mm SAP. Beretta Mdl 21A Bobcat .22 Cal SAP in Box. P. Beretta .380 Cal Mdl 84 Cheetah SA Pistol. Bersa Thunder .380 Duotone SAP (NIB). Bersa Thunder .380 SAP w/Pink Grip. Circa 1881 Colt Model 1877 Dbl. action Lightning .38 Cal 6 shot Nickel plated revolver. Colt Single Action Army (Pre War Model circa 1901) .38-40 Cal. 6 shot revolver. Colt Mdl 1908 Hammerless .380 SAP. Colt New Service (Circa 1915) .455 Eley 6 shot revolver w/holster. Colt U.S. Mdl of 1917 .45 LC 6 shot revolver. Colt Diamondback .38 Spcl Revolver w/2.5″ BBL. Colt Single Action Frontier Scout .22 Cal 6 shot Duotone Rev. Colt (Frame) .45 ACP Mdl 1911 SA Pistol. Colt .22 LR Single Action Frontier Scout Revolver – 1969 General Nathan Bedford Commemorative w/case. Colt .22 LR Single Action Frontier Scout Revolver – 1970 Maine Sesquicentennial Commemorative w/case. Colt .22 LR Single Action Frontier Scout Revolver – California Bicentennial w/case Colt .22 LR Single Action Frontier Scout Revolver – Wild Bill Commemorative w/case. Colt .25 ACP Junior Pocket Model SA Pistol. Colt 22 LR Single Action Frontier Scout .22 Revolver. Dan Wesson Mdl 15 .357 Mag 6 shot revolver. Eli Whitney, Whitneyville Armory CT, Rimfire Pocket .32 RF cal. 5 shot revolver. Two FEG 9 MM Makarov Mdl PA-63 SA Pistols. Glock Mdl 22 .40 S&W SAP in case. Glock Mdl 26 9mm SAP (LNIB). Glock .40 S&W Mdl 23 Semi Auto Pistol. H&R .32 Long Mdl 2 Break top revolver. Heckler & Koch USP .40 S&W SAP. Hi Standard .22 LR Mdl Dura-Matic M100. Hi Standard Mdl 103 Sport King SA Pistol. High Standard .22 LR Sport-King SA Pistol. High Standard .22 LR Supermatic Citation. Iver Johnson Arms Mdl 50 Sidewinder .22/.22Mag DA Rev. IMI .44 Rem Mag Desert Eagle SA Pistol. Iver Johnson .22 LR Cadet Mdl 55-S Revolver. Iver Johnson .22/.22 Mag Mdl 50 Revolver. J. Stephens & Co .32 Rimfire 1st Issue New Model Pocket Rifle single shot pistol. J. Stephens & Co. .32 Rimfire 2nd Issue New Model Pocket Rifle single shot pistol. Kimber Pro Covert II .45 Cal SAP w/Crimson Trace laser grip in case. Kimel Industries Mdl Western 6 SA .22 Cal Revolver. Lee Arms Co .32 Cal Red Jacket #3 Rev. Little Giant .22 Short Revolver. Magnum Research .357 Cal Desert Eagle Blued Semi Auto Pistol. Mauser HSC – Late Nazi Army Mdl 7.65mm SA Pistol w/clips & holster. Mauser Model 1914 – 7.65mm SAP w.3.5″ BBL. Waffenfabrik Mauser Mdl 1896 Military Contract “Red 9″ 9mm Broomstick. Nambu 8mm Type 14 Nambu SA Pistol w/clips & holster. Remington Rand (Circa 1945) 1911 A1 .45 Cal SAP w/holster & belt. Remington Smoot No 1.30 Cal Revolver. Rock Island Armory Mdl 1911-A1 .45 Cal SAP w/comp in Case. Rohm RG10 .22 Short revolver. Sig Sauer P220 .45 ACP SAP. Smith & Wesson Model 2 Army/Old Model .32 RF spur trigger pistol w/6″ BBL. Smith & Wesson Mdl 29 Blued Rev. w/4″ BBL. Two Smith & Wesson SW40VE .40 S&W SAP’s (1 is NIB). Two Smith & Wesson SW9VE 9mm SAP’s (Both NIB). Smith & Wesson .32 Safety Hammerless 5 Shot Rev. 3rd model. Smith & Wesson Mdl 686 .357 Mag 7 shot stainless revolver w/2″ BBL in case. Smith & Wesson Mdl 19 Texas Ranger Commemorative Revolver w/knife & presentation case. Smith & Wesson Mdl 648 .22 WMR 6 hot revolver w/6” BBL in case. S&W BG380 Bodyguard .380 SAP w/built in laser (NIB). S&W.44 Rem Mag Mdl 29 DA Revolver.S&W .32 RF Mdl 1-1/2 2nd Issue Rev. S&W .357 Mag Mdl 686 DA Revolver. S&W .357 Mag Pre 27 DA Revolver. S&W .44 Mag Mdl 29 DA Revolver. S&W .44 Rem Mag Mdl 629 DA Revolver.S&W .44 Rem Mag Mdl 629 DA Revolver. S&W 9 MM Mdl 459 Semi Auto Pistol. Springfield Armory .45 ACP Mdl 1911. Strum Ruger P95 9mm SAP (NIB). Strum Ruger Redhawk Stainless .44 Mag Revolver in case. Strum Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk .44 Mag. w/holster. Strum Ruger Mdl KP345 .45 Cap SAP. Strum Ruger Single Six .22/.22 Mag SA Revolver. Strum Ruger Security Six .357 Mag 6 hot stainless revolver. Strum Ruger .22 LR Mdl Mark 2 SA Pistol. Strum Ruger .45 ACP Mdl P90DC SA Pistol. Strum Ruger .45 ACP P90DC SA Pistol. Strum Ruger Vaquero.45 Colt SA Revolver. Walther Mdl PK380 SAP in .380 ACP (NIB). Walther Mdl P22 SAP in .22 Cal w/Pink Grip (NIB). Walther .380 Cal Mdl PPK/S S Pistol & many more to be listed as they arrive!

Shotguns: Amadeo Rossi 12 GA SBS Stagecoach style w/ext hammers. Beretta P. Beretta 12 GA Mdl 687 L/Pigeon O/U. 686 Whitewing 20 GA Over/Under Shotgun (NIB). Beretta BL-3 12 GA O/U shotgun, Beretta AL 391 Teknys 12 Semi Auto Shotgun, Browning Citori 12 GA Oven/Under shotgun w/30″ BBL’s. Browning A5 Mag 12 GA Semi Auto w/30″ Vent rib BBL. Browning A5 Light 12 GA Semi Auto. Browning BPS Stalker 10 GA PASG. Browning 12 GA A5 Belgian SA Shotgun. Browning 16 GA Mdl A5 SA Shotgun. Browning Belgian 12 GA A5 Mag SA Shotgun. Browning-Fab Nat. D’Armes 12 GA A5. Colt 10 GA Model 1878 SBS Shotgun – Sidelock Double trigger Ext. hammer gun. Colt 12 GA Model 1883 SBS Shotgun – Circa 1886, Hammerless boxlock. Flobert (Belgian) 32 GA single shot shotgun. Forehand Arms Co 12 GA Shotgun. H&R 10 GA Mdl 176 Single shot shotgun. Harrington & Richardson Mdl 48 Topper 16 GA single shot. H&R Mdl 158 Topper 20 GA single shot. Ithaca Model 51 Featherweight 12 GA SASG w/3″ chamber. Ithaca Mdl M-66 12 GA Single shot. Iver Johnson Hercules Grade 12 GA SBS shotgun. Three J. C. Higgins Mdl 20 12 GA PASG’s. John M. Smyth Faultless Spcl. 12 GA Single shot. L.C. Smith (Circa 1904)12 GA SBS Shotgun w/Damascus BBL’s. Marlin .410 GA Mdl 200 Single shot shotgun. Mossberg Mdl 500A 12 PASG w/rifled BBL. N.R. Davis & Sons Ajax 12 GA SBS Shotgun. New England Firearms Mdl SB2 10 GA single shot. New England Firearms Pardner Protector 12 GA PASG (NIB). New Haven Arms 12 GA Mdl 2 SBS Parker “V” Grade 12 GA SBS w/30″ BBL, Parker Bros. (Circa 1878) Grade 3 SBS Exp. Hammer w/Under lever release 12 GA Shotgun. Parker Bros Grade 0(Circa 1875) 10 GA SBS Shotgun. Parker Bros Grade 2 (Circa 1880) 10 GA SBS Shotgun. Parker Bros (Circa 1891) 10 GA SBS Shotgun. Parker Bros Grade 0 (Circa 1879) 12 GA SBS Shotgun. Parker Bros Grade 2 (Circa 1880) 12 GA SBS Shotgun. Parker Bros (Circa 1901) V Grade 12 GA SBS Shotgun. Appears to have been reblued and stock has been replaced. Parker Bros (Circa 1908) Grade 2 SBS 12 GA Shotgun. Parker Bros (Circa 1922) V Grade 12 GA SBS Shotgun. Remington 870 Tactical Express 12 GA 3″ PASG w/extended Mag (NIB). Remington 887 Nitro Mag 3.5″ PASG (NIB). Remington 1100 12 GA SASG w/30″ BBL (Unfired). Three Remington Model 11 12 GA SASG’s. Remington 12 GA 1100 SA Shotgun. Remington Mdl 10A 12 GA PASG, 2.75″ chamber. Richland Arms 10 GA SBS. Savage Arms Mdl 720 12 SASG. Sears-Ted Williams Mdl 300 12 GA SASG. Sears-Ted Williams Mdl 75 SASG. SKB 585 Target 12 GA O/U Shotgun. SKB/Ithaca 12 GA Mdl 200E SBS Shotgun. SKB/Ithaca 12 GA Mdl 600 O/U Shotgun. S&W 12 GA Model 916T Pump shotgun. Strum Ruger 12 GA Red Label Ducks Unlimited Edition O/U w/case. Strum Ruger Red Label 12 GA O/U Shotgun w.26″ BBL’s. Tristar Sporting Arms Phoenix 12 GA SBS shotgun. Verney Carron French 16 GA SBS Shotgun w/IM & IC chokes. W. Richards 12 GA SBS “Stagecoach” style 12 GA Shotgun w/20″ BBL’s. Winchester Mdl 12 Featherweight 12 GA PASG. Winchester Mdl 24 SBS 12 GA Shotgun. Winchester 12 GA Mdl 12 Pump Shotgun. Winchester 12 GA Mdl 1300 NWTF Edition PASG. Winchester 12 GA Mdl 37A Single shotgun. Many more to be listed as they arrive!

Black Powder Rifles: CVA Stag Horn .50 Cal w/Stainless BBL & Simmons 2-7x32mm scope. CVA Stag Horn .45 Cal , Blued w/Fiber optic sight. Joseph Golcher .32 Cal KY/PA BP Rifle. Knight LK 93 .50 Cal BP Rifle w/Tasco 3-9x32mm scope. Knight LK-93 BP Rifle. Mowrey Gun Works .54 Cal BP rifle. Springfield Hawken .50 Cal Rifle w/Octagonal BBL. T. Neave & Sons, Cincinnati, OH – .38 Cal KY/PA long rifle. Truitt Bros & Co, Philadelphia, PA – .36 Cal KY/PA long rifle. Wm. Golcher, Philadelphia, PA – .38 Cal KY/PA long rifle. Turner Kirkland .41 Cal BP rifle. Two unmarked Kentucky/Pennsylvania style long rifles. #1 is .32 Cal Flintlock w/47″ Oct. BBL. & 65″ OAL. #2 is .45 Cal w/41″ Oct. BBL. 57″ OAL. Thompson Center .50 Cal Omega Z5. Unknown Maker .36 Cal Kentucky Coon Rifle Flint lock

Black Powder Shotguns: George Newton 12 GA SBS Shotgun BP Hammer Shotgun. Parker (London) 12 GA SBS BP shotgun. Scott & Co. 12 GA SBS BP Shotgun w/ repaired stock. 1861 Tower Civil War Era musket w/cut down stock & repaired rcvr. Circa 1857 Westley Richards London 7 Gauge Black powder SBS shotgun w/exposed hammers & 37″ Barrels. Weights 14.5 pounds. Includes an Authentication letter from Westley Richards, Letter with Decription and copy of the Ledger from when the firearm was made.

Special Addition: Colt Mdl 1849 Pocket Revolver that belonged to Captain H. W. Copcutt, NY 9th Infantry Regt: Colt Model 1849 Pocket .31 Cal 5 shot cap & ball revolver, Circa 1861 by SN# 187997.This pistol is Engraved “Presented to Capt. H. W. Copcutt 9th Regt. N.Y.Z. by the Engravers at Harper & Bros. NY.” In May of 1861 the Ninth Infantry Regiment was formed in New York City. Nearly 800 men volunteered. Henry who appears was working at Harper Bros. in New York City as a Master Engraver was commissioned as Captain of Company I in the 9th New York Infantry. He was 26 years old. The Regiment was known as the “Hawkins Zouaves” under Col. Rush C. Hawkins. Additional information about Capt. Copcutt is available on the Auction Co. Website.

Black Powder Pistols: Colt’s: Colt Model 1851 Navy .36 Cal 6 shot BP cap & ball revolver Circa 1853 by SN# 28501 . Colt Model 1860 Army .44 Cal 6 shot BP cap & ball revolver Circa 1862 by SN# 20282. Colt Model 1860 Army .44 Cal 6 shot BP cap & ball revolver Circa 1863 by SN# 86225. Colt Model 1862 Pocket Navy .36 Cal 5 shot BP cap & ball revolver w/London Address w/proof markings, Circa 1861/2 by SN# 6828 CVA .45 Cal BP Mountain Pistol. Manhattan Manuf. Co., NY .28 Cal. 6 shot Pepperbox w/3″ BBL SN# 61. Navy Arms Co. Texas Patterson .36 Cal BP Revolver (Repro). Tower Black Powder Flint lock single shot Approx .65 Cal +/- Pistol. Eig Eibar Spain Reproduction Black powder Pistol. Tower Reproduction BP Single shot “Liberty Japan”.

Specialty Items/Punt Gun/Cannon/Safe: 1.5″ Bore Waterfowl Punt gun. 8′ Barrel. 10′ Overall length. Stock made of Cedar/Cypress. Original green milk paint. 2 Section Barrel. Purchased in the 1980’s from a Marion Station, Somerset County, MD Estate Auction. Revolutionary War era ship boarding cannon w/1.1″ bore. Circa (1750-80). Browning National Wild Turkey Federation 22 Gun Safe, Black Gloss (29.5″ W x 29″Deep x 60″ Tall).

Trucks: 2004 F250 XLT Super Duty regular cab FX4x4, white w/ matching bed cover, ONLY 28,894 miles!!

Boats/Outboard Motors: 1988 Wellcraft Fisherman 20ft center console boat. Hull ID# WELD0022J788. With Mariner 150HP Outboard. Boat sits on 1988 Cox dual axle trailer. Vin# AC195698MD. 2001 16′ Go-Devil John Boat w/2001 23 HP Vanguard Go-Devil motor w/Fold up Camo blind & 2002 McClain trailer. Hull ID # GDV01619G101. Trailer Vin# 4LYBG16192H001837. 1987 Alumacraft Maverick 16′ semi-v w/ 20HP Suzuki 2 stroke outboard, boat comes equip w/ Hummingbird fish finder, Minn Kota Bow mount trolling motor, and sits on a 1987 Caulkis trailer.

4 Wheelers: 2006 Kawasaki Brute Force 650 4x4i w/Winch, gun rack, Showing 226 Hours. 1999 Honda Foreman 450 4×4 w/ High Lifter lift kit, 28″ Outlaw mud tires, Super trap exhaust, Dyno jet kit, Detroit gearless locker, Warn 4:2:4 locker, Warn winch and many other extras showing 719 hours, 1999 Polaris Sportsman’s 500 4×4, custom bumper and racks, showing only 279 hours.



Auctioneers Note: Due to the overwhelming response this year we are continuing the Auction on Saturday morning at 10 AM. The addition of another day will guarantee a great buying experience for all types of firearm, hunting & outdoor enthusiasts.

Rifles: Lot# 240 Winchester .30-30 Cal Mdl 94 LA Rifle. Lot# 241 Lee Enfield .303 Cal SHT LE III BA Rifle. Lot# 242 Iver Johnson .30 Cal M1 Carbine SA Rifle. Lot# 243 A. Rossi .243 Mdl R243YBS Single Rifle. Lot# 244 J Stevens Arms 22 Cal Mdl 75 Pump Rifle. Lot# 245 Berthier-Mannlicher MLE M16 BA Rifle. Lot# 246 Mosin Nagant – Polish Mdl 44 BA Rifle. Lot# 247 Savage .22 S/L/LR Mdl 6A Semi Auto Rifle. Lot# 248 CGA 7.62x39mm Mdl SKS Semi Auto Rifle. Lot# 255 Marlin 22 Cal Mdl Papoose S. Auto Rifle. Lot# 256 Ranger .22 Cal Mdl 103-8 Single BA Rifle. Lot# 257 Lee Enfield .303 Cal SHT LE III BA Rifle. Lot# 258 Marlin .22 Cal Mdl 110M BA Rifle. Lot# 259 Marlin .22 Cal Mdl 49DL Semi Auto Rifle. Lot# 268 Remington .22 S/L/LR Mdl 514 BA Rifle. Lot# 269 O.F. Mossberg .22 LR Mdl 51M SA Rifle. Lot# 270 Savage .22 Win Mag Mdl 63M BA Rifle. Lot# 271 Arisaka 7.7mm Type 99 Bolt Action Rifle. Lot# 272 Fabrique Nat D’Arms Mdl 24/30 BA Rifle. Lot# 273 Carl Gustaf Stads Mdl 96 Bolt action Rifle. Lot# 275 Winchester .22 Mdl 1902 Single Shot Rifle. Lot# 276 O.F. Mossberg .22 Mdl 42MB BA Rifle. Lot# 277 Remington .22 Mdl 514 Single shot BA Rifle. Lot# 278 Winchester .30-06 US Model 1917 BA Rifle. Lot# 279 Stevens-Savage Arms .22 Mdl 15A BA rifle. Lot# 280 Westernfield .22 LR Mdl M855 SA Rifle. Lot# 281 Marlin .30-30 Cal Mdl 30AS LA rifle. Lot# 283 J.C. Higgins .22 S/L/LR Mdl 31 SA Rifle. Lot# 284 Savage Arms .22 LR Mdl 1922 BA Rifle. Lot# 289 Winchester .22 S/L/LR Mdl 67 BA Rifle. Lot# 290 Remington .22 Targetmaster BA rifle. Lot# 291 Winchester .30 WCF Mdl 94 LA Rifle. Lot# 292 Hopkins & Allen .22 LR Mdl 822 Rifle. Lot# 293 J. Stevens Arms Co .22 LR Crackshot rifle. Lot# 295 Marlin .22 LR Mdl 60 Semi Auto Rifle. Lot# 298 O.F. Mossberg .22 LR Mdl 151M-B SA Rifle. Lot# 302 Marlin-Glenfield Mdl 100G Single shot .22 S/L/LR BA rifle.

Pistols: Lot# 249 Remington .308 Win XP-100 BA pistol. Lot# 250 FEG 9 MM Makarov Mdl PA-63 SA Pistol. Lot# 251 Strum Ruger .357 Police Service 6 Revolver. Lot# 252 Charter Arms 9 MM Fed Pitbull Revolver. Lot# 253 Helwan 9 MM Mdl Brigadier SA Pistol. Lot# 254 J. M. Martin Mdl 38 Standard SA Revolver. Lot# 260 Taurus .38 Spcl. Mdl 605 DA Revolver. Lot# 261 J. Stevens A&T Co .22 Cal Pocket Pistol. Lot# 262 Iver Johnson .38 Cal Safety Auto DA Revolver. Lot# 285 Colt .25 ACP Automatic S Auto pistol. Lot# 286 H&R .22 LR Model 622 DA revolver. Lot# 287 Vahca-Spain .32 S&W DA revolver. Lot# 288 H&R .38 S&W Mdl 1904 DA revolver. Lot# 299 H&R .38 S&W Mdl 2 Dbl Action Revolver.

Shotguns: Lot# 263 O.F. Mossberg 20 GA 385KB BA Shotgun. Lot# 264 Unknown Belgian Maker 12-13 GA +/- SBS shotgun. Lot# 265 The New England 12 GA SBS Shotgun. Lot# 266 J. Stevens Arms 12 GA Model 10 Shotgun. Lot# 267 Winchester 12 GA Mdl 370 Single shotgun. Lot# 274 Companhia Brasileira 12 GA Mdl SB single shot shotgun. Lot# 282 Mossberg 12 GA 500C Pump Shotgun. Lot# 294 Sears 12 GA Ted Williams Mdl 200 PASG. Lot# 296 Winchester 12 GA 1200 Pump Shotgun. Lot# 297 Sears 20 GA Ted Williams Mdl 200 PASG. Lot# 300 Harrington & Richardson Mdl 148 Topper 16 GA shotgun. Lot# 301 Western Arms Co. single shot 12 GA shotgun. Lot# 303 Iver Johnson Arms & CW Champion single shot 20 GA shotgun.

Black Powder Firearms: Lot# 18A Navy Arms .44 Cal Navy Cap & Ball Revolver. Lot# 18B Pedersoli .58 Cal Single shot BP pistol. Lot# 18C ASM (Italian) .44 Cal Cap & Ball Revolver. Lot# 18D Navy Arms .44 Cal BP Cap & Ball Revolver. Lot# 18E Navy Arms .44 Cal Colt Mdl 1860 Army. Lot# 19H Thomson Center Arms .58 Cal BP rifle. Lot# 19I Sile Inc – NY .50 Cal Black Powder Rifle. Lot# 19J Traditions .54 Cal Black Powder Rifle. Lot# 19K Thompson Center Arms .50 Cal BP Rifle. Lot# 19L Traditions .50 Cal Deerhunter BP Rifle. Lot# 19M Unknown Maker .50 Cal BP Rifle. Lot# 19N Numrich Arms/Hopkins & Allen .45 Cal. Lot# 19O Thompson Center Arms .50 Cal BP Rifle. Lot # 19P CVA Hawken Black Powder .50 Cal riflel. Lot # 19Q Traditions Buckhunter Pro .50 Cal BP Rifle . Lot # 19R Unknown Maker Black Powder .38 Cal +/-Rifle. Lot # 19S Unknown Maker Black Powder12 GA Shotgun. Lot # 19T Knight LK-93 Black Powder .50 Cal Rifle

Boats/Outboard Motors/Fishing Gear: (5) Penn International Gold Series 50SW and TW reels on Penn Roller guided rods, Penn International 80S reel on 130lb class bent butt planer rod, Lowe 14ft semi-v aluminum boat w/ Evinrude 15HP outboard motor and Karavan single axle trailer, Johnson 25HP electric start 2 stroke outboard motor painted in Marsh Grass camo, 12ft flat bottom jon boat, 14-16ft single axle boat trailer, Penn Fathom Master 600 Down rigger, Minn Kota 40lb thrust trolling motor (NIB), Qty of offshore fishing gear, trolling weights and more!!

Ammunition/Scopes/Shooting/Reloading Supplies/Bayonets/Etc: To include a large qty. of Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun Ammo in various calibers. 4 Powder horns, James Dixon & Sons Sheffield flask, US Musket Bayonet, Unmarked German Model 1840 US Calvary Saber w/scabbard. Pakistan sword w/leather scabbard, Eickhorn Solngen ceremonial knife, Carl Julius Krebs Solingen bayonet. German Hoffrits Boot knife. Primitive cutlass sword. Carl Zeiss 16×40 monocular. National Geographic 18-55 Zoom Spotting scope in case w/accessories. Gun cases, (2) compound bows, Bow case, climber stands, Mattamuskeet Sportsman’s Box. Reloading equipment including: RCBS Digital scale, Rotary Case trimmer, 5-0-2 scale. Approx. 22 reloading die sets. (3) Lee lead smelters, Dillon model RL-450 re-loader, Pacific DL-266 re-loader, MEC 600 re-loader, MEC 12 GA re-loader, Lyman re-loaders, Pacific re-loader, dies, vintage skeet thrower, powder measures, Simmons spotting scope, target box, lead shot, primers, Herters shot measure, Lee powder measure,(2) gun rests, pistol smithing books & more. Browning 5115 travel vault case. American Securities Non fire rated 40″W x 27″D x 60″ H metal gun safe. Much more to be listed as it arrives.

Decoys/Mounts: Full body 8pt Red Stag mount on lifelike portable platform, (4) Elk mounts, (3) Mule deer mounts, (1) moose mount, (1) Caribou mount, half body black bear mount, elk skull/antler set, approx (20) magnum cork body decoys by H. Haman of Middletown, DE to include: Mallard drake and hens, black ducks, and Canadian Geese, (16) Cabelas magnum Canadian goose corky body decoys, Bluebill decoy signed Hamilton, merganser decoy, black duck decoy, and others.

Personal Scooters/4 wheelers: White Lottus 49cc personal scooter (new), Orange VIP 49cc personal scooter (new), requires no tags or registration in MD, Roketa mdl RTB-110cc child’s 4 wheeler

Specialty Items/Misc: (8) Framed movie illustrations of John Wayne by famed artist Ron Adair (Artist Commissioned by Colt Firearms)LE w/ a copy of a letter by John Wayne, vintage Atlantic Grease wooden box, vintage shot boxes by Peters, Winchester, and Remington, several waterfowl prints, Miller High Life mirror, beer advertising pcs, Ducks Unlimited Decanters, and more.

Personal Property Terms: Cash Or Approved Check Day of sale. Visa/MC/Amex/Discover. 13% Buyer Premium. 3% Discount for cash or check. 6% MD Sales Tax will be charged unless you have a MD Tax License on file. Everything Sold “As Is” with no warranties of any kind. Two Auctioneers. Some seating provided. Food served by Station 7 Restaurant of Pittsville. Vehicle titles will be held for 10 Business Days if paying for titled items with a Personal check. No Exceptions. THE GUNS WILL BE STORED OFFSITE AT A SECURE LOCATION UNTIL THE AUCTION PREVIEW DATE.

Preview: Thursday February 3rd from 5 – 8 PM and Friday 12 – 5 PM prior to the Auction. High quality photographs of the firearms will be added to the website as items arrive and are cataloged.

Preview Party Event: Thursday February 3rd 5 – 8 PM.

Required Gun Paperwork: All modern firearms will be transferred through a licensed FFL dealer, who will be onsite, to process the required paperwork to transfer the firearms. You must be 18 Years of Age to purchase a Regular Long gun/Shotgun or Ammo. You must be 21 years of age to purchase a Handgun/Regulated Firearm or Handgun Ammo. A transfer fee will be collected by the FFL dealer. If you live out of Maryland and purchase a pistol or regulated firearm the firearm(s) must be transferred to an FFL Dealer in your state to process the required paperwork. If you do not live in MD, DE, PA, VA or WV and purchase a long gun or shotgun the firearm(s) must be transferred to an FFL Dealer in your state to process the required paperwork. FFL dealers must bring an original signed copy of their FFL. MD Handgun purchasers must complete a training video/online training if not previously done. Visit for the online course. You must have the card/documentation with you or other paperwork allowing you to purchase a handgun before you fill out the Required Firearm paperwork. Questions can be addressed to the FFL Dealer, Smitty’s Gun Shop, LLC at 410-835-0371/0384. Contact Auction Co or view website for complete details.

Transfer Fee’s: A fee will be charge by Smitty’s Gun Shop, LLC to transfer the firearms. The fee’s are as follows:

1. Black Powder Firearms = No Charge (Exceptions can exist. Example the Thompson Center Encore can have a Black powder barrel but can easily be changed to a centerfire rifle by changing a barrel) If paperwork is required it will be $15.00 per firearm.

2. Rifles/Shotguns = $15.00 per firearm. (Fees apply to Non Regulated Items. Regulated firearms are under # 3.)

3. Regulated Firearms = $30.00 Per Firearm (Includes all Modern Pistols & Certain Semi-Auto rifles (IE AR-15, AK-47, UZI, etc…) that are regulated by the State of Maryland). I can only transfer these firearms to MD Residents. **NOTE: $10.00 of this goes back to the State of MD for the background check** Residents of other States must have these firearms shipped to an FFL in your state to process the required paperwork.

4. Curio & Relic Firearms = $5.00 per firearm Firearms that are on the Curio & Relic List. Special Note: You must have a Curio & Relic License to Qualify for this Pricing.

5. Handgun buyers not from MD/Long Gun purchasers not from MD, DE, VA, WV or PA =$10.00 per firearm This is the cost to tranfer the firearm off of my books. Buyer will be responsible for all shipping & handling cost to ship the firearm(s) to your in state FFL.

6. FFL Dealers = No Charge Name on FFL must match the person here buying firearms. If an employee or agent is buying for you I will need a letter from you stating who the buyer/agent is and you are authorizing them to take possession of purchased firearms under your FFL.

If you have any questions feel free to Call Jeff Smith at Smitty’s Gun Shop – 410-835-0371

Click here to go to Smitty’s Gun Shop’s Website.


Contact Auction Company for Additional Details. 410-835-0384

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