14th Annual Men’s Night Out & Firearm Auction – Parsonsburg, MD – Day #3



Day #1 is Knives & Edged Weapons, Day #2 is Ammo, Accessories & 55 Guns. Day #3 is 360 Guns!

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14th Annual Firearm & Men’s Night Out Auction – Day #3


Auction Conducted at the A&M Auction Facility!


8000 Esham Road, Parsonsburg, MD 21849


Wednesday Feb. 5th, 2020 & Thursday Feb. 6th, 2020 at 5:02 PM

(Online Only Timed Auction on Proxibid for Wed. & Thur.) 

Friday Feb. 7th, 2020 at 5:02 PM (Live Onsite W/Live Online via Proxibid)


Selling for several local Eastern Shore/Mid Atlantic Estates & Consignors including a Nice selection of Early Lever Action Rifles from the Estate of Dr. Morton Kramer of Baltimore, MD & a nice selection of firearms from the Estate of Steve Smith!


There are 1,989+ Cataloged items in this 3 Day Auction.


425+ GUNS (215 Rifles, 85 Shotguns, 125 Handguns) Antique/Modern Rifles, Shotguns & Handguns. 1,000 + Knives,  Bayonets & Swords. 100,000+ Plus Rounds of Ammunition, Husqvarna Professional Z554 Zero Turn Mower, John Deere X540 Riding Mower, 14′ Jon Boat w/ 25HP Yamaha, Custom 26ft Pontoon/Ducktoon hunting boat blind,  Polaris Sportsman 90 ATV, Hunting Accessories, Scopes & more!



Firearms from Manufacturers including: American Tactical Imports, Armalite, Arisaka, Astra, Auto Ordnance Corp, Baikal, Benelli, Beretta, Browning Arms Co, Carl Gustaf’s, Carl Walther, Century Arms Intl, Charter Arms, Churchill, Colt Defense, Colt’s Mfg. Co., Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co, Colt Defense, CZ, Davis Industries, D.S. Arms Inc., Deutsche Werke, DWM Mauser, Enfield, F.B. Radom, Fabrique Nationale, Ansley H. Fox, FNH, German Sport Guns, Glock, Harrington & Richardson, Heckler & Koch, Henry Repeating Arms Co, Heritage Mfg Co, Husqvarna, Imez, IMI, Ithaca, J. Stevens Arms Co, J.C. Higgins, J.G. Anshutz, Jimenez Arms, Lee Enfield, Lithgow, LWRC Intl, Marlin Firearms Co, Mauser, Mauser Werke, MAS, McMillan, Mitchell’s Mauser, Monsin Nagant, Mossberg, Nambu, Navy Arms, New England Westinghouse, New Haven Arms-Volcanic, Norinco, O F Mossberg, Parker Bros, Remington Arms Co,  Rock River Arms, Sako, Savage Arms, Schmidt Rubin, Sears & Roebuck Co., Shiloh Rifle Mfg Co, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Spreewerke, Springfield Armory, Stevens Arms Co., Steyr, Strum, Ruger & Co, Inc, Uberti, Taurus, Thompson Center Arms, Tula, Utas, Zabala, Zastava, Waffen Fabrik Mauser, Walther, Weatherby, Webley, Westernfield, Winchester Repeating Arms Co & others. U.S. Military Arms to Include: Cranston Arms, Eddystone Arsenal, Inland Div. GM, Remington, Remington Rand, Rock Island Arsenal, Smith Corona, Springfield Armory, Union Switch & Signal, Winchester & others!

Firearm Highlights include: Volcanic Repeating Arms Company .41 Cal LAR, 1863 2nd Mdl Henry .44 Lever Action, Winchester Mdl 1866 Lever Action, LWRC REPR .308, LWRC 5.56mm, RRA 5.56mm, Armalite AR-50, 2 Armalite AR-10’s, FN Scar 17S, UZI Mdl B, Tavor, A nice selection of WW1/2 Era Military rifles including (8)US 1903’s, (4)1917’s, (4)M1 Carbines, (8)M1 Garand’s, Mauser bcd 4 Sniper, M1 Garand Sniper & much more! Foreign Military including: Lee Enfields, Japanese Arisaka’s, German Mausers, Russian Mosin Nagants & many others.

Knives from Manufacturers including: Randall, Chris Reeve, A.G. Russell, Larry Paige, Boker, Helle, Lone Wolf Knives, Winkler, EESE/Randall Adventures, Ka-Bar, Condor, Queen Cutlery, Buck, CRKT, SOG, Cold Steel, Browning, Case, ZT & many others.

Order of Auction: Wed. 2/5/2020 – 500+ lots of Knives, Bayonets, Swords, Hatchets & more. Thur. 2/6/2020 – Several hundred lots of Ammunition, Shooting supplies, Scopes, Lesser Firearms. Fri. 2/7/2020 – 350+ Lots of Firearms, Bayonets, Larger items, 2 Commercial Riding Lawn Mowers, Jon Boat w/Outboard and Trailer, ATV.


Auctioneers Note: Folks in the 14-year history of this annual sale this is the largest one of its kind. So big it will take (3) days of selling to liquidate more than 1,800 lots of merchandise to include more than 500 firearms, 1000 knives, over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND rounds of ammunition, john boats, four wheelers, zero turn mowers, etc.  To help celebrate 14 years in a row of having the shore’s largest and most exciting firearm auction, this year’s event will include a preview night, door prizes, giveaways, a 50/50 raffle & more! This years Auction will guarantee a great buying experience for all types of firearm enthusiasts. Online Bidding will be available at www.amauctions.com via PROXIBID!

Catalogs:  This years catalog has been printed. We will have two options available for the Catalogs. We printed a Catalog that covers all 3 Days. The are 155 pages $13.7 Cents a page and come out to $20 Each. We did a Day #3 catalog Only. They at 66 Pages at $13.7 Cents per page and came out to $8 Each. We know this is expensive. It cost us $987 to have 75 Catalogs printed. It can be printed by you at home or work. Catalogs will be available for sale at the registration window. You will need a catalog to know the lot # of the items you wish to preview or bid on. The items will be arranged in lot # order. You can write down the lot #’s that you are interested in seeing at the preview and bring that with you.

Auction Crowd

Directions: Our Auction Facility is located in Parsonsburg on the Eastern Shore of Maryland Approx. 100 Miles north of Norfolk, VA, 55 Miles South of Dover, DE, 100 East of Washington, DC and 18 miles West of Ocean City, MD. At the intersection of Rt. 50 and the Rt. 13 Bypass merge onto Rt. 50 East towards Ocean City and follow for 3.9 miles to the intersection of Rt. 50 & Forest Grove Rd. Turn North (left) onto Forest Grove Rd. and follow for 0.5 miles to Old Ocean City Rd. Right onto Old O. C. Rd. and follow for 1.2 miles to Esham Rd. Left onto Esham Rd. and follow for 1.2 miles to burgundy/tan building on left. Signs Posted.

Preview:  Mon. Feb. 3rd, 2020 5-8 PM, Wed. Feb. 5th, 2020 5-8 PM, Fri. Feb. 7th, 2020 from 2-5 PM.




Items have been uploaded to the Online bid server on Proxibid. There are over 15,000 Photographs available in the Catalog. You can now place Prebids here on Proxibid up until the time each item is scheduled to close.

 With this system you can bid LIVE on the computer against LIVE FLOOR Bidders in the Auction House once each item comes up onto the Auction Block. Things will move very quickly once the bidding begins. We generally sell between 60 & 80 lots an hour at Live Auction. We highly recommend that you place a Prebid on the item(s) that you are interested in and then be there ready to rebid if your maximum bid is exceeded should you so choose to increase your bid. If you wait until the last second to click the bid button it may be to late. These is a very small lag time from the time that you press the bid button, that information reflects on our clerks screen and he/she relays that to bid to the Auctioneer. If your bid comes in after the Auctioneer has said sold your bid will not be accepted or honored. With 400 Live auction items we need to sell at a fairly rapid pace. If you place a Prebid Proxibids computer immediately notifies us if there is a higher bid online. As the Auctioneer we have no idea of your maximum bid amount that is placed on any given lot. Proxibid’s computer only lets us know that a higher bid has been placed online when we update the asking bid. You can feel secure in knowing that your bid can’t be run up to or stated out at your maximum bid. The Auctioneer will generally give the lot 3 calls. Going once, twice, sold. DO NOT wait until the Auctioneer says Going Twice to decide if you want to bid or not. If you do it will likely be to late and the lot will have sold before your bid can be acted upon!

NOTE: The Auction items start ending at 5:02 PM on Friday the 7th of February. There are Approx. 400 lots in the Auction. It will take Approx. 5-6 hours (@ 80 Lots/Hr or @ 60 Lots/Hr) for all 400 items to come to a close.

Proxibid - Live Internet Bidding

This Auction will feature Timed Online Only bidding on Wednesday the 5th of Feb. & Thursday the 6th of Feb., 2020. You can place Prebids or Bid live via the computer from the comfort of your own home as the items are closing.

Friday’s Auction day will feature LIVE ONSITE Bidding with LIVE WEBCAST Bidding via Proxibid.

There is an 18% Buyer Premium with the use of this System. Proxibid gets a 5% cut of everything that sells on their site!.


A Final Catalog is available on our HiBid Server by clicking the link below. The catalog for Fridays Firearm Auction has uploaded and is available to view on HiBid.

Online Bidding

You can place ONLINE ABSENTEE bids on the HiBid Server for Friday Feb. 7th , 2020 Auction Day #3. This will be a LIVE AUCTION with ONLINE ABSENTEE BIDDING (Here on HiBid) on Friday 2/7/19. Bids left here on HiBid are due by 2 PM on Friday the 7th of February. Those bids will be uploaded into our Auction Software and executed by the Auctioneer during the Live Auction. It should be understood that the high bid at 2 PM may or may not be the winning bid. The Auctioneer will start with either the Highest bid on HiBid or Highest Prebid on Proxibid when the item comes up on the Auction Block. Then the bidding is open to the floor and Live bids via Proxibid.

You will be notified by email if you place a Winning Bid on HiBid. The computer will show “May have Won” if you were the Highest bid at 2 PM on Friday the 7th. We won’t know if your bid won until the Live Bidding opens and that particular item is sold at Live Auction. You will be notified by email if you are a winning Bidder on lots that you placed bids on. All desired Live Online bidding should be conducted through www.proxibid.com. There is a 15% Buyer Premium if you place bids and win on HiBid.

AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Please do not assume that if you log back into HiBid and the computer shows “May have Won” that you actually won the item. We generally upload the winning prices back to HiBid within a few days once items are paid for. If you have a question about whether you won an item you can give us a call or look online on Proxibid under our Archived Auctions and it will show a sold for price. You will also get an Email from us letting you know that you won an item. That will normally arrive within about a day after the close of the Auction.

It may be possible that a Tie bid can occur with the use of several bidding platforms. Its easy to correct with either a Live Floor Bidder or a Live Online Bidder as we can announce that the floor is in or the internet is in and ask for an additional bid to break the tie. For Example lets say that you place a Max bid on HiBid for $400 for a Rifle. If the current bidding is Say $250. The Auctioneer will start the bidding at $250. If a person bids $275 on the floor we would put you in for $300. Then if we ask for $325 and a Live Internet bidder bids we would accept that bid and put you in at $350. If no one else bids you would win for your $350 Bid.  If we continue that example say we get an internet bid at $375 and then the Auctioneer asks for $400. If a person in the Live Crowd goes to $400 then we have a tied bid between a Live Bid and an Absentee Bid. The Auctioneer will generally award the bid to the Live onsite bidder.  The situation can also arrise in that same example if you had the bid at $375 and either the internet or a live bidder goes $400. Then due to the bid increment the other bidder beat you to the $400 bid increment. In this example the bid would be awarded to the Internet or Live bidder even though you had a Tying $400 bid. We want to be upfront and honest will all of our bidders and you to make you aware that things like this can happen. Don’t consider yourself the winner until you receive an Invoice from the Auction Co. stating that you won that item. You can avoid this situation by either attending the Live Auction or bidding live via Proxibid.


Catalog Links

Click here for the Final copy of the Catalog – Text Only. Adobe.PDF (66 Pages)

Click here for the FInal copy of the Catalog – Text W/Small Photo. Adobe.PDF (96 Pages)


NOTE: The Firearm lot #’s have been assigned. The number provided below and in the Catalog is the Final Lot #. We will be selling the Firearms in Approx. 15 Rounds. We will sell Approx. 12 Rifles, 4 Shotguns and 7 Handguns in Each round. We will then repeat and sell another 12 Rifles, 4 Shotguns and 7 Handguns in Each round. We will vary the firearms so that we keep everyone interested. In the Rifles for Example we will sell Approx. 5 Military Rifles, Several Bolt Action Rifles, a Semi Auto or two, a pump or a single shot to keep the offerings varied.





(Links are being updated at this time. If you click on the lot # link below it will take you directly to the Item Page on Proxibid with a full Description and Photos)


1600        Spanish Mauser 1943 Short Rifle Bolt Action Rifle SN# EA33636 Cal/MM/GA: 7.92×57 MM MODERN/C&R

1601        Monsin Nagant/Imp By CAI 44 Bolt Action Rifle SN# OG2637 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X54R MODERN/C&R

1602        Lee Enfield/Imp By CAI No 4 Mk 1 ROF(F) Bolt Action Rifle SN# SA21627 Cal/MM/GA: .303 Cal MODERN/C&R

1603        T.C. Asfa Ankara K. Kale/Imp By CAI 1903/38 Turkish Mauser Bolt Action Rifle SN# 186312 Cal/MM/GA: 8MM MODERN/C&R

1604        Schmidt Rubin/Imp By CAI K31 Sig/Swiss Bolt Action Rifle SN# 908876 Cal/MM/GA: 7.5X55MM MODERN/C&R

1605        Marlin Firearms Co 782 Bolt Action SN# 23724164 Cal/MM/GA: .22 WMR MODERN

1606        Marlin Firearms Co 60 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 08316204 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1607        China/Imp By Fks SKS Semi Auto Rifle SN# 1729954 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X39MM MODERN

1608        Marlin Firearms Co Glenfield Mdl 60 Semi Auto Rifle SN# NSN-2777 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1609        Sears & Roebuck Co. Ted Williams Model 100 Lever Action Rifle SN# V69586 Cal/MM/GA: 30-30 WIN MODERN

1610        Savage Arms Corp 24 Rifle/Shotgun Combo SN# NSN-2778 Cal/MM/GA: .22/.410 MODERN

1611        Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter Single Shot Breech load rifle SN# PS44175 Cal/MM/GA: .50 Cal MODERN

1613        Remington Arms Co Sportsman Semi Auto Shotgun SN# 1559045 Cal/MM/GA: 16 GA MODERN/C&R

1614        Mossberg 500 AB Pump Action Shotgun SN# D73501 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1615        Remington Arms Co 11 Semi Auto Shotgun SN# 164230 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1616        Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg Co 1883 SBS Shotgun SN# 8242 Cal/MM/GA: 10 GA ANTIQUE

1617        Harrington & Richardson Sportsman Double Action Revolver SN# M3087 Cal/MM/GA: .22LR REGULATED

1618        Harrington & Richardson Inc 929 Sidekick Double Action Revolver SN# Z11823 Cal/MM/GA: .22 Cal REGULATED/C&R

1619        Charter Corp Undercover Double Action Revolver SN# 159718 Cal/MM/GA: .38 SPECIAL REGULATED

1620        F.B. Radom 35 Semi Auto Pistol SN# L9453 Cal/MM/GA: 9MM REGULATED/C&R

1621        Stoeger Arms Corp Luger Semi Auto Pistol SN# 34241 Cal/MM/GA: .22LR REGULATED

1622        Davis Industries P-380 Semi Auto Pistol SN# AP288816 Cal/MM/GA: .380 ACP REGULATED

1623        Butler Assoc. Inc Derringer Derringer SN# 22732 Cal/MM/GA: .22 S REGULATED

1624        Llama/Gabilondy Cia/Imp By Stoeger III A Semi Auto Pistol SN# 585235 Cal/MM/GA: .380 ACP REGULATED

1625        Monsin Nagant/Imp By CAI 1891 Bolt Action Rifle SN# N61490 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X54R MODERN/C&R

1626        Husqvarna Vapenfabriks/Imp By CAI 1938 Short Rifle Bolt Action Rifle SN# 661007 Cal/MM/GA: 6.5X55MM MODERN/C&R

1627        Steyr/Imp By CAI 1895/34 Mannlicher Bolt Action Rifle SN# 1379 Cal/MM/GA: 8X56MM MODERN/C&R

1628        Arisaka Type 99 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 46651 Cal/MM/GA: 7.7MM MODERN/C&R

1629        U.S. Remington 1903 Modified Bolt Action Rifle SN# 3078854 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1630        Marlin Firearms Co. 882 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 09500716 Cal/MM/GA: .22 WMR MODERN

1631        Remington Arms Co Nylon 66 Semi Auto Rifle SN# 2343238 Cal/MM/GA: .22 Cal MODERN

1632        Zastava/Imp By Cai 59/66 Semi Auto Rifle SN# R633802 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X39MM MODERN

1633        MAS (French State Arsenal) 1949-56 Semi Auto Rifle SN# 76710 Cal/MM/GA: 7.55X54 MM MODERN

1634        Marlin Firearms Co 56 Lever Action Rifle SN# NSN2757 Cal/MM/GA: .22 Cal MODERN/C&R

1635        Savage Arms Corp 219L Single Shot Rifle SN# 22084 Cal/MM/GA: .22 HORNET MODERN

1636        Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. Reproduction Mdl 1861 Per Black Powder Rifle SN# A5381 Cal/MM/GA: .58 Cal BLACKPOWDER

1637        Remington Arms Co Wingmaster 870 Pump Action Shotgun SN# 193902V Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1638        Churchill/Imported By Kassnar Windsor ! SBS Shotgun SN# 360082 Cal/MM/GA: 20 GA MODERN

1639        Remington Arms Co 11-87 Premier Semi Auto Shotgun SN# PC280398 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1640        Browning Arms Co Citori Over/Under Shotgun SN# 09102H37 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1641        Heritage Mfg Co Rough Rider Single Action Revolver SN# HR22946 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR REGULATED

1642        Smith & Wesson 38 Double Action Revolver SN# J432051 Cal/MM/GA: .38 SPCL REGULATED

1643        Monsin Nagant/Imp By Interordnance 1895 Double Action Revolver SN# ET591 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62x25MM REGULATED

1644        Ceská Zbrojovka/Imp. By TG CZ-52 Tokarev Semi Auto Pistol SN# AZ2326 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62x25MM REGULATED/C&R

1645        Imez/Imp By B-West IJ70-17a Semi Auto Pistol SN# BHC7236 Cal/MM/GA: .380 ACP REGULATED

1646        Deutsche Werke Ortgies Pat. Semi Auto Pistol SN# 120395 Cal/MM/GA: 7.65 MM REGULATED/C&R

1647        Firearms Manuf. Co/H Y Hunter Arms Inc Frontier Derringer SN# 100171 Cal/MM/GA: .357 MAG REGULATED

1648        Browning Arms Co 1905 Vest Pocket 2nd Var Semi Auto Pistol SN# 360107 Cal/MM/GA: 6.35MM REGULATED/C&R

1649        Monsin Nagant/Imp By Pw Arms 1891/30 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 91447 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X54R MODERN/C&R

1650        U.S. Smith Corona 1903-A3 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 3682650 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1651        Mauser 1898 bnz 4 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 44 Cal/MM/GA: 7.92X57MM MODERN/C&R

1652        Lee Enfield/Imp By Iac No 4 Mk 1* Longbranch Bolt Action Rifle SN# 15L6514 Cal/MM/GA: .303 Cal MODERN/C&R

1653        Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc American Rimfire Bolt Action Rifle SN# 832-05395 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1654        Savage Arms Co Axis Bolt Action Rifle SN# H421297 Cal/MM/GA: .223 Cal MODERN

1655        Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc 10/22 Tactical Takedown Semi Action Rifle SN# 0002-17922 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1656        Marlin 922M Semi Auto Rifle SN# 922M0919 Cal/MM/GA: .22 WMRF MODERN

1657        Rock River Arms LAR-15 Semi Auto Rifle SN# CM71159 Cal/MM/GA: 5.56MM MODERN

1658        Winchester Reapeating Arms Co 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine Lever Action Rifle SN# 382877 Cal/MM/GA: .44 WCF MODERN/C&R

1659        Remington Arms Co 760 Game Master Pump Action Rifle SN# 6950654 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN

1660        Sturm Ruger & Co Inc 1 RSI Falling Block Rifle SN# 134-20629 Cal/MM/GA: .243 Win MODERN

1661        Winchester 9410 Lever Action Shotgun SN# SG38435 Cal/MM/GA: .410 GA MODERN

1662        Browning Arms Co. BPS Pump Action Shotgun SN# 02048NY192 Cal/MM/GA: 10 GA MODERN

1663        Luigi Franchi/Imp by American Arms, Inc 48 AL 28 Semi Auto Shotgun SN# E03006 Cal/MM/GA: 28 GA MODERN

1664        Winchester Reapeating Arms Co 24 SBS Shotgun SN# 65674 Cal/MM/GA: 16 GA MODERN

1665        Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg Co Official Police Double Action Revolver SN# 924761 Cal/MM/GA: .38 SPECIAL REGULATED/C&R

1666        Sturm Ruger & Co., Inc Security Six Double Action Revolver SN# 159-41201 Cal/MM/GA: .357 MAG REGULATED

1667        Burgo 108-S Double Action Revolver SN# 258888 Cal/MM/GA: .32 S&W REGULATED

1668        Jimenez Arms JA 380 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 206608 Cal/MM/GA: .380 ACP REGULATED

1669        P. Beretta 948 Semi Auto Pistol SN# C76907N Cal/MM/GA: .22 Cal REGULATED/C&R

1670        Nambu Type 94 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 44942 Cal/MM/GA: 8 MM REGULATED/C&R

1671        Astra/ Imp By Iac 400 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 88622 Cal/MM/GA: 9MM LARGO REGULATED/C&R

1672        Mauser Werk A.G. HSC Semi Auto Pistol SN# 932856 Cal/MM/GA: 7.65 MM REGULATED

1673        Carl Gustafs Stads 1896 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 298603 Cal/MM/GA: 6.5X55 MODERN/C&R

1674        Monsin Nagant/Imp By Interordnance 39 Finnish Mauser Bolt Action Rifle SN# 206825 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X54R MODERN/C&R

1675        U.S. Remington 1903-A3 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 3452787 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1676        U.S. Springfield Armory 1898 Krag Jorgensen Bolt Action Rifle SN# 167788 Cal/MM/GA: .30-40 KRAG MODERN/C&R

1677        Steyr-Mannlicher/Imp By GSI Safebolt Bolt Action Rifle SN# 1023188 Cal/MM/GA: .308 Win MODERN

1678        Remington Arms Co 504 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 50400169 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1679        Winchester Reapeating Arms Co 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine Lever Action Rifle SN# 517536 Cal/MM/GA: .32 WS MODERN/C&R

1680        Savage Arms 24 Series S Rifle/Shotgun Combo SN# D193420 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR/20 GA MODERN/C&R

1681        Mossberg Intl/Imp By Mossberg 715T Semi Auto Rifle SN# EMA3622110 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1682        Century Arms Intl/Dc Industries Tantal Sporter Semi Auto Rifle SN# TTL00323 Cal/MM/GA: 5.45X39MM MODERN

1683        Browning Arms Co SA-22 Semi Auto Rifle SN# 02984NM146 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1684        U.S. Springfield Armory M1 Garand Semi Auto Rifle SN# 3738183 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1685        Zabala Hermanos/ Imp.By Galeef & Son Inc SBS Shotgun SN# 231324 Cal/MM/GA: 10 GA MODERN

1686        Westernfield 550 ABR Pump Action Shotgun SN# G085967 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1687        Remington Arms Co 11-87 Special Purpose Mag Semi Auto Shotgun SN# PC052437 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1688        Weatherby Athena Grade IV Field Over/Under Shotgun SN# D006406 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1689        Webely Mark IV Double Action Revolver SN# 74029 Cal/MM/GA: .38 S&W REGULATED

1690        Uberti/Imp By Us Patent Firearms Mfg. Co SAA Revolver Single Action Revolver SN# 126725 Cal/MM/GA: .44-40 REGULATED

1691        Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. 1909 US Army Double Action Revolver SN# 41852 Cal/MM/GA: .45 COLT REGULATED/C&R

1692        Colt’s P.T.F.A Mfg. Co. Woodsman Semi Auto Pistol SN# 63469 Cal/MM/GA: .22LR REGULATED/C&R

1693        Rheinische Matallwareb & Maschinenfabrik Dreysr 107 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 248657 Cal/MM/GA: 7.65 MM REGULATED/C&R

1694        Mauser P38 byf 44 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 67525 Cal/MM/GA: 9MM PARA REGULATED/C&R

1695        Mauser Luger Date Code 42 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 9279 Cal/MM/GA: 9MM PARA REGULATED/C&R

1696        Auto Ordnance Corp 1911-A1 WWII Parkerized Semi Auto Pistol SN# AOA01953 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED

1697        U.S. Eddystone Arsenal 1917 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 207557 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1698        U.S. Smith Corona 1903-A3 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 4772354 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1699        Zastava/Imp By Intac 24/47 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 6365 Cal/MM/GA: 7.92x57MM MODERN/C&R

1700        Volcanic Repeating Arms Co New Haven Carbine Lever Action Rifle SN# 3012 Cal/MM/GA: .41 RF ANTIQUE

1701        Savage Arms Co 10 Bolt Action Rifle SN# H070527 Cal/MM/GA: .308 Win MODERN

1702        Savage Arms/Imp By Savage Arms Inc Mark II Bolt Action Rifle SN# 1257420 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1703        Tula Russia/Imp by KBI SKS-45 Semi Auto Rifle SN# 5337 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X39MM MODERN

1704        Browning Arms Co. BAR Semi Auto Rifle SN# 137PR09156 Cal/MM/GA: .308 Win MODERN

1705        Weatherby Mark XXII Semi Auto Rifle SN# 24867 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1706        Marlin Firearms Co 57 Levermatic Lever Action Rifle SN# NSN2758 Cal/MM/GA: .22 Cal MODERN/C&R

1707        IAB Marcheno/Imp By Emf Sharps Single Shot Rifle SN# 26884 Cal/MM/GA: .45-70 MODERN

1708        Armalite, Inc AR-10 A4 Semi Auto Rifle SN# US51033 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X51MM MODERN

1709        Winchester 9410 Lever Action Shotgun SN# SG06049 Cal/MM/GA: .410 GA MODERN

1710        Luigi Franchi/Imp by American Arms, Inc 48 AL 28 Semi Auto Shotgun SN# E03079 Cal/MM/GA: 28 GA MODERN

1711        Marlin Firesarms Co. Original Super Goose Bolt Action Shotgun SN# 20738356 Cal/MM/GA: 10 GA MODERN

1712        Browning Arms Co Citori Over/Under Shotgun SN# 20636PV153 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1713        Smith & Wesson Military & Police 1905 4t Double Action Revolver SN# 561893 Cal/MM/GA: .38 SPCL REGULATED/C&R

1714        Sturm Ruger & Co Inc Security Six Double Action Revolver SN# 154-40119 Cal/MM/GA: .357 MAG REGULATED

1715        F. LLI Pieta (Italy) 1851 Navy BP Revolver – D Black Powder Revolver SN# 001436 Cal/MM/GA: .44 Cal BLACKPOWDER

1716        Springfield Armory 1911 A1 MILSPEC PARK .45 Semi Auto Pistol SN# N424764 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED

1717        Heckler & Koch USP Semi Auto Pistol SN# 25-00862 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED

1718        Glock/Imp By Glock Inc 21 Semi Auto Pistol SN# AWG645 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED

1719        Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. Mark IV Series 70 .38 Sup Semi Auto Pistol SN# 70S07531 Cal/MM/GA: .38 SUPER REGULATED

1720        Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc Mk II Government Target Semi Auto Pistol SN# 216-31689 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR REGULATED

1721        U.S. Springfield Armory 1903 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 1202268 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1723        Arisaka Type 99 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 14276 Cal/MM/GA: 7.7MM MODERN/C&R

1724        Mauser 1898 ar 41 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 7504 Cal/MM/GA: 7.92X57MM MODERN/C&R

1725        Mosin Nagant/Imp By Pw Arms 1891/30 Bolt Action Rifle SN# KC34778NTK13 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X54R MODERN/C&R

1726        Arisaka Sporterized Bolt Action Rifle SN# 52730 Cal/MM/GA: .358 WIN MODERN/C&R

1727        Savage Arms/Imp By Savage Arms Inc 93 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 1437234 Cal/MM/GA: .22 WMR MODERN

1728        Marlin Firearms Co 57 Levermatic Lever Auction Rifle SN# NSN2760 Cal/MM/GA: .22 Cal MODERN/C&R

1729        Winchester 70 Classic Laredo Bolt Action Rifle SN# G155865 Cal/MM/GA: .300 WIN MAG MODERN

1730        Remington Arms Co. 700 African Plains Bolt Action Rifle E6672548 .338 Win Mag

1731         Marlin Firearms Co. 1895SBL Lever Action Rifle 91202423 .45-70 Govt

1732        Marlin Firearms Co. 336 RC Lever Action Rifle W32498 .35 Rem

1734        Winchester 9410 Lever Action Shotgun SN# SG43226 Cal/MM/GA: .410 GA MODERN

1735        Norinco 97TW Pump Action Shotgun SN# M1L3120 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1736        Benelli Armi Spa/Imp By Heckler & Koch Super Black Eagle Semi Auto Shotgun SN# U002038 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1737        Sturm, Ruger & Co Inc Red Label Over/Under Shotgun SN# 420-15990 Cal/MM/GA: 28 GA MODERN

1738        Smith & Wesson 34-1 Double Action Revolver SN# M19751 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR REGULATED

1739        Smith & Wesson 686 Double Action Revolver SN# AYH2736 Cal/MM/GA: .357 Mag REGULATED

1740        A. Uberti/Imp By Navy Arms 1875 Schofield Single Action Revolver SN# 24 Cal/MM/GA: .45 COLT REGULATED

1741        Browning Arms Co Hi Power Semi Auto Pistol SN# T215503 Cal/MM/GA: 9MM REGULATED

1742        Fabrique Nantionale D’armes/Imp By Cdi Hi Power Semi Auto Pistol SN# E08925 Cal/MM/GA: 9MM REGULATED

1743        Mauser Werke 1896 Broom Handle Semi Auto Pistol SN# 22718 Cal/MM/GA: 7.63 MM REGULATED/C&R

1744        Imez/Imp By Big Bear Arms IJ-70-18A Semi Auto Pistol SN# AEC9335 Cal/MM/GA: 9MM MAKAROV REGULATED

1745        Smith & Wesson SD40VE Semi Auto Pistol SN# FNX2697 Cal/MM/GA: .40 S&W REGULATED

1746        Mauser 1898 bcd 4 Long Rail Snip Bolt Action Rifle SN# X2640 Cal/MM/GA: 7.92X57MM MODERN/C&R

1747        U.S. Rock Island Arsenal 1903 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 310233 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1748        Mosin Nagant/Imp By Cai 1891/30 Sniper Bolt Action Rifle SN# 8382 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X54R MODERN/C&R

1749        Arisaka Type 1 Paratrooper Bolt Action Rifle SN# 882 Cal/MM/GA: 7.7 MM MODERN/C&R

1750        New Haven Arms Co. Henry Lever Action Rifle SN# 1971 Cal/MM/GA: .44 RF ANTIQUE

1751        Armalite, Inc AR50 Bolt Action Rifle SN# US71600 Cal/MM/GA: .50 BMG MODERN

1752        Winchester 70 Heavy Varmint Bolt Action Rifle SN# G2121335 Cal/MM/GA: .22.250 MODERN

1753        Weatherby Mark V Deluxe Bolt Action Rifle SN# PBO32696 Cal/MM/GA: .257 WBY MODERN

1754        Sturm Ruger & Co Inc All Weather 77/22 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 702-17800 Cal/MM/GA: .22 MAG MODERN

1755        Fn Herstal/Imp By Fnh Usa 17-S Semi Auto Rifle SN# HC18240 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X51MM MODERN.

1756        Lwrc Intl IC-DI Semi Auto Rifle SN# 24-21222 Cal/MM/GA: .223 Cal MODERN

1757        U.S. Winchester M1 Garand Semi Auto Rifle SN# 2447146 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1758        U.S. Winchester M1 Carbine Semi Auto Rifle SN# 7241075 Cal/MM/GA: .30 CARBINE MODERN/C&R

1759        Browning Arms Co 2000 Semi Auto Shotgun SN# 611RN06762 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1760        Weatherby/Imp By South Gate Orion Over/Under Shotgun SN# E005975 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1761        Ansley H. Fox Gun Co A Grade SBS Shotgun SN# 28883 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN/C&R

1762        Mosin Nagant/Imp By Cai 1895 Double Action Revolver SN# 25389 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X25 REGULATED/C&R

1763        Colts Mfg. Co. Officers Model Match Double Action Revolver SN# 910100 Cal/MM/GA: .38 SPCL REGULATED/C&R

1764        Enfield Royal Small Arms Factory Mark VI Double Action Revolver SN# 17145 Cal/MM/GA: .455 Cal REGULATED/C&R

1765        FN America, LLC FN509 Semi Auto Pistol SN# GKS0011915 Cal/MM/GA: 9 MM REGULATED

1766        Colt’s Mfg Co. Commander Super 38 LW Semi Auto Pistol SN# 15560-LW Cal/MM/GA: .38 SUPER REGULATED

1767        Husqvarna Vaffenfabriks 40 Semi Auto Pistol SN# D12569 Cal/MM/GA: 9 MM REGULATED/C&R

1768        Glock/ Imp By Glock Inc. 31 Semi Auto Pistol SN# CPC172US Cal/MM/GA: .357 SIG REGULATED

1769        Thompson Center Arms Contender Single Shot Pistol SN# 363160 Cal/MM/GA: 7-30 WATERS REGULATED

1770        Remington Arms Co 870 Express Super Mag Pump Action Shotgun SN# 0799328A Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1771        Monsin Nagant/Imp By Cai 91/30 Bolt Action Rifle SN# KV468 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X54R MODERN/C&R

1772        U.S. Remington 1903-A3 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 3755149 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1773        Mitchells Mauser Mdl 48 Bolt Action Rifle SN# V54680 Cal/MM/GA: 7.92X57MM MODERN

1774        U.S. Eddystone Arsenal 1917 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 914343 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1775        Weatherby Mark V Ultimate Bolt Action Rifle SN# SB055450 Cal/MM/GA: .300 WBY MODERN

1776        Remington Arms Co 700 Sendero Bolt Action Rifle SN# C6896330 Cal/MM/GA: 7MM MODERN

1777        Walther KKM Bolt Action Rifle SN# 011659 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1778        Sturm, Ruger & Co Inc 77/22 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 700-69947 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1779        Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc  Semi Auto Rifle SN# 235-809183 Cal/MM/GA: .22 Cal MODERN

1780        U.S. Springfield Armory M1 Garand Semi Auto Rifle SN# 1573205 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1781        Lwrc Intl REPR (REPRR7B16) Semi Auto Rifle SN# 70-00517 Cal/MM/GA: .308 Win MODERN

1782        Winchester 1886 Lever Action Rifle SN# ES1176 Cal/MM/GA: .45-70 MODERN

1783        P. Beretta/P. Beretta Usa AL391 Urika Semi Auto Shotgun SN# AA134506 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1784        Remington Arms Co 870 Special Purpose Magnu Pump Action Shotgun SN# H692325M Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1785        Ithaca Gun Co Flues SBS Shotgun SN# 307848 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1786        Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co. Cobra Double Action Revolver SN# B91654 Cal/MM/GA: .38 SPCL REGULATED

1787        Smith & Wesson 15-2 Double Action Revolver SN# K550351 Cal/MM/GA: .38 SPCL REGULATED

1788        Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. Police Positive Special Double Action Revolver SN# 889095 Cal/MM/GA: .38 SPCL REGULATED/C&R

1789        Heckler & Koch/Imp By Heckler  Koch, Inc USP 40 Compact Semi Auto Pistol SN# 111-000928 Cal/MM/GA: .40 S&W REGULATED

1790        Walther/Imp By Smith & Wesson PPK/S-1 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 0790BAS Cal/MM/GA: .380 ACP REGULATED

1791        Union Switch & Signal Co 1911-A1 Us Property/Army Semi Auto Pistol SN# 1074355 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED/C&R

1792        Davis Industries DM-22 Derringer SN# 403625 Cal/MM/GA: .22 MAG MD BANNED

1793        Smith & Wesson 52-1 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 58197 Cal/MM/GA: .38 SPCL REGULATED/C&R

1794        Utas/Imp By UTAS-USA XTR-12 Semi Auto Shotgun SN# XTR03509 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1795        U.S. Remington 1903-A3 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 4205556 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1796        US Springfield Armory 1899 Carbine Bolt Action Rifle SN# 227583 Cal/MM/GA: .30-40 KRAG MODERN/C&R

1797        Mauser K98 byf 43 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 46644 Cal/MM/GA: 7.92X57 MM MODERN/C&R

1798        Arisaka Type 99 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 3425 Cal/MM/GA: 7.7MM MODERN/C&R

1799        U.S. Springfield Armory M1 Garand Semi Auto Rifle SN# 2562135 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1800        Winchester Repeating Arms Co 1866 Rifle 3rd Model Lever Action Rifle SN# 28480 Cal/MM/GA: .44 RF ANTIQUE

1801        Sako/Imp By Stoeger Usa TRG-S (995 Standard) Bolt Action Rifle SN# 867419 Cal/MM/GA: .300 WIN MAG MODERN

1802        G. Mcmillan & Co. Signature Bolt Action Rifle SN# SS0194 Cal/MM/GA: 7 Rem Mag MODERN

1803        U.S. Springfield Armory 1884 Trapdoor Rifle Single Shot Breechloader SN# 550802 Cal/MM/GA: .45-70 Cal ANTIQUE

1804        Auto Ordnance Corp Thompson Carbine Semi Auto Rifle SN# KC1665 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP MD BANNED

1805        Remington Arms Co 760 Game Master Pump Action Rifle SN# 6920214 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN

1806        Marlin Firearms Co 56 Lever Action Rifle SN# NSN2759 Cal/MM/GA: .22 Cal MODERN/C&R

1807        Middleton – English Flintlock Blunderbuss Black Powder Rifle SN# NSN Cal/MM/GA:  BLACKPOWDER

1808        Parker Bros Grade 1 (N) Hammerless SBS Shotgun SN# 60743 Cal/MM/GA: 10 GA ANTIQUE

1809        Winchester SX3 Black Shadow Semi Auto Shotgun SN# 11HZT19447 Cal/MM/GA: 20 GA MODERN

1810        Sturm Ruger & Co Inc Super Redhawk Double Action Revolver SN# 550-30421 Cal/MM/GA: .44 Rem Mag REGULATED

1811        Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. 1911 Govt Special Combat Semi Auto Pistol SN# SCGN0209 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED

1812        Smith & Wesson 60 Chiefs Special Double Action Revolver SN# ANR3492 Cal/MM/GA: .38 SPCL REGULATED

1813        Smith & Wesson 34-1 Double Action Revolver SN# M18215 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR REGULATED

1814        Heckler & Koch/Imp By Hk, Inc P7M8 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 16-121388 Cal/MM/GA: 9 MM REGULATED

1815        Waffen Fabrik Mauser 1896 Broom Handle Semi Auto Pistol SN# 338558 Cal/MM/GA: 7.63 MM REGULATED/C&R

1816        Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. 1908 Automatic Pocket Ham Semi Auto Pistol SN# 239910 Cal/MM/GA: .32 ACP REGULATED/C&R

1817        Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co. Signature Series Mdl 1860 Black Powder Pistol SN# 214239 Cal/MM/GA: .44 Cal BLACKPOWDER

1818        Winchester 42 Pump Action Shotgun SN# 150559 Cal/MM/GA: .410 GA MODERN

1819        Winchester 1897 Trench Pump Action Shotgun SN# 691526 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN/C&R

1820        U.S. Springfield Armory 1903 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 1382134 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1821        Arisaka Type 38 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 973 Cal/MM/GA: 6.5 MM MODERN/C&R

1822        U. S. Springfield Armory Mdl 1898 Krag Bolt Action Rifle SN# 123607 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1823        Mosin Nagant/Imp By R. Guns 44 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 5709 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X54R MODERN/C&R

1824        Weatherby Mark V Deluxe Bolt Action Rifle SN# PBO33175 Cal/MM/GA: .300 WBY MODERN

1825        J.G. Anschutz 1415-1416 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 1425138 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1826        Remington Arms Co 700 Varmint Bolt Action Rifle SN# RR40485G Cal/MM/GA: .223 Cal MODERN

1827        Sturm Ruger & Co Inc M77 Mk II Bolt Action Rifle SN# 770-42952 Cal/MM/GA: .250 SAVAGE MODERN

1828        U.S. Springfield Armory M1 Garand Semi Auto Rifle SN# 988890 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1829        DS Arms, Inc SA58 Fal Voyager Semi Auto Rifle SN# DS10509 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X51MM MD BANNED

1830        German Sport Guns/Imp By ATI GSG Schmeisser STG-44 Car Semi Auto Carbine Rifle SN# A566293 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1831        Aldo Uberti & Co/Imp By Navy Arms Henry Reproduction Lever Action Rifle SN# 6175 Cal/MM/GA: .44-40 MODERN

1832        Remington Arms Co 870 Pump Action Shotgun SN# RS66016M Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1833        Browning Arms Co A5 Semi Auto Shotgun SN# M87901 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1834        Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co. Python Double Action Revolver SN# 173430 Cal/MM/GA: .357 Mag REGULATED

1835        Smith & Wesson 19-3 Double Action Revolver SN# 2K10141 Cal/MM/GA: .357 MAG REGULATED

1836        Smith & Wesson 29-2 Double Action Revolver SN# S283961 Cal/MM/GA: .44 REM MAG REGULATED

1837        Springfield Armory 1911 A1 45 STD. S.S. LOAD Semi Auto Pistol SN# N399909 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED

1838        Speewerke P38 CYQ Semi Auto Pistol SN# 9458D Cal/MM/GA: 9MM PARA REGULATED/C&R

1839        J. Stevens A & T Co. 41 Single Shot Pistol SN# 45743 Cal/MM/GA: .22 Cal REGULATED/C&R

1840        Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. 1991A1 Series 80 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 2710546 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED

1841        DS Arms, INC SA58 FAL Improved Battle Semi Auto Pistol SN# DSA36661 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X51 MM REGULATED

1842        Zabala Annos/Imp Eagle Arms SBS SBS Shotgun SN# 181226 Cal/MM/GA: 10 GA MODERN

1843        Remington Arms Co 1100 Semi Auto Shotgun SN# R021644H Cal/MM/GA: .410 GA MODERN

1844        U.S. Remington 1903 Modified Bolt Action Rifle SN# 3315578 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1845        Mitchells Mauser 48 Bolt Action Rifle SN# V46669 Cal/MM/GA: 7.92X57MM MODERN

1846        U.S. Eddystone Arsenal 1917 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 696279 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1847        Enfield/Imp By Ja Co. ShtLE No 1 Mk III* Bolt Action Rifle SN# 16460 Cal/MM/GA: .303 Cal MODERN/C&R

1848        Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc M77 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 75-21514 Cal/MM/GA: 7 Rem Mag MODERN

1849        Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc M77 Hawkeye Bolt Action Rifle SN# 711-42469 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X39MM MODERN

1850        Us Springfield Armory M1 Garand Sniper Semi Auto Rifle SN# 1578356 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1851        Inland – Division of GM M1 Carbine Semi Auto Rifle SN# 6803809 Cal/MM/GA: .30 Carbine MODERN/C&R

1852        Carl Walther K43 AC Semi Auto Rifle SN# 9311M Cal/MM/GA: 7.92×57 MM MODERN/C&R

1853        Cranston Arms Co Johnson Automatics 1941 Semi Auto Rifle SN# 7756 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1854        Thompson Center Encore Single Shot Breech load rifle SN# 32476 Cal/MM/GA: .204 RUGER MODERN

1855        Winchester 94 NRA Centennial Lever Action Rifle SN# NRA53839 Cal/MM/GA: .30-30 Cal MODERN

1856        Browning Arms Co Light Twelve A5 Semi Auto Shotgun SN# 72G96086 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1857        Remington Arms Co 870 Express Magnum Pump Action Shotgun SN# B155341U Cal/MM/GA: 20 GA MODERN

1858        Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc Vaquero Single Action Revolver SN# 58-16148 Cal/MM/GA: .45 LC REGULATED

1859        Smith & Wesson 25-13 Double Action Revolver SN# CMT0430 Cal/MM/GA: .45 LC REGULATED

1860        Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg Co Officers Model Match Double Action Revolver SN# 67601 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR REGULATED/C&R

1861        DWM Mauser Luger P08 Artillery Semi Auto Pistol SN# 7531 Cal/MM/GA: 9 MM REGULATED/C&R

1862        Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. 1911 Government Semi Auto Pistol SN# C214308 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED/C&R

1863        Nambu Type 14 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 63538 Cal/MM/GA: 8 MM REGULATED/C&R

1864        Glock/ Imp By Glock Inc. 21 Semi Auto Pistol SN# XA152US Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED

1865        FNH USA FNX45 Tactical Semi Auto Pistol SN# FX3U041240 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED

1866        Imi/Action Arms, Ltd Uzi Model B Semi Auto Carbine Rifle SN# SA63427 Cal/MM/GA: 9MM MD BANNED

1867        Remington Arms Co 760 Gamemaster Pump Rifle SN# 6906363 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN

1868        Browning Arms Co SA-22 Semi Auto Rifle SN# 86519T47 Cal/MM/GA: .22 Cal MODERN

1869        Marlin Firearms Co 57 M Lever Action Rifle SN# NSN2807 Cal/MM/GA: .22 MAG MODERN/C&R

1870        Savage Arms Stevens 311e SBS Shotgun SN# A433766 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1871        Beretta/Imp by Beretta USA Corp 3901 Ducks Unlimited 2011 Semi Auto Shotgun SN# 2311 DU2011 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1872        U.S. Springfield Armory 1903 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 1363448 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1873        Enfield/Imp By Yg Inc No 5 Mk 1 ROF(F) Bolt Action Rifle SN# FE845 Cal/MM/GA: .303 Cal MODERN/C&R

1874        Mauser Gew 98 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 9166 Cal/MM/GA: 7.92X57 MM MODERN/C&R

1875        Schmidt Rubin/Imp By Pw Arms K31 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 995520 Cal/MM/GA: 7.5X55 MODERN/C&R

1876        Ceska Zbrojovka/Imp by CZ, USA CZ550 Bolt Action Rifle SN# E7532 Cal/MM/GA: .308 Win MODERN

1877        Savage Arms/Savage Arms Inc 93R17 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 0999437 Cal/MM/GA: .17 HMR MODERN

1878        Colt Defense M4 Carbine Semi Auto Rifle SN# LE276166 Cal/MM/GA: 5.56MM MD BANNED

1879        US Springfield Armory 1884 Trapdoor Rifle Single Shot Breechloader 455443 .45-70 ANTIQUE

1880        P. Beretta/Beretta Usa A303 Semi Auto Shotgun SN# N45916E Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1881        Browning Arms Co Gold Hunter 3.5 Semi Auto Shotgun SN# 113MM09327 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1882        Smith & Wesson  Double Action Revolver SN# C596681 Cal/MM/GA: .38 SPCL REGULATED

1883        Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co. Official Police Double Action Revolver SN# 623750 Cal/MM/GA: .38 Spcl REGULATED

1884        Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co Inc Diamondback Double Action Revolver SN# P47186 Cal/MM/GA: .38 SPCL REGULATED

1885        DWM Mauser Luger Commercial 1920 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 7905 Cal/MM/GA: 7.65mm Para REGULATED/C&R

1886        Sig Sauer/Imp By Sig Sauer, Inc P238 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 27A025891 Cal/MM/GA: .380 Cal REGULATED

1887        Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. 1911-A1 Us Property/Army Semi Auto Pistol SN# 2256135 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED/C&R

1888        Smith & Wesson 4013 Semi Auto Pistol SN# SVAC4060 Cal/MM/GA: .40 S&W REGULATED

1889        Davis Industries DM-22 Derringer SN# 394998 Cal/MM/GA: .22 MAG MD BANNED

1890        Marlin Firearms Co LC20 D/B (LC Smith Reprod Side by Side Shotgun SN# M00424 Cal/MM/GA: 20 GA MODERN

1891        Mossberg 500 Pump Action Shotgun SN# R039129 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1892        New England Westinghouse 1915T Bolt Action Rifle SN# 622043 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X54R MODERN/C&R

1893        Enfield No 4 Mark 1 ROF Bolt Action Rifle SN# 221715 Cal/MM/GA: .303 Cal MODERN/C&R

1894        US Springfield Armory 1903 Modified Bolt Action Rifle SN# 3077376 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1895        Mauser 1898 S/42 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 1094 Cal/MM/GA: 7.92X57MM MODERN/C&R

1896        Sturm Ruger & Co Inc M77 Mk II Bolt Action Rifle SN# 788-99543 Cal/MM/GA: 7 Rem Mag MODERN

1897        Remington Arms Co 700 BDL Bolt Action Rifle SN# 370367 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN

1898        Henry Repeating Arms H004 Golden Boy Lever Action Rifle SN# GB326545 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1899        Winchester 94 Lever Action Rifle SN# 3659631 Cal/MM/GA: 30-30 MODERN

1900        Us Inland Div. Gen. Motors M1 Carbine Semi Auto Rifle SN# 5413308 Cal/MM/GA: .30 CARBINE MODERN/C&R

1901        U.S. Springfield Armory M1 Garand Semi Auto Rifle SN# 1758754 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1902        Springfield Armory M1A Semi Auto Rifle SN# 091188 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X51 MM MODERN

1903        Russia/Imp By Samco 59/66 Semi Auto Rifle SN# N518631 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X39 MODERN

1904        L.C. Smith Field Grade SBS Shotgun SN# 17234 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA ANTIQUE

1905        Remington Arms Co 1100 Semi Auto Shotgun SN# M517824X Cal/MM/GA: 20 GA MODERN

1906        Smith & Wesson US Mdl 1917 DA .45 Double Action Revolver SN# 63932 Cal/MM/GA: .45 Cal REGULATED/C&R

1907        Smith & Wesson 625-8 Double Action Revolver SN# CHH3375 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED

1908        Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co. John Wayne Commemorative Single Action Revolver SN# G207483 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR REGULATED

1909        Glock/ Imp By Glock Inc. 35 Semi Auto Pistol SN# FKX808 Cal/MM/GA: .40 S&W REGULATED

1910        Carl Walther P 38 AC45 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 1684 Cal/MM/GA: 9 MM REGULATED/C&R

1911        Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. 1911-A1 Us Property/Army Semi Auto Pistol SN# 1656794 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED/C&R

1912        Smith & Wesson 411 Semi Auto Pistol SN# VAD2449 Cal/MM/GA: .40 S&W REGULATED

1913        Springfield Armory 1911-A1 Semi Auto Pistol SN# NM130349 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED

1914        Remington Arms Co 870LW Ducks Unlimited 198 Pump Action Shotgun SN# 1445 DU82 Cal/MM/GA: 20 GA MODERN

1915        Benelli Armi/Imp By Benelli Usa, Corp Super Vinci Semi Auto Shotgun SN# CH003292W Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1916        U.S. Smith Corona 1903 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 4828700 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1917        Remington Arms Co 600 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 12642 Cal/MM/GA: .222 REM MODERN/C&R

1918        Winchester 94 Teddy Roosevelt Commem Lever Action Rifle SN# TR34762 Cal/MM/GA: .30-30 Cal MODERN

1919        U.S. Eddystone Arsenal 1917 Bolt Action Rifle SN# 623768 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN/C&R

1920        U.S. Harrington & Richardson M1 Garand Semi Auto Rifle SN# 5622082 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN

1921        Browning Arms Co BAR Semi Auto Rifle SN# 137PT08983 Cal/MM/GA: .30-06 Cal MODERN

1922        Sturm Ruger & Co Inc Ninety Six Lever Action Rifle SN# 620-39886 Cal/MM/GA: .17 HMR MODERN

1923        Winchester 94 Lever Action Rifle SN# 3356249 Cal/MM/GA: .32 WS MODERN

1924        German Sport Guns/Imp By ATI Schmeisser STG-44 Semi Auto Carbine Rifle SN# AS12710DE Cal/MM/GA: .22 Cal MODERN

1925        Israel Military Industries, Ltd/Imp By I Tavor X95 XFD18RS Semi Auto Rifle SN# T0079367 Cal/MM/GA: 5.56 MM MODERN

1926        Armalite AR10B Semi Auto Rifle SN# 325300 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X51 MODERN

1927        Inland – Division of GM M1 Carbine Bolt Action Rifle SN# 418609 Cal/MM/GA: .30 Carbine MODERN/C&R

1928        Remington Arms Co 1100 Semi Auto Shotgun SN# M611570V Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1929        Browning Arms Co A5 Magnum Semi Auto Shotgun SN# 63V17833 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1930        Smith & Wesson 58 Double Action Revolver SN# S257781 Cal/MM/GA: .41 Mag REGULATED

1931        Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc Mark III Target Semi Auto Pistol SN# 228-45003 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR REGULATED

1932        CZ USA/Imp by Dan Wesson Arms 1911 Specialist Semi Auto Pistol SN#1607828 Cal/MM/GA: 9 MM REGULATED

1933        Ithaca 1911-A1 Us Army Frame/Col Semi Auto Pistol SN# 2208570 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED

1934        Glock/ Imp By Glock Inc. 20 Semi Auto Pistol SN# BNR599US Cal/MM/GA: 10 MM REGULATED

1935        Heckler & Koch/Imp By Heckler  Koch, Inc USP 40 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 22-5824 Cal/MM/GA: .40 S&W REGULATED

1936        DWM Mauser Luger 1915 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 1971 Cal/MM/GA: 9 MM REGULATED/C&R

1937        Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co Inc 1911 A1 Stainless Series Semi Auto Pistol SN# CV02261 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED

1938        Mossberg 500A Pump Action Shotgun SN# P482500 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1939        Remington Arms Co 1889 Grade #2 SBS Shotgun SN# 56784 Cal/MM/GA: 10 GA ANTIQUE

1940        Savage Arms Co 110L-H Bolt Action Rifle SN# 133390 Cal/MM/GA: 7 MM MODERN

1941        Winchester 9422 Lever Action Rifle SN# F38700 Cal/MM/GA: .22 MAG MODERN

1942        Browning Arms Co BPR Pump Action Rifle SN# 1E7NR23218 Cal/MM/GA: .308 Win MODERN

1943        Winchester 9422 Lever Action Rifle SN# F649418 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1944        Sturm Ruger & Co Inc 10/22 Carbine RBI Semi Auto Rifle SN# 243-54700 Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1945        CZ/Imp By CZ USA Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine Semi Auto Rifle SN# C615392 Cal/MM/GA: 9 MM MODERN

1946        Chinese SKS Semi Auto Rifle SN# 11275397 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X39 MM MODERN

1947        Marlin Firearms Co 60 Semi Auto Rifle SN# MN14022B Cal/MM/GA: .22 LR MODERN

1948        Winchester 94 Golden Spike Commemorative Lever Action Rifle SN# GS66410 Cal/MM/GA: .30-30 Cal MODERN

1949        C.N. Romarm S.A./Imp By Cai GP/WASR – 10/63 (AK47 ) Semi Auto Rifle SN# BH0813 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X39 MD BANNED

1950        Mass Arms Co. Smith Carbine (Saddle Rin Single Shot BP Cartridge Rifle SN# 20854 Cal/MM/GA: .50 Cal ANTIQUE

1951        Winchester Repeating Arms Co Mdl 1892 Lever Action Lever Action Rifle SN# 164353 Cal/MM/GA: .32 WCF ANTIQUE

1952        Remington Arms Co 1889 Grade #2 SBS Shotgun SN# 56685 Cal/MM/GA: 10 GA ANTIQUE

1953        Winchester 1400 Mk II Semi Auto Shotgun SN# N535065 Cal/MM/GA: 12 GA MODERN

1953a      Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc Redhawk Double Action Revolver 503-48709 .44 Rem Mag REGULATED

1954        Springfield Armory XD45 Compact Semi Auto Pistol SN# XD655600 Cal/MM/GA: .45 ACP REGULATED

1955        Baikal – Imp By KBI IJ-70 Semi Auto Pistol SN# FM2560 Cal/MM/GA: 9 MM MAKAROV REGULATED

1956        Smith & Wesson 59 Semi Auto Pistol SN# A707319 Cal/MM/GA: 9 MM REGULATED

1957        Ceska Zbrojovka/Imp By Cai CZ-52 Semi Auto Pistol SN# AZ3369 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X25MM REGULATED/C&R

1958        Astra Esperanza Unceta 300 Semi Auto Pistol SN# 543375 Cal/MM/GA: 9 MM KURZ/.380 REGULATED/C&R

1959        Henry Repeating Arms Co. H002B Lever Action Rifle SN# US074321B Cal/MM/GA: .22 Cal MODERN

1960        China/Imp By KFS SKS Semi Auto Rifle SN# 1739006 Cal/MM/GA: 7.62X39 MODERN

1961        Shiloh Rifle Mfg Co Old Reliable-1874 Militar Falling Block Rifle SN# 3298 Cal/MM/GA: .45-70 Cal MODERN

1962        U.S. Springfield Armory 1873 Trapdoor Rifle Single Shot Breechloader SN# 185780 Cal/MM/GA: .45-70 ANTIQUE

1963        US Percussion Rifle Mdl 1841 Tryon Contract Percussion Musket SN# NSN Cal/MM/GA: .54 Cal BLACKPOWDER

1964        Winchester 1894 Lever Action Rifle SN# 1418169 Cal/MM/GA: .32 WCF MODERN




Bolt Action Rifles: Marlin Firearms Co MDL 782 in .22 WMR, Arisaka MDL Type 99 in 7.7MM, Arisaka MDL Type 99 in 7.7MM, Arisaka MDL Type 1 Paratrooper in 7.7 MM, Armalite, Inc MDL AR50 in .50 BMG, Carl Gustafs Stads MDL 1896 in 6.5X55, Ceska Zbrojovka/Imp by CZ, USA MDL CZ550 in .308 Win, Enfield MDL No 4 Mark 1 ROF in .303 Cal, Enfield/Imp By Ja Co. MDL ShtLE No 1 Mk III .303 Cal, Enfield/Imp By Yg Inc MDL No 5 Mk 1 ROF(F) in .303 Cal, G. Mcmillan & Co. MDL Signature in 7 Rem Mag, Husqvarna Vapenfabriks/Imp By CAI MDL 1938 Short,  Inland – Division of GM MDL M1 Carbine in .30 Carbine, J.G. Anschutz MDL 1415-1416 in .22 LR, Lee Enfield/Imp By CAI MDL No 4 Mk 1 ROF(F) in .303 Cal, Lee Enfield/Imp By Iac MDL No 4 Mk 1* Longbranch in .303 Cal, Marlin Firearms Co MDL 60 in .22 LR, Marlin Firearms Co. MDL 882 in .22 WMR, Mauser MDL 1898 bnz 4 in 7.92X57MM, Mauser MDL 1898 bcd 4 Long Rail Snip in 7.92X57MM, Mauser MDL 1898 ar 41 in 7.92X57MM, Mauser MDL K98 byf 43 in 7.92X57 MM, Mauser MDL Gew 98 in 7.92X57 MM, Mauser MDL 1898 S/42 in 7.92X57MM, Mitchells Mauser MDL Mdl 48 in 7.92X57MM, Mitchells Mauser MDL 48 in 7.92X57MM, Monsin Nagant/Imp By CAI MDL 44 in 7.62X54R, Monsin Nagant/Imp By CAI MDL 1891 in 7.62X54R, Monsin Nagant/Imp By Cai MDL 91/30 in 7.62X54R, Monsin Nagant/Imp By Interordnance MDL 39 Finnish Mauser in 7.62X54R, Monsin Nagant/Imp By Pw Arms MDL 1891/30 in 7.62X54R, Mosin Nagant/Imp By Cai MDL 1891/30 Sniper in 7.62X54R, Mosin Nagant/Imp By Pw Arms MDL 1891/30 in 7.62X54R, Mosin Nagant/Imp By R. Guns MDL 44 in 7.62X54R, New England Westinghouse MDL 1915T in 7.62X54R, Remington Arms Co MDL 504 in .22 LR, Remington Arms Co MDL 700 Sendero in 7MM, Remington Arms Co MDL 700 Varmint in .223 Cal, Remington Arms Co MDL 600 in .222 REM, Remington Arms Co MDL 700 BDL in .30-06 Cal Sako/Imp By Stoeger Usa MDL TRG-S (995 Standard) in .300 WIN MAG, Savage Arms Co MDL Axis in .223 Cal, Savage Arms Co MDL 10 in .308 Win, Savage Arms Co MDL 110L-H in 7 MM, Savage Arms/Imp By Savage Arms Inc MDL Mark II in .22 LR, Savage Arms/Imp By Savage Arms Inc MDL 93 in .22 WMR, Savage Arms/Savage Arms Inc MDL 93R17 in .17 HMR, Schmidt Rubin/Imp By CAI MDL K31 Sig/Swiss in 7.5X55MM, Schmidt Rubin/Imp By Pw Arms MDL K31 in 7.5X55, Spanish Mauser MDL 1943 Short Rifle in 7.92×57 MM, Steyr/Imp By CAI MDL 1895/34 Mannlicher in 8X56MM, Steyr-Mannlicher/Imp By GSI MDL Safebolt in .308 Win, Sturm Ruger & Co Inc MDL M77 Mk II in 7 Rem Mag, Sturm Ruger & Co Inc MDL M77 Mk II in .250 SAVAGE, Sturm Ruger & Co Inc MDL 77/22 in .22 LR, Sturm Ruger & Co Inc MDL All Weather 77/22 in .22 MAG, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc MDL American Rimfire in .22 LR, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc MDL 10/22 Tactical Takedown in .22 LR, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc MDL M77 in 7 Rem Mag, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc MDL M77 Hawkeye in 7.62X39MM, T.C. Asfa Ankara K. Kale/Imp By CAI MDL 1903/38 Turkish Mauser in 8MM, U. S. Springfield Armory MDL Mdl 1898 Krag in .30-06 Cal, U.S. Eddystone Arsenal MDL 1917 in .30-06 Cal, U.S. Eddystone Arsenal MDL 1917 in .30-06 Cal, U.S. Eddystone Arsenal MDL 1917 in .30-06 Cal, U.S. Eddystone Arsenal MDL 1917 in .30-06 Cal, U.S. Remington MDL 1903 Modified in .30-06 Cal, , U.S. Rock Island Arsenal MDL 1903 in .30-06 Cal, U.S. Smith Corona MDL 1903-A3 in .30-06 Cal, U.S. Smith Corona MDL 1903-A3 in .30-06 Cal, U.S. Smith Corona MDL 1903 in .30-06 Cal, U.S. Springfield Armory MDL 1898 Krag Jorgensen in .30-40 KRAG, U.S. Springfield Armory MDL 1903 in .30-06 Cal, US Springfield Armory MDL 1903 Modified in .30-06 Cal, US Springfield Armory MDL 1899 Carbine in .30-40 KRAG, Walther MDL KKM in .22 LR, Weatherby MDL Mark V Ultimate in .300 WBY, Weatherby MDL Mark V Deluxe in .300 WBY, Weatherby MDL Mark V Deluxe in .257 WBY, Winchester MDL 70 Classic Laredo in .300 WIN MAG, Winchester MDL 70 Heavy Varmint in .22.250, Zastava/Imp By Intac MDL 24/47 in 7.92x57MM.   

Lever Action Rifles: Henry Repeating Arms MDL H004 Golden Boy in .22 LR, Henry Repeating Arms Co. MDL H002B in .22 Cal, Marlin Firearms Co MDL 56 in .22 Cal, Marlin Firearms Co MDL 57 Levermatic in .22 Cal, Marlin Firearms Co MDL 56 in .22 Cal, Marlin Firearms Co MDL 57 M in .22 MAG, New Haven Arms Co. MDL Henry in .44 RF, Sears & Roebuck Co. MDL Ted Williams Model 100 in 30-30 WIN, Sturm Ruger & Co Inc MDL Ninety Six in .17 HMR, Volcanic Repeating Arms Co MDL New Haven Carbine in .41 RF, Winchester MDL 1886 in .45-70, Winchester MDL 94 in .32 WS, Winchester MDL 94 in 30-30, Winchester MDL 1894 in .32 WCF, Winchester MDL 9422 in .22 LR, Winchester MDL 94 NRA Centennial in .30-30 Cal, Winchester MDL 94 Teddy Roosevelt Commem in .30-30 Cal, Winchester MDL 94 Golden Spike Commemorative in .30-30 Cal, Winchester Reapeating Arms Co MDL 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine in .44 WCF, Winchester Reapeating Arms Co MDL 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine in .32 WS, Winchester Repeating Arms Co MDL 1866 Rifle 3rd Model in .44 RF, Winchester Repeating Arms Co MDL Mdl 1892 Lever Action .32.

Semi-Auto Rifles: Armalite MDL AR10B in 7.62X51, Armalite, Inc MDL AR-10 A4 in 7.62X51MM, Auto Ordnance Corp MDL Thompson Carbine in .45 ACP, Browning Arms Co MDL SA-22 in .22 LR, Browning Arms Co MDL SA-22 in .22 CaL, Browning Arms Co MDL BAR in .30-06 Cal Semi Auto Rifle, Browning Arms Co. MDL BAR in .308 Win, C.N. Romarm S.A./Imp By Cai MDL GP/WASR – 10/63 (AK47 ) in 7.62X39, Carl Walther MDL K43 AC in 7.92×57 MM, Century Arms Intl/Dc Industries MDL Tantal Sporter in 5.45X39MM, China/Imp By Fks MDL SKS in 7.62X39MM, China/Imp By KFS MDL SKS in 7.62X39, Chinese MDL SKS in 7.62X39 MM, Colt Defense MDL M4 Carbine in 5.56MM   Semi Auto Rifle, Cranston Arms Co MDL Johnson Automatics 1941 in .30-06 Cal, CZ/Imp By CZ USA MDL Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine in 9 MM   Semi Auto Rifle, DS Arms, Inc MDL SA58 Fal Voyager in 7.62X51MM, Fn Herstal/Imp By Fnh Usa MDL 17-S in 7.62X51MM, Inland – Division of GM MDL M1 Carbine in .30 Carbine, Israel Military Industries, Ltd/Imp By I MDL Tavor X95 XFD18RS in 5.56 MM, Lwrc Intl MDL REPR (REPRR7B16) in .308 Win, Lwrc Intl MDL IC-DI in .223 Cal, Marlin Firearms Co MDL Glenfield Mdl 60 in .22 LR, Marlin Firearms Co MDL 60 in .22 LR, MAS (French State Arsenal) MDL 1949-56 in 7.55X54 MM, Mossberg Intl/Imp By Mossberg MDL 715T in .22 LR, Remington Arms Co MDL Nylon 66 in .22 CaL, Rock River Arms MDL LAR-15 in 5.56MM, Russia/Imp By Samco MDL 59/66 in 7.62X39, Springfield Armory MDL M1A in 7.62X51 MM, Sturm Ruger & Co Inc MDL 10/22 Carbine RBI in .22 LR, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc MDL  in .22 Cal, Tula Russia/Imp by KBI MDL SKS-45 in 7.62X39MM   Semi Auto Rifle, U.S. Harrington & Richardson MDL M1 Garand in .30-06 Cal, U.S. Springfield Armory MDL M1 Garand in .30-06 Cal Semi Auto Rifle, U.S. Springfield Armory MDL M1 Garand in .30-06 Cal, U.S. Winchester MDL M1 Carbine in .30 CARBINE, U.S. Winchester MDL M1 Garand in .30-06 Cal, Us Inland Div. Gen. Motors MDL M1 Carbine in .30 CARBINE, Us Springfield Armory MDL M1 Garand Sniper in .30-06 Cal, Weatherby MDL Mark XXII in .22 LR, Zastava/Imp By Cai MDL 59/66 in 7.62X39MM and more!

Pump Action Rifle: Browning Arms Co MDL BPR in .308 Win, Remington Arms Co MDL 760 Game Master in .30-06 Cal, Remington Arms Co MDL 760 Game Master in .30-06 Cal and others.

Falling Block/Single Shot Rifles: Shiloh Rifle Mfg Co MDL Old Reliable-1874 Military in .45-70 Cal, Sturm Ruger & Co Inc MDL 1 RSI in .243 Win, Aldo Uberti & Co/Imp By Navy Arms MDL Henry Reproduction in .44-40, Mass Arms Co. MDL Smith Carbine (Saddle Rin in .50 Cal, Thompson Center MDL Encore Pro Hunter in .50 Cal, Thompson Center MDL Encore in .204 RUGER, IAB Marcheno/Imp By Emf MDL Sharps in .45-70, Savage Arms Corp MDL 219L in .22 HORNET.

Rolling Block Rifles/Black Powder: US Percussion Rifle MDL Mdl 1841 Tryon Contract in .54 Cal, Middleton – English MDL Flintlock Blunderbuss and others.



Over/Under Shotguns: Browning Arms Co MDL Citori in 12 GA, Browning Arms Co MDL Citori in 12 GA, Sturm Ruger & Co Inc MDL Red Label in 28 GA, Weatherby MDL Athena Grade IV Field in 12 GA, Weatherby/Imp By South Gate MDL Orion in 12 GA. Savage Arms MDL 24 Series S in .22 LR/20 GA, Rifle/Shotgun Combo, Savage Arms Corp MDL 24 in .22/.410 Rifle/Shotgun Combo and others.

Pump Action Shotguns: Browning Arms Co. MDL BPS in 10 GA, Mossberg MDL 500 AB in 12 GA, Mossberg MDL 500 in 12 GA, Mossberg MDL 500A in 12 GA, Norinco MDL 97TW in 12 GA, Remington Arms Co MDL Wingmaster 870 in 12 GA, Remington Arms Co MDL 870 12 ga, Remington Arms Co MDL 870 Express Magnum in 20 GA, Remington Arms Co MDL 870 Special Purpose Magnum in 12 GA, Remington Arms Co MDL 870 Express Super Mag in 12 GA, Remington Arms Co MDL 870LW Ducks Unlimited 198 in 20 GA, Westernfield MDL 550 ABR in 12 GA, Winchester MDL 1897 Trench in 12 GA, Winchester MDL 42 in .410 GA and more!

Semi Auto Shotguns: Benelli Armi Spa/Imp By Heckler & Kock MDL Super Black Eagle in 12 GA, Benelli Armi/Imp By Benelli Usa, Corp MDL Super Vinci in 12 GA, Beretta/Imp by Beretta USA Corp MDL 3901 Ducks Unlimited 2011 in 12 GA, Browning Arms Co MDL 2000 in 12 GA,Browning Arms Co MDL A5 in 12 GA, Browning Arms Co MDL Light Twelve A5 in 12 GA, Browning Arms Co MDL Gold Hunter 3.5 in 12 GA, Browning Arms Co MDL A5 Magnum in 12 GA, Luigi Franchi/Imp by American Arms, Inc MDL 48 AL 28 in 28 GA, Luigi Franchi/Imp by American Arms, Inc MDL 48 AL 28 in 28 GA, P. Beretta/Beretta Usa MDL A303 in 12 GA, P. Beretta/P. Beretta Usa MDL AL391 Urika in 12 GA, Remington Arms Co MDL Sportsman in 16 GA, Remington Arms Co MDL 11 in 12 GA, Remington Arms Co MDL 11-87 Premier in 12 GA, Remington Arms Co MDL 11-87 Special Purpose Mag in 12 GA, Remington Arms Co MDL 1100 in 20 GA, Remington Arms Co MDL 1100 in 12 GA, Remington Arms Co MDL 1100 in .410 GA, Utas/Imp By UTAS-USA MDL XTR-12 in 12 GA, Winchester MDL 1400 Mk II in 12 GA and more!

SXS Shotgun: Ansley H. Fox Gun Co MDL A Grade in 12 GA, Churchill/Imported By Kassnar MDL Windsor ! in 20 GA, Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg Co MDL 1883 in 10 GA, Ithaca Gun Co MDL Flues in 12 GA, L.C. Smith MDL Field Grade in 12 GA, Parker Bros MDL Grade 1 (N) Hammerless in 10, Remington Arms Co MDL 1889 Grade #2 in 10 GA, Remington Arms Co MDL 1889 Grade #2 in 10 GA, Savage Arms MDL Stevens 311e in 12GA, Winchester Reapeating Arms Co MDL 24 in 16 GA, Zabala Annos/Imp Eagle Arms MDL SBS in 10 GA, Zabala Hermanos/ Imp.By Galeef & Son Inc MDL SBS in 10 GA SBS Shotgun and others.


Double Action Revolvers:  Burgo MDL 108-S in .32 S&W, Charter Corp MDL Undercover in .38 SPECIAL, Colts Mfg. Co. MDL Officers Model Match in .38 SPCL, Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg Co MDL Official Police in .38 SPECIAL, Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg Co MDL Officers Model Match in .22 LR, Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. MDL 1909 US Army in .45 COLT, Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. MDL Police Positive Special in .38 SPCL, Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co Inc MDL Diamondback in .38 SPCL, Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co. MDL Cobra in .38 SPCL, Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co. MDL Python in .357 Mag, Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co. MDL Official Police in .38 Spcl, Enfield Royal Small Arms Factory MDL Mark VI in .455 Cal, Harrington & Richardson MDL Sportsman in .22LR, Harrington & Richardson Inc MDL 929 Sidekick in .22 Cal, Monsin Nagant/Imp By Interordnance MDL 1895 in 7.62x25MM, Mosin Nagant/Imp By Cai MDL 1895 in 7.62X25, Smith & Wesson MDL 38 in .38 SPCL, Smith & Wesson MDL Military & Police 1905 4t in .38 SPCL Smith & Wesson MDL 34-1 in .22 LR, Smith & Wesson MDL 686 in .357 Mag, Smith & Wesson MDL US Mdl 1917 DA .45 in .45 Cal, Smith & Wesson MDL 60 Chiefs Special in .38 SPCL, Smith & Wesson MDL 29-2 in .44 REM MAG, Smith & Wesson MDL 34-1 in .22 LR, Smith & Wesson MDL 15-2 in .38 SPCL, Smith & Wesson MDL 19-3 in .357 MAG, Smith & Wesson MDL 25-13 in .45 LC, Smith & Wesson MDL 58 in .41 Mag Smith & Wesson MDL  in .38 SPCL, Smith & Wesson MDL 625-8 in .45 ACP, Sturm Ruger & Co Inc MDL Security Six in .357 MAG, Sturm Ruger & Co Inc MDL Super Redhawk in .44 Rem Mag, Sturm Ruger & Co., Inc MDL Security Six in .357 MAG, Webley MDL Mark IV in .38 S&W & more!

Single Action Revolvers:  A. Uberti/Imp By Navy Arms MDL 1875 Schofield in .45 COLL, Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co. MDL John Wayne Commemorative in .22 LR, Heritage Mfg Co MDL Rough Rider in .22 LR, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc MDL Vaquero in .45 LC, Uberti/Imp By Us Patent Firearms Mfg. Co MDL SAA Revolver in .44-40         Single Action Revolver and more!

Semi Auto Pistols: Astra Esperanza Unceta MDL 300 in 9 MM KURZ/.380, Astra/ Imp By Iac MDL 400 in 9MM LARGA, Auto Ordnance Corp MDL 1911-A1 WWII Parkerized in .45 ACP, Baikal – Imp By KBI MDL IJ-70 in 9 MM MAKAROV, Browning Arms Co MDL 1905 Vest Pocket 2nd Var in 6.35MM        Semi Auto Pistol, Browning Arms Co MDL Hi Power in 9MM, Carl Walther MDL P 38 AC45 in 9 MM, Ceska Zbrojovka/Imp By Cai MDL CZ-52 in 7.62X25MM Ceská Zbrojovka/Imp. By TG MDL CZ-52 Tokarev in 7.62x25MM, Colt’s Mfg Co. MDL Commander Super 38 LW in .38 SUPER, Colt’s P.T.F.A Mfg. Co. MDL Woodsman in .22LR, Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. MDL Mark IV Series 70 .38 Sup in .38 SUPER     Semi Auto Pistol, Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. MDL 1911-A1 Us Property/Army in .45 ACP Semi Auto Pistol, Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. MDL 1908 Automatic Pocket Ham in .32 ACP, Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. MDL 1911 Government in .45 ACP, Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. MDL 1991A1 Series 80 in .45 ACP, Colts P.T.F.A. Mfg Co. MDL 1911 Govt Special Combat in .45 ACP, Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co Inc MDL 1911 A1 Stainless Series in .45 ACP, CZ USA/Imp by Dan Wesson Arms MDL 1911 Specialist in 9 MM, Davis Industries MDL P-380 in .380 ACP, Deutsche Werke MDL Ortgies Pat. in 7.65 MM, DS Arms, INC MDL SA58 FAL Improved Battle in 7.62X51 MM, DWM Mauser MDL Luger Commercial 1920 in 7.65mm Para, DWM Mauser MDL Luger 1915 in 9 MM, DWM Mauser MDL Luger P08 Artillery in 9 MM, F.B. Radom MDL 35 in 9MM, Fabrique Nantionale D’armes/Imp By Cdi MDL Hi Power in 9MM, FN America, LLC MDL FN509 in 9 MM, FNH USA MDL FNX45 Tactical in .45 ACP, Glock/ Imp By Glock Inc. MDL 31 in .357 SIG, Glock/ Imp By Glock Inc. MDL 20 in 10 MM, Glock/ Imp By Glock Inc. MDL 21 in .45 ACP, Glock/ Imp By Glock Inc. MDL 35 in .40 S&G, Glock/Imp By Glock Inc MDL 21 in .45 ACP, Heckler & Koch/Imp By Heckler  Koch, Inc MDL USP 40 in .40 S&W, Heckler & Koch/Imp By Heckler  Koch, Inc MDL USP 40 Compact in .40 S&W, Heckler & Koch/Imp By Hk, Inc MDL P7M8 in 9 MM, Heckler & Kock MDL USP in .45 ACP, Husqvarna Vaffenfabriks MDL 40 in 9 MM, Imez/Imp By Big Bear Arms MDL IJ-70-18A in 9MM MAKAROV, Imez/Imp By B-West MDL IJ70-17a in .380 ACP, Ithaca MDL 1911-A1 Us Army Frame/Col in .45 ACP, Jimenez Arms MDL JA 380 in .380 ACP, Llama/Gabilondy Cia/Imp By Stoeger MDL III A in .380 ACP, Mauser MDL P38 byf 44 in 9MM PARA, Mauser MDL Luger Date Code 42 in 9MM PARA, Mauser Werk A.G. MDL HSC in 7.65 MM, Mauser Werke MDL 1896 Broom Handle in 7.63 MM, Nambu MDL Type 94 in 8 MM, Nambu MDL Type 14 in 8 MM, P. Beretta MDL 948 in .22 Cal, Rheinische Matallwareb & Maschinenfabrik MDL Dreysr 107 in 7.65 MM, Sig Sauer/Imp By Sig Sauer, Inc MDL P238 in .380 Cal, Smith & Wesson MDL SD40VE in .40 S&W, Smith & Wesson MDL 4013 in .40 S&W, Smith & Wesson MDL 52-1 in .38 SPCL, Smith & Wesson MDL 59 in 9 MM, Smith & Wesson MDL 411 in .40 S&W, Speewerke MDL P38 CYQ in 9MM PARA, Springfield Armory MDL 1911 A1 MILSPEC PARK .45 in .45 ACP, Springfield Armory MDL 1911 A1 45 STD. S.S. LOAD in .45 ACP, Springfield Armory MDL 1911-A1 in .45 ACP Semi Auto Pistol Springfield Armory MDL XD45 Compact in .45 ACP, Stoeger Arms Corp MDL Luger in .22LR, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc MDL Mk II Government Target in .22 LR, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc MDL Mark III Target in .22 LR, Union Switch & Signal Co MDL 1911-A1 Us Property/Army in .45 ACP, Waffen Fabrik Mauser MDL 1896 Broom Handle in 7.63 MM, Walther/Imp By Smith & Wesson MDL PPK/S-1 in .380 ACP.

Single Shot/Derringers/Black Powder: Butler Assoc. Inc MDL Derringer in .22 S, Davis Industries MDL DM-22 in .22 MAG, Davis Industries MDL DM-22 in .22 MAG, Firearms Manuf. Co/H Y Hunter Arms Inc MDL Frontier in .357 MAG, Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co. MDL Signature Series Mdl 1860 in .44 Cal, F. LLI Pieta (Italy) MDL 1851 Navy BP Revolver – D in .44 Cal and more!


Boats: 1989 Lowe 14ft john boat with 2000 Yamaha 25HP 4 stroke outboard motor on 2008 single axle load rite trailer. This boat is a must see, motor is in immaculate condition with recent service of over $600.00 and always garage kept! Custom 26ft Pontoon/Ducktoon hunting boat blind on 2008 Venture BP2 pontoon boat trailer! 


Lawn Mowers: Garage Kept 2014 John Deere X540 Hydrostatic 54” Riding Lawn Mower showing just 305 Hours with Kawasaki FD731V  675 cc, 41.20 cu-in V-twin 90° liquid-cooled 4-stroke internal combustion small gasoline motor with a vertical shaft. 26 HP at 3,600 rpm. PIN# 1MOX540ACEM090920. THIS MOWER IS AS NEW. 2018 Husqvarna Professional Z554 Zero Turn Mower. 26 HP Kawasaki FX751V Engine. Showing JUST 45.2 hours. 54” Cut. Mower was garage kept and like new!










ATV:  Polaris Sportsman’s 90 four wheeler front and rear racks with one helmet  (Four wheeler starts and runs)


Terms Personal Property: Cash Or Approved Check Day of sale. Visa/MC/Amex/Discover. 13% Buyer’s Premium. 3% Discount for cash or check for local On Site Bidders for Fridays Portion of the Auction. Bids placed Proxibid will have an 18% Buyer’s Premium for all 3 Days of the Auction. Maryland Sales tax of 6% will be charged on all items. Everything Sold “As Is” with no warranties of any kind. The mechanical workings of the firearms being sold have not been tested. Property is open to thorough public inspection. It is the Bidder’s responsibility to determine condition, age genuineness, authenticity, value or any other determinative factor. A&M Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the phone, on the Internet and at the auction but makes no representations. In no event shall A&M Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Bidder shall be the sole judge of value. Auction conducted inside & outside of 10,000 Sq. Ft. facility. Some seating provided. Food served by Phat Boyz Catering. Valid State issued photo identification required for registration. FFL will be on-site to process required paperwork.

Required Gun Paperwork: All modern firearms will be transferred through a licensed FFL dealer, who will be onsite, to process the required paperwork to transfer the firearms. A transfer fee will be collected by the FFL dealer. Our FFL can transfer Modern Rifles/Shotguns to Residents of MD, DE, VA, WV & PA. If you live out of Maryland and purchase a pistol or banned firearm the firearm(s) must be transferred to an FFL Dealer in your state to process the required paperwork. FFL dealers must bring an original signed copy of their FFL. MD Handgun purchasers must possess an HQL License. Maryland Regulated Firearm purchases are being completed online as or Jan. 1, 2017. If you are a MD Resident with an HQL please visit the MD State Police Website to fill out your paperwork. This paperwork can be filled out in advance of your purchase. You will be provided a Pin/Tracking # at the conclusion of filling out the paperwork. Bring that Pin # to the Auction. We can attach the Handgun information to your online paperwork and submit it directly to the MD State Police for processing. Questions can be addressed to the FFL Dealer, Allen & Marshall Auctioneers, LLC at 410-835-0384. Contact Auction Co or view website for complete details.


Firearm Shipping: A&M Auctions will handle the shipping of Firearms & High Capacity Mags. Payment for the packing, materials, boxes, insurance, Signature Confirmation, handling & shipping of purchased lots is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Buyer is responsible for the actual cost of shipping. Shipping via US Postal Service Priority Mail or UPS. Shipping fees must be paid prior to the items being shipped. Shipping charges may be billed separately from the items won at auction. It may be 10-14 days time from the day that the invoice for items won is charged & the shipping charges are determined & charged. IT SHOULD BE UNDERSTOOD THAT SHIPPING CAN BE VERY EXPENSIVE. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU CHOSE NOT TO HAVE YOUR ITEMS SHIPPED. Shipping will not be available on some larger sized items. These items will be marked in the catalog. If you purchase an item marked with shipping not available the buyer will be responsible for hiring a moving/freight company and pay all associated costs. Those items will have been stored at the Auction location/ our Auction Facility at 8000 Esham Road, Parsonsburg, MD 21849.

Shipping for Non-Firearm Items: A & M Auctions will NOT handle the shipping of Non-Firearm items. All Non Firearm items that require shipping will be out sourced to the UPS Pack and Ship Store located in Salisbury. Payment for the packing, materials, boxes, insurance, Signature Confirmation, handling & shipping of purchased lots is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Buyer is responsible for the actual cost of shipping. Shipping fees must be paid prior to the items being shipped. Buyers will be notified or delivery to the UPS Store. You will be responsible for Paying the UPS Store directly. IT SHOULD BE UNDERSTOOD THAT THIS TYPE OF SHIPPING CAN BE VERY EXPENSIVE. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU CHOSE NOT TO HAVE YOUR ITEMS SHIPPED.



                                         Firearm Photos                                                  

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Contact Auction Company for Additional Details. 410-835-0384


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